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  2. ^ We'll make you a mod on the new site. Okay, I have decided, will open a new forum and then send a mass email out to members and those care can come over there. Also, not going to have any maniac muslim anywhere in there so it reduces some of the crazy bots and people who come on here recently. This month, or at worst, next month will be the last for this forum to be up and running. So save what you want from here while you can.
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  4. Surah Ar Rahman download option is available in the Quran web service of Dawat-e-Islami. Download this sacred Surah and mesmerize your heart and soul by listening to the blessed Kalam of Almighty and earn numerous rewards but, make sure you listen it with full attention and not do any other work except listening to it.
  6. Subahannallah ive been looking for the exact nasheeed for some time now. Browsing through youtube and found it, enjoy!
  7. Assalamualikum, Mashallah, you people are doing great job and this is something really extraordinary that you people are making an effort to teach people and increase the awareness and knowledge of Umrah and its rites to ensure that pilgrims who travel to umrah are educated enough to perform all the rites/rituals and complete the umrah without any mistakes and doubts. Thanks to Umrahvisa.com
  8. Belief in the Day of Judgment: One of the most important beliefs in Islam is the belief in the Day of Resurrection. This world is just a testing place for eternal life in the Hereafter. We have been sent to this world to live our lives according to the teachings of Islam as known to us through the Holy Quran and Ahadith. Belief in death and in the Hereafter is one of the core principles of Islam. read more
  9. HajjUmrahPackages US introduce the best Umrah Packages 2020 like, 10 Nights Budget Umrah 6 Nights Budget Umrah 6 Nights Deluxe Umrah 10 Nights Deluxe Umrah Latest and affordable Umrah Package from usa citizen.
  10. Quran is the last message of Allah for the people ever where. The message was revealed in Arabic, the language of the people it was initially addressed to, even though the message was ultimately for the whole of humanity. Quran Tafseer or explanation is necessary to understand the Quran, Urdu Quran download at dawteislami.net.
  11. sounds good. If FB is not enough for all 10 posts we get in one month, we can start a new forum.
  12. I like the forum feel because things can be separated easily into different categories. We can test the facebook group and see how that goes.
  13. Islam-a religion of Peace: Islam came at a time when the whole world was doomed in the darkness of ignorance and filth. People did not see anything wrong with snatching the rights of each other. There was no sanctity of life and property. Only the rich had the power and authority while the poor were weak and unable to defend their rights. Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) came as the savior for humanity. His mannerism, strength of character and moral values changed the history of the Arabic world. Hence Islam came into being like a religion of peace and prosperity for all read more...
  14. don't use that one. it was created by undesirables. you should make a new one with access restricted.
  15. We still have the MM Village facebook group, we can use that.
  16. You are the boss. I'd say go with your inner voice, because voice of MM will take longer than that of ent-mut to reach you. Also, I was thinking, just make a private facebook group and call it a day. Forums are a dying platform anyways.
  17. Hanging out with Summer Haze. We're preparing for a fierce match of badminton.
  18. So I'm ready to set up an account on a free board. I'm trying to find out if we can migrate this forum over to keep the information and resources that we have amassed here. Name for the forum is still open.
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