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    MM Tribune, Staple of Community, Shuts Down Seven Years After Opening Mufasa, editor-in-chief of the MM Tribune, announced Sunday that the newspaper would be shutting its doors after a rich and lucrative seven years of publishing. Surging editorial costs matched by declining readership placed considerable economic strain upon the publication, sending it into a whirlwind these past several months, Mufasa said. At the time of its founding in 2011, the MM Tribune promised to "revolutionize" the print media and to uncover MM's most pressing stories. Its opening followed on the heels of the shuttering of an earlier newspaper, founded by former forum member DI, which was criticized for producing sensationalized content and stirring gossip among members. "This newspaper will revolutionize the nature of print media...with digital media," DI, the former editor-in-chief, noted upon hearing about the MM Tribune in 2011. From its beginnings, the newspaper struggled to find stories to cover. Editors and readers complained that much of the newspaper revolved around covering the very existence of the newspaper itself. "An MM newspaper seems pointless," commented one member at the time of its founding. Other members, however, expressed regret at seeing the newspaper close its doors. "It's sad to think that sharp journalism, asking those questions that need to be asked, is disappearing on MM," said a member who requested anonymity for fear of repercussions.
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    Fat vs carb

    Ohhh, I get it now.
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    Fat vs carb

    Started noticing a slight difference after changing my dinner time to 8pm and drinking water 1/2 hour after meals. It's a struggle because I'm so used to having dinner close to bed time, but haveeeee to stick to the plan. My motivation is fitting in my clothes and not having to get new ones.
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    Understanding Poetry - 2

    hiding and seeking when I let go of who I thought I had to be I could finally and powerfully become who I really am oh, to find out I had been hiding and did not know that (self-)love had been looking for me all along - cleo wade
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    *ignored* i'll post the real lolz in the brother's section. deal? others will be pc...ish
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    Fat vs carb

    that's because you got pregnant with hamburgers
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    Fat vs carb

    When you turn 30, your stomach literally pops out. I had the same thing. One day it wasn't there and the next it was, like wft
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