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    just ran for 25 minutes, 1st time ever in my life, cudnt even run 60 secs in September lmao
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    Happy birthday Spider! *grabs her partyhat*
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    Random Islamic Questions

    I remember, when I was in Islamic school as a child, that the females were always taught to do this, have your bum as low to the ground as possible when praying. Noone explained why though lol Sometimes the teachers would come and put their foot on your lower back to try and get you to lower your bum. It works for some and it doesn't work for others, weight also plays a role, as I've gotten fatter it has been harder to do. Anyways, going off on a tangent here, to get to it, I don't think this means anything though and is just something that has been made up recently. I mean, sure you can't be flopping all over the place but you should be able to pray ina way that is comfortable for you and where you concentrate easier. I remember the story of, and I can't remember who this was, a prophet (I could be wrong) who saw a man praying and the man was doing it in his own way but had such passion and a connection with God and the other went over to him and told him he mustn't pray like that and showed him what to do and when the man went back and saw the other (the guy he taught to pray) the man was struggling with connecting to God because he stuck on the actions. And an angel came to the man (who did the teaching) and said to him that it would have been better if he left the other man alone. (I could be talking complete hogwash and this isn't an Islamic example, but I remember something to this effect that I read years ago). So it made me not care about what other people think about how I pray because, unless I am doing something completely outrageous, I'll do what works for me. Depends on school of thought I think. Personally, if something any amount of alcohol in it, no matter how small I won't drink it but there are some schools of thought that say its okay if it is less that 1% (or something like that) and this is how many Muslims justify eating Hagen Daz ice cream, for example. In SA if its non-alcholic it means absolutely no alcohol in it. I have seen wine that has zero alcohol in it, don't know why they call it wine though lol its bascially grape juice.
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    GERD and heartburn. Explained

    Man we must be getting old if this is what people are interested in these days on MM
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    Random Islamic Questions

    cubster, you did not make me feel bad. I really should have been more careful. Its more like a reminder for myself. But yeah, I know theres a difference of opinion. Some also claim that pork gelatine is permissible which makes no sense. But yeah I have read that as long it is doesn't cause intoxication, it should be ok. if a lot of it causes intoxication then a little of it is haram, so I guess the haagen darz icecream is permissible as I assume it does not cause intoxication in large amounts? and Allaah knows best.
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    Random Islamic Questions

    Explain that, please. I don't drink fizzy drinks anyways so that doesn't matter to me. If something occurs naturally in a fruit I find that different to drinking alcohol where it has been purposefully fermented for that purpose. Also, doesn't the fruit ferment if you leave it too long and that's where the alcohol comes from, not that the fruit is already alcoholic, rather it has the potential for alcohol? Hijab I'm not trying to make you feel bad so I hope my post didn't come across in that way. If it did then I apologise. I think I'm just exceptionally paranoid about these things as well. Check up on islamiqa, there may be a question that is related to yours. I know that Hagen Daz ice cream, the vanilla one to be exact, has a percentage of alcohol in it and in this FB group for my hometown people are always arguing about whether or not you can eat it, and there seems to be a split in school of thought over what is permissible and what isn't.
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    Random Islamic Questions

    I did look it up, but did not find enough evidence for/against... so I figured as long as I don't get intoxicated, it should be ok? I know that's no excuse...Also I agree and feel the same way. I would never eat or drink anything with alcohol regardless of the small amount, but the label was very convincing and truthfully I felt nothing wrong with it... at that time. I should have asked around before I tried it and not now when it is too late. May Allaah forgive me, ameen.
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    Cubster's Eating Records

    I've been really bad this last week or so. I have been craving cheese toast and so I bought one of those low GI loaves of bread (to make myself feel better in any case ) to satisfy my cravings and I had pie Trying to be good from this week and have been eating lots of fruit and veg lol
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    Listening to...

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    Tell him his gf stole his ducati.
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    I feel bad laughing at this but oh my lord... https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/true-crime/wp/2017/11/02/the-suspect-told-police-give-me-a-lawyer-dog-the-court-says-he-wasnt-asking-for-a-lawyer/?tid=sm_fb&utm_term=.7f8cc73cda34
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    Child Care in Islam

    Children are easily influenced by their surroundings. These days, it is extremely difficult to expose our children to an ideal Islamic environment given the influences from media, friends and even other members of the family. With television, radio, Internet, and forms of media mostly touting un-Islamic values, it is up to parents and adults close to the children to set the correct example. It is impossible to shield our children from all the negative forces that can shape their minds and, ultimately, their behavior. However, by our own example and showing them better options, we can set them on the true path, which is to obey the commandments of Allah (SWT) and our Holy Prophet Muhammad (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him). Here are some tips you may want to follow in helping your children grow up with Islamic values. 1. Start by teaching them the importance of Worshipping only Allah: The best thing any Muslim parent could ever teach their children is to emphasize, from the day they can comprehend, that Allah (SWT) is One and no one is worthy of worship except Allah (SWT). This is the fundamental message of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) and it is our key to Paradise. 2. Treat them kindly: Kindness begets kindness. If we were kind to our children, they, in turn, would show kindness to others. Our Holy Prophet Muhammad (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) was the best example of being kind to children. 3. Teach them examples of Muslim heroes: Instead of Batman or Superman, tell them about real heroes such as Ali bin Abi Talib (may Allah be pleased with him) and others Muslims heroes. Tell them how Muslim leaders brought a real peaceful change in the world and won the hearts of Muslims and non-Muslims alike. 4. Let children sit with adults: It is preferable for children to be among adults, especially when listening to Islamic lectures. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) would often put children in the front row when he spoke to the people. 5. Make them feel important: Consult them in family matters. Let them feel they are important members of the family and have a part to play in the growth and well-being of the family. 6. Go out as a family: Take family trips rather than allowing your children to always go out only with their friends. Let your children be around family and friends from whom you want them to pick up their values. Always remember that your children will become who they are around with most of the time. So, watch their company and above all give them YOUR Company. 7. Praise them: Praise is a powerful tool with children, especially in front of others. Children feel a sense of pride when their parents’ praise them and will be keen to perform other good deeds. However, praise must be limited to Islamic deeds and deeds of moral value. 8.Avoid humiliation: Similarly, do not humiliate them in front of others. Children make mistakes. Sometimes, these mistakes occur in their efforts to please the parents. If you are unhappy with your children, tell them in private. 9. Sports: The Holy Prophet Muhammad (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) encouraged sports such as swimming, running and horse riding. Other sports that build character and physical strength are also recommended, as long as the children maintain their Islamic identity, wear appropriate clothing and do not engage in unnecessary mixing. 10.Responsibility: Have faith in their abilities to perform tasks. Give them chores to do in line with their age. Convince them that they are performing an important function and you will find them eager to help you out again. 11. Don’t spoil them: Children are easily spoiled. If they receive everything they ask for, they will expect you to oblige on every occasion. Be wise in what you buy for them. Avoid extravagance and unnecessary luxuries. Take them to an orphanage or poor area of your city once in a while so they can see how privileged they are. 12. Don’t be friends: It is common in the West for parents to consider their children as friends. In Islam, it doesn’t work that way. If you have ever heard how friends talk to each other, then you will know that this is not how a parent-child relationship should be. You are the parents, and they should respect you, and this is what you should be teaching them. The friendship part should be limited to you and them keeping an open dialog so they can share their concerns with you and ask you questions when they have any. 13.Pray with them: Involve them in acts of worship. When they are young, let them see you in act of salaah (salat). Soon, they would be trying to imitate you. Wake them up for Fajr and pray as a family. Talk to them about the rewards of salaah so that it doesn’t feel like a burden to them. 14.Emphasize halal: It is not always good to say “this is haraam that is haraam”. While you must educate them on haram things, Islam is full of halaal and tell your children to thank Allah (SWT) for the bounties He has bestowed on them- not just for food and clothes. Tell them to be thankful for having eyes that see, ears that her arms and legs and, the ultimate blessing, Islam in their hearts. Read in details here: HOW TO BE A GOOD CHILD IN ISLAM Set an example: As parents, you are the best example the children can have. If you talk to your parents rudely, expect your children to do the same to you. If you are disrespectful to others, your children will follow too. Islam is filled with Divine advice on the best ways to bring up your children. That makes it an obligation upon parents to be good Muslims so their children will try to emulate them. If you don’t take Islam seriously, neither will your children. It goes back to our third point, which is to give them Islamic heroes. As a parent, you should be their number one hero.
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    Random Islamic Questions

    No worries Haku, my prime survival strategy for masjid is bumbling white guy who doesn't interrupt. Whenever I say anything I plant a quizzical look on my face and say it in the form of a question. The masjid is full of frustrated lecturers who stand way too close for my comfort. The Moroccan man is actually a friend who got me a thobe and wool hat so we can go around like twins. No lie. Breeze- I don't know what to say. The imagining of a woman trying to bow and plant her backside seems awkward and painful? If it makes you feel better I creak like a wooden gate in the wind when I pray. Loud enough to get quick glances. Forget about sitting my haunches on my heels with my toes pointing front. Easier to bend a rail spike. Lol
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    Islam and the Theory of Evolution

    Humans And Neanderthals Interbred, 36,000-Year-Old Genome Reveals The humans came from Africa, interbred with neanderthals and then bam, white people.
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    Islam and the Theory of Evolution

    Er, no. That's why I'm telling you to read my previous post. Why get sarcastic for no reason? Calm yourself.
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    Islam and the Theory of Evolution

    Am I supposed to know and remember your previous post? You must be important!