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    Types of purification

    Purification in Islam 1-Inner Purification It is the purification of the heart from polytheism, sins etc. It is not possible to attain purification when the filth of polytheism lingers in the heart. As pointed out by Allah I:”O you who believe, verily, the mushrikun (polytheists, pagans, idolaters, disbelievers in oneness of Allah and in the message of Muhammad) are najas (impure). So let them not come near the Al-Masjid Al-Haram (the holy masjid in Makkah) after this year; and if you fear poverty, Allah I will enrich you, if He wills, out of His bounty. Surely, Allah is All-knowing, All-wise.” ( Tawbah:28) And the Prophet ﷺ said: “Indeed the believer does not become impure.” [ agreed upon by Al-Bukhari and Muslim (This will be referred to as «agreed upon» in the remainder of the book).] 2-Physical Purification It is the purification of the body from dirt and impurities. Physical purification entails two forms of purification: 1-Purification from Hadath (the state of ritual impurity) Hadath is that which, when produced from or befalls a body, prevents a Muslim from acts of worship for which purification is a requisite, e.g. As-Salah (prayer), circumambulation of the Ka’abah etc. There are two types of Hadath: Minor Hadath.. It is that which makes ablution imperative, like urine, defecation, passing wind and all other nullifiers of al-wudu’ (ablution). These will be listed later on in the text. Purification from these is achieved by performing al-wudu’. Allah I says: “O you who believe! When you intend to offer Salah (daily prayer), wash your faces and your hands (forearms) up to the elbows, rub (by passing wet hands over) your heads, and wash your feet up to the ankles. ”(Maidah:6) Major Hadath .. It is that which makes ghusl (a purificatory bath) imperative, e.g. sexual relations, menstruation etc. Purification from this state is achieved by ghusl. Allah says: “If you are in a state of janabah (i.e. after sexual relations), purify yourselves (by bathing your whole body).” (Maidah:6) If it is impossible to purify oneself through wudu or ghusl, then one purifies himself through Tayammum (a dry form of purification using soil, to be discussed in a later section). 2-Purification from Najasah (a physical impurity) Removal of any physical impurity is obligatory, as Allah says: “And purify your garments”(Mudathir: 4). And the Prophet ﷺ said; “Most of the punishment in the grave is a result of the lack of cleaning (oneself from) urine” [ narrated by Ibn Majah.] and “When any of you comes to the masjid (mosque), he should be mindful of his sandals. If he sees filth or dirt on one (of them), he should wipe it (off) and then (he can) pray in them.” [ narrated by Abu Dawud.] Purification from physical impurities entails: 1-purification of the place of prayer 2-purification of clothes 3-purification of the body source: https://www.al-feqh.com/en/purification-of-water-in-islam
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    Important facts about Zakah

    Beneficiaries OF ZAKAT Monetization of Zakah : The basic way to pay Zakah is to pay it from what it is mandated on; but it is permissible to monetize it when a compelling need for this arises. Relationship of State / Country with Zakah : The norm is that Zakah on properties is to be monitored by the authorities and not left to the payers’ discretion. If the authorities however neglect this duty, the responsibility would then lie on every Muslim. Investing the Zakah money to benefit the recipients : It is permissible to invest Zakah money in beneficial projects whose benefits go to the people entitled to it when an immediate need requiring its prompt distribution is not found. SOURCE: https://www.al-feqh.com/en/people-to-whom-zakat-is-paid-and-how-it-is-paid
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  7. grateful soul

    When is At-Tayammum prescribed?

    1. During the scarcity of water or its unavailability Allah, The Most Exalted, says: “... and you find no water, perform At-Tayamum.” (Al-Ma’idah:6) But it’s said that a person is not considered as having a lack of water when he has not searched for it. 2. When one is incapable of using water, even when it is available For example, a sick and/or an eldery person who cannot move and has no one to help him/her perform wudu’. 3. When one fears he will be harmed by using water Examples include: a- A sick person whose use of water (for pruificaton) may aggravate his sickness; b- A person experiencing extreme cold and does not have the means to warm water, coupled with a strong fear that he may fall sick from the use of cold water. This is because the Prophet ﷺ approved of the action of Amr Ibn Al-‘As when he led his people in prayer and he had performed at-tayammum due to the extreme cold.[ narrated by Abu Dawud.] c-Someone far away from others or on a long journey with no water except a little for him to drink and he is not able to get other water. source: https://www.al-feqh.com/en/tayammum-dry-ablution
  8. grateful soul

    Al-Feqh posts

    Al-wudu’ is either obligatory or recommended.a- There are three things for which al-wudu is obligatory. 1- As-Salah (Prayers) Allah (exalted be He) said: “O you who believe, when you intend to offer As-Salah (prayers), wash your faces and your hands up to the elbows, rub your heads, and wash your feet up to (and including) the ankles.” (Al-Ma’idan:6). 2- Circumambulation of Ka’bah. This is because the Prophet ﷺ said to a menstruating woman: “Do not perform Tawaf until you have taken a purificatory bath.” [ narrated by Al-Bukhari.] 3- Touching the Noble Qur’an: Allah the most Exalted says: “None touch it (The Noble Qur’an) except the purified”(Waqiah:79) source: https://www.al-feqh.com/en/wudu-ablution
  9. grateful soul

    Al-Feqh posts

    Ghusl1- The hands are washed twice or thrice.2- The private parts are washed.3- The hands are beaten on the ground or against a wall two or three times.4- Wudu’ is performed with the exclusion of the head and feet.5- Water is poured on the head6- The remaining part of the body is washed.7- The legs are washed after moving slightly to the side.👉https://www.al-feqh.com/en/al-ghusl
  10. Hiiiiiiiii

  11. Aafia

    My favourite quotes of Umar Ibn Al Khattab

    “Stick the truth even if the truth kills you.” – Umar ibn al-Khattab (Radi-Allahu’ Anhu)
  12. Aafia

    Aafia Khalid from United Kingdom

    Thanks, everyone for the warm welcome.
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    A warning and advice to the Muslims

    Please see my blog thehiddenevil.uk
  15. grateful soul

    Al-Feqh posts

    1- The one who stops performing As-Salah due to denying its obligation: If he is ignorant about the issue, then he should be informed. Subsequently if he persists on rejecting its obligation, he becomes a disbeliever, as he belies Allah Almighty, His Messenger ﷺ and the consensus of the Muslims. 2- The one who stops performing prayer out of laziness: Whosoever stops performing As-Salah intentionally out of laziness, has disbelieved. It is upon the ruler to order him to perform As-Salah and also advise him, for three days, to repent for abandoning it. Subsequently, if he repents and returns to making the As-Salah, he is spared. But if he does not start praying again, he is killed for apostasy. This is in accordance with the Prophet’s ﷺ statement: “The covenant which is between us and them (the disbelievers) is the prayer; so whosoever leaves it has disbelieved.” [ Source: At-Tirmidhi.] Also his saying: “Indeed between a man, and shirk and kufr, is abandoning As-Salah.” [ Source: Muslim.] source : https://www.al-feqh.com/en
  16. Breeze

    Listening to...

    I look at this thread and think what the heck was I listening to. Even my music taste takes a U-turn and changes.
  17. Breeze

    Cubster's Eating Records

    That's okay because I wasn't a runner and I wasn't so many things & still Uni hit me.
  18. cubster

    Cubster's Eating Records

    I used to be a runner. I used to be so many things until uni hit me
  19. grateful soul

    Al-Feqh posts

    The Prophet ﷺ said: “He who performs the wudu’ perfectly (i.e., according to Sunnah), his sins will depart from his body, even from under his nails.” [ narrated by Muslim.] source: https://www.al-feqh.com/en/wudu-ablution #wudu, #how_to_pray, #prayer_times, #Iqamah, #voluntary_charity, #sadaqa
  20. cubster

    Cubster's Eating Records

    I'm not dieting though, at least I don't feel like I am. I'm not following any kind of diet. Just eating better (I think) and eating more regularly. Having more vegetables and fruit in my life. I want to cut out as much sugar as I can because my insulin isn't doing anything to use it up. But I suppose going 'cold turkey' isn't a good idea because binging can happen as a result. I've not eaten cakes and stuphph like that and I feel good about it since someone brings cake at least once a week lol. I don't eat big suppers because it makes me lethargic and I can't work afterwards. But I also have a bad habit of lying in bed on a weekend for hours and only having my first meal at 1pm Like, I'm awake from about 8 or 9am and then I lay in bed reading and then only get out when the worms start crying. I'd say I'm in between a stroll and power walk. I stop to pet the cats on the way and I have one who walks with me lol. I'm not running yet and when I do start I don't think I'll flat out run, I'll most likely run one side, walk one side, run one side and walk one side kind of thing. Below is the nutritional guidelines for the cereal I have. Sigh, maybe I should try weetabix but I hated that stuphph when I was growing up.
  21. Haku

    Cubster's Eating Records

    The traditional wisdom on diet is bound to fail. They set unrealistic goals and when you fail they blame it on you - worst still, they make you blame on your self about "falling off" a proverbial wagon. You need to rethink your dieting scheme and allow for indulgences and socialization - not to be confused with socialism. Try incorporating intermittent fasting with controlling the type of food you take in. e.g., had a big dinner on Friday? Don't eat breakfast on Saturday. Depends on how you walk. 20 mins of vigorous walk is better than 1 hour of stroll. Don't run, unless you are (already) a runner. Suddenly running with your un-primed body and un-strengthened knees (with your extra weight for that matter) will result in developing problems later on such as bad knees and aches and pains. There is probably lot of sugar in there
  22. limitofx

    Dawat-e-Islami Posts

    dude...you should post links to his lectures instead of Just repeating same thing about how and why we should listen to his lectures. Also, what language are those in?
  23. cubster

    Cubster's Eating Records

    If I am one thing, it is honest. So let me honestly tell you folks how I fell off the wagon this weekend. Nandos for supper on Friday. I lie to myself that because it is flame grilled and not deep fried it's okay but I'm sure the high amount of salt and other nonsense in the basting sauces have an effect. Then I went to the store to buy some groceries and lo and behold the store has my favourite ice cream after months of non-attendance. My heart knows it shouldn't do it but I buy two 480ml tubs and take them home with me. I also bought a box of chocolates dammit. I had both the tubs of ice cream over the weekend and actually felt sick after eating the second one so I think I'm off it for now. The chocolate is a 200g box and I haven't finished it yet (which isn't bad for me - bad as in I haven't finished it yet but I know it is bad in all other ways) but I'm also kinda over that too so perhaps I needed to gorge to rid myself of the nonsense once an for all? Aye, I'm honest with others but I do tell myself lies Also, had bread left over from my uncles stay and I've been craving and making tuna and onion with green chillies sandwiches. This bread actually tastes nice and not yeasty. Its this health bread and the GC is at 35 and is made from brown flour. I will stop this week with eating it! I walked a good 2.5km this afternoon and 1km whilst on campus. Should have more walking on campus tomorrow, got to renew a bunch of books at the library (which means weight lifting whilst walking) and then meetings across campus which means walking and then I will make sure that I walk/ run in the afternoon for at least 2km. Also been eating all bran flakes. Is that okay? Also seems to have a low GC
  24. Breeze

    Last show you watched

    Skipped through a historical one called 'Magnificent History,' and it was depressing to see Muslims fall so bad in that. So that's why I skipped through, I knew the story but it was just a pain to watch. The Turks were like Europe as they are now. Everything they had was short-lived, check the actors then and now. They are ruined.
  25. Hijab

    Last show you watched

    Person Of Interest 😳 The best show ever!!!!
  26. grateful soul

    learning salah help

    peace be upon you, I will tell you a simple steps to perform prayer in an correct way, -Facing the Qiblah and Saying Takbeeratul Ihram (the initiating takbeer) -Commencement of the Prayer and the Recitation of Fatiha -Bowing and Rising from it -Prostrating and Rising up from it -At-Tashahhud -Some Athkar (words of remembrance and supplication) said after Salah to know details, kindly visit this site: https://www.al-feqh.com/en/description-of-salat-islamic-prayer
  27. superman

    Thread Al-3rabi

    Just messing around with Comparatives, superlatives and masdars
  28. superman

    Thread Al-3rabi

    عربيتي أفضل عربية في هذا فورم
  29. superman

    Thread Al-3rabi

    اريد ان تقليل وزني فإنه قليل من قبل
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