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    Anime thread

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    What's new

    I miss Pistachio! And Spud.. So I went to doctor yesterday. Been 14 months since my chest got froggy. I lost thirty pounds. Yay. I am now off everything but the statin and the ASA. And in about five days I will be cleared of increased risk of bleeding strokes and hematoma from knocking my head. The bruising should stop then. She was very very happy. Alhamdulila.
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    Last film you watched?

    Kala Cheetah is overrated, best part of the movie was tamed Rhinos. They showed it for for 4 mins max. AlFahd Al-Aswad for Non-Urdus here.
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    Last show you watched

    You're not the only one who has done so.
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    Last show you watched

    lmao. I watched all four seasons in couple of weeks. They got no subtitles for fifth season out yet. Waiting for them...binging is only thing we do out here....
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    Last show you watched

    Who else watches "Dirilis Ertugrul" here?
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    What's new

    My head didn't get knocked but I was always afraid it would be. Lol
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    Yanny or Laurel?

    I don't know how many of you have seen this by now (it's one of those viral things), but check it out if you didn't. Then answer the poll question. There are easily understandable explanations to this on Youtube and other websites, like over here: https://www.vox.com/2018/5/16/17358774/yanny-laurel-explained (I hear Yanni.)
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    Biwi No. 1

    Yanny or Laurel?

    What?!! ... I hear Biryanni.
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    Currently Eating...

    I made chicken biryani last night! And this yogurt condiment called raita? Anyway. Good but so so spicy.
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    Random Islamic Questions

    How can we know if the money we earn is halal or haram? For example, if I work as a sales assistant or manager in the clothes section of a department store (for example, Harvey Nichols) but that brand also engages in haram stuff (like selling wine), is my job halal? I'm not directly involved in the process of wine or other haram stuff, but because I work for the same store, is it okay? Or not? I know it might be a simple/stupid question but I really am confused, so please help me out! Thank you.
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    Refined sugar vs fruit sugar

    indians take pride in not spending unnecessarily. and then go overboard and not spend on necessary things either. and they go way over board and spend on some thing stupid.