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Maniac Muslim Forum Guidelines

1. Although you don't necessarily have to agree with every opinion, you certainly have to show respect. No disrespecting Allah (SWT), the Prophets or Islam. Likewise, show respect to other religions and faiths to set an example for humanity.

2. Do not declare anyone a kafir. Takfir has no place on this board because none of us have the ability to look into someone's heart.

3. Do not get meddled into Sunni/Shia or Sufi/Salafi debates when you don't know anything. Anyone purposely trying to cause divisions will get a suspension.

4. Do not talk about breaking copyright infringements. This includes talks of warez and pirating as well as ripping off music artists.

5. Do not spam. If your post does not contribute to the topic then do not post it. If you have over 50 posts a day and none of them are significant then you need a new hobby.
6. Mass postings promoting a business or ideology or link spamming is not allowed. If your sole purpose is to post large numbers of such threads that make no valid contribution to the community, you and your posts will be removed.
7. All proselytizing should be done with high standards of conduct and decorum. Otherwise you'll be banned!

8. Although proper spelling and grammar is encouraged, typing LiKe A CoOmPl33Te M0rOn will get you suspended. Short-hand is for losers.

9. Do not pick fights for no reason. Do not carry childish arguments in public. Settle it in the PMs. But no death threats.

10. Do not copy/paste information that is not yours. You may post excerpts but anything over 2 paragraphs is too long and you will need to link it.

11. Do not swear or say explicit or subtle sexual innuendos. No derogatory language is to be allowed on the forums. That includes talking down other people's cultures, ways of life, using the words 'gay' and 'retarded' inappropriately, etc!

12. When in an argument, you will attack the argument and not the person. Attacking the person is called an "ad hominem" and makes you look like a moron.

13. We aren't at war with the West, stop talking about blowing up buildings and people in every other post. If you truly believe that we are in some perpetual war then why are you wasting time posting here?

14. As a layman, you agree to not insult any scholar, no matter how much you disagree with them.

15. Exercise courtesy at all times. Think and review your post carefully before submitting. Please use the edit or delete button if needed. Avoid personal insults or flames. If you are joking, make sure other members do not take it the wrong way.

16. Please try to use English at all times. The odd comment in other languages are fine but large conversations in the presence of other members who do NOT speak your language is extremely rude. If you must converse in another language then you will have to include subtitles with the English translation included. If this is too difficult for you then make use of the Chat Room (Private Chat) or the Private Messenger.

17. Photos, including avatars, with members own pictures, provocative photos including that of guns and other militaristic material are forbidden.

18. Do not make hateful duas of misfortune for people.

18. Maniac Muslim reserves the right to remove content deemed unacceptable and to the detriment of the forum community.