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  2. In order to find the Islamic religious images you can visit the website of Dawat-e-Islami where the image gallery section contains numerous Islamic religious images according to the occasions. You can also find Islamic images which contain authentic content of Holy Quran and sacred Sunnah.
  3. Image gallery

    In the Image gallery section of the website of Dawat-e-Islami you will find numerous Islamic images or Images with Ahadees or Quranic verses. You can also download them and share it through different social media sites as well so you will be getting the reward of spreading the message of Islam.
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  5. "Being lonely can affect your mental health, you're more likely to be depressed and feel that there's not any reason to live (in Alan's case) but also we know increasingly that loneliness has affected our physical health so I think we need to do something about it as a society. The same way we are taking action to tackle obesity and smoking. The answer lies in each and everyone of us. Live your life like Jo Cox did for others, make time for others."

  6. Favourite Pieces of Poetry

    I didn't write that. I think everyone would have an issue with their mother or father if she/he wasn't very logical or understanding. But having said that, maybe what bothers us about people is something we need to work on ourselves like independence.
  7. Favourite Pieces of Poetry

    do u hav issues with ur mum
  8. Favourite Pieces of Poetry

    "cruel mothers are still mothers. They make us wars. They make us revolution. They teach us the truth. early. Mothers are humans who sometimes give birth to their pain. Instead of children." - hate. By Nayirrah Waheed. I had to edit her poetry because it has no grammar. But it's her style so I would keep it the way it is.
  9. What are you reading?

    Went to the library, except it wasn't my library as I remember it. Smelt of dust everywhere... jheeez they need to bring back the women that used to be there and clean the place up. I'm reading the infinite cosmos by Joseph Silk. I ended up stuttering when talking to an old guy who works there. I processed what he said a lot slower lol. I wish they had a better poetry collection, I don't want to be reading poetry from my old high school, it's not interesting or contemporary.
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  11. Listening to...

    Faith Marie - Antidote.
  12. Listening to...

    He says he's still observant but not in the hasidic way. I think he probably felt inauthentic because he became a novelty/spectacle because of his beard. But yea he does seem a bit lost/confused in general imo. But who isnt
  13. Listening to...

    identity crisis?
  14. Listening to...

    He used to have a big beard but he shaved it years ago. He was a hasidic Jew but not anymore.
  15. Listening to...

    They crack me up laughing.
  16. understanding > assumptions

  17. UKers brace yourself for snow. I hardly go out so I should be ok. 

  18. Listening to...

    Didn't he have hair before?
  19. Listening to...

    Spud! What are you doing in this video with an animal onesie on?
  20. Listening to...

    I was fairly disappointed with Matisyahu. He performed very few of his old songs, and those that he did (2?), he changed so much. He's gone through a lot of phases, not only in terms of musical style, but also in terms of dress, presentation, etc., and I'm not sure I dig his current act. It was very jam-bandy and each song was excruciatingly long. It felt weird for a band that is structured around and literally known only for its singer. There's no way anyone goes to his shows to hear the band go on lengthy improvised jams while he mumbles or hums along. Though I wasn't a fan of his newer songs, I did really like this song. I appreciate that his songs sound to be from the heart:
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    Lion King - Circle of life. Never gets old
  22. Last film you watched?

    The next Jurassic world movie is coming out. They used the same actors again but it looks okay.
  23. Listening to...

    Prettymuch. Most of them are little men. Cuteee
  24. What are you reading?

    Good choice. I'm reading the preview on Amazon.
  25. What are you reading?

    I like him too. I am planning to get this book next: Jung on Art: The Autonomy of the Creative Drive Lots of crazy but interesting ideas.
  26. Troll Czar where art thou?
  27. well yes but you live carefree and living the uni life so its not nine to five and carefree and uni life so poo lololol
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