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    MM Awards 2024

    I nominate Breeze for the following categories: Best Cryptographer Most Likely to Marry a FOB
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    Happened last December. It's taken me almost four years but I was able to qualify for a motorcycle racing license. Like with track days, I'm going to start off one step at a time and try to get a few races in this summer. Here goes! A few photos from the day I got the license: Below is a picture of me trying to follow Toni Elias (Elias in the golden helmet). Elias is the current MotoAmerica champion and he was at the track that same day. He's incredibly fast and so smooth. I tried to follow him and almost crashed going wide on the track lol hence why I missed the apex by a mile! All of this is about moving forward!:
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    Just stopping by to say hi and see who is around. So, crazy to think of the time I spent on here and now I only keep in touch with very few.
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    New convert husband won't fast Ramadan

    I think with this, the second part will follow. If he sees it having positive impacts on you and feels that you are finding peace through it, he might become more interested. Religion's a journey for all of us - no one is at 100% all the time. Perhaps you can involve him in that journey. Maybe this will offer some hope: I used to be part of a group for converts, and a lot of people there had converted for the sake of their significant others. Whether they converted with any actual interest or passion in Islam, they had developed a personal and genuine faith over time. I think in all cases, it was because they saw that this was something important to their significant others, and they therefore felt that they should give it serious consideration, out of respect and care. But it has to start with you. Good luck with the family. I'm sure that can be tough. I'll keep you in my du'a :-]
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    Last show you watched

    you watched it cos your mum likes it, yeah, sure okay ...
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    List of food I can now make: chicken korma, muttar keema, aloo subzi, shrimp thai curry, pizza...and rice of course...and eggs. #YESSSS
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    'Tis the season to hear back from PhD admission committees. Please deploy a du'a or two in this direction!
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    After the mishap at the half Ironman, I was able to complete two sprint triathlons and have been improving in all three events. This fall I’m running a half marathon in preparation for next year!
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    FIFA 2018...

    WHAT AND WHY is there no thread on FIFA world cup !!!! Okay so here it is.... join the thread...who are you voting for? lol I was with Egypt, but I think they got very little chances now. Right now Portugal and Maroc is playing... obviously I am all Maroc. 👑 Anyone else watching? Okay I assume this place is dead so can't expect much but I think there should be a thread made on footy.
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    Anime thread

    it's a parody on japanese hero/action anime. They make fun of cliche found in other popular anime. Like how the "hero" (played by Genos here) who is handsome and cool with a sob backstory motivated him towards fighting for justice (and saitama told him off to cut his story down to 2 sentences). It makes fun of villians with complex backstories as well. Some of the villians are well recognized from other animes. Once you are done with one punch man there are other great animes I can recommend: Psycho pass- This anime is a good example where anime surpass "cartoons" or even hollywood movies. made in abyss - beautiful My hero acedemia - a popular anime which is quite good.
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    Root Canal treatment :(

    I was posting about this just months ago lol. I was trying to avoid doing a root canal for almost a year. When I finally made an appointment, I panicked and changed my mind at the appointment. Bad idea.They insisted I go before the cavity reaches my nerves because then it will start to hurt. Eventually it did, and the pain was awful, which is when I knew I had no choice but to do it. If you go to a good dentist (check their reviews online) it should be a painless experience, aside from, as Haku mentioned, the initial pinch from the syringe they use to numb the area. The area around your tooth will probably feel sore too. If the dentist is telling you with a certainty that you need a root canal, then yes you'll need one. You don't want to wait til a cavity gets worse. On a tangent note: The part that I was confused about was the crown, but I guess it's because I didn't do my research on it, and some doctors don't bother to explain exactly what they will do until the day of. After my root canal, I had a follow up appointment for a crown (molding the tooth), and another appointment to place the crown, and at that appointment I asked my dentist what she's planning to do. She says I'm going to shave off the majority of your tooth and place the crown (the molded shape of my original tooth) onto the filling. I was mortified by what she just said lol. I said 'but I feel like my tooth is sturdy.' She said it's hollow on the inside. I asked if people have done root canals without getting a crown, she said yes, that's a possibility (yeah, she tells me AFTER I ask!) but there are risks, such as chipping of the tooth, etc. I said well I'd like to keep my tooth today, and see what happens from there, thanks! I said I'll just avoid biting with that particular tooth lol. As of today (it's been a few months since the root canal) my tooth does feel sore, but it's ok so far. So, which tooth has the cavity? Mine was the first premolar.
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    Midori here

    Welcome! I hope you'll stick around.
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    Random Islamic Questions

    Astrology is both kufr and shirk. If you believe stars cause certain events then it is shirk. If you believe you can discern the unseen by them it is kufr.
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    Ramadhan Reflection and Dua's XD

    Bismillah as we enter the first day I'm reminded of forgiveness. Pray everyone's fast goes well this year inshallah with Duas and love. Peace
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    Name your future children...!?

    I named my daughter Saara Hanna although I wanted her first name to be Hanna didn't happen... I've always wanted to name a daughter of mine Hanna. The husband wanted Haneefa so he could be known as Abu Haneefa lol🤣
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    New convert husband won't fast Ramadan

    Breeze, you are not qualified to copy paste fatwas, and to make it worst, you are copy pasting from a forum. Turn it down a notch or two, and delete your responses.
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    Imams are usually not aware of intricacies of OCD. Actually most of them don't seem to know intricacies of waswasah either. Traditional OCD resources doesn't seem to address religion bases OCD enough. Finally, someone is addressing the issue.
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    Never click
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    My first race will be coming up soon - worst case it's in the summer. I still need track time during the rain - but that should be fun time learning how to go fast in the wet!
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    Random Islamic Questions

    Sorry, I'm not trying to be passive aggressive. I just think there is perhaps some projection based on experiences elsewhere. It's true that there is a double standard in many Muslim spaces. If you see us moderate a female's post when we wouldn't have done so with a man's, you can--and should--call it out. (Though members should also be open to hearing our reasoning.) Sometimes we don't realize our own biases. That's not me being facetious, I am being totally serious. I don't think Shaver's post is a good example of it. I do not think we would have thought to edit it if Shaver were a lady. There's a difference between someone simply posting photos of themselves in a car (which, frankly, would just feel attention-grabby), and Shaver posting an unidentifiable photo of himself doing the very thing he has spoken on MM about for years--his primary passion/hobby. It's equivalent to you sharing a poem, or Haku sharing his photography.
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    MM Awards 2024

    I'm still waiting for the results from 2013
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    Cryptocurrencies: THE FUTURE IS HERE

    I've been doing a lot of research on cryptocurrencies over the last few days. The most popular of these currencies is obviously Bitcoin, which has been in the news much. Many feel that they are too late to the game- but there are a ton of currencies out there that are just beginning to surge, and actually provide much more promising models than Bitcoin (which happens simply to be the first and therefore has name-recognition, but is not necessarily the best). Now, I don't have much money to actually invest, but I also don't have many expenses, so I am thinking to invest a very [very] modest amount. Anyone investing in cryptocurrencies should tread carefully and acknowledge that we do not know the futures of these currencies. They could all crash. Or, we could have a situation as with Bitcoin, where people who invested hundreds could today be millionaires. Of course, it will probably be something more modest and nuanced. I would be happy to share insightful articles/forecasts if others are interested. My major hold-back at this point, however, is the Islamic issue -- whether they are halal, haram, or something in between. I have seen mixed [though vague and maybe unqualified] opinions from scholars, none of which have really made me feel convinced either way. I just came across this article, which I have not yet read, but which I think Okays Bitcoins at least for certain usages. This thread is just to open a general discussion about cryptocurrencies. My first question for Mo- or others who know about cryptocurrencies: What would be your major arguments for it being haram? Let's start there, and then I'll have some more pointed questions depending on your responses.
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    Cryptocurrencies: THE FUTURE IS HERE

    We have to define the differences between the two primary sorts of speculation: 1. Speculative investing (halal), 2. Gambling (haram). An example of speculative investment, for example, would be purchasing Exxon Mobil stock because you believe that they will outperform their peers and the market. This means that you inherently believe that the company is going to generate value for you over time and that is why you want to own its stock. An example of gambling, would be purchasing Exxon Mobil stock because you think the price will go up. Not because you inherently believe the company will generate value in the future, but simply because you are of the belief that the price of the stock itself will go up as a result of market momentum or another market force unrelated to underlying value. Now you're probably asking "didn't both examples contain the same action?". Of course, but the intentions were different. How do you then apply this rule to Bitcoin? In the case of Bitcoin, or cryptocurrency in general, it isn't generating any value. Any movements it makes are driven by market momentum in one direction or another and are unrelated to any sort of underlying value. Why? Because Bitcoin isn't a value generating asset (like a house that can be rented, a company that produces goods or services, a cow that produces milk, etc.) in the traditional sense, in that you as an owner can't do anything with it that would generate value. The only way to generate value with cryptocurrencies is through the ones that operate a proof-of-stake model, but very few people would be able to acquire the amount of necessary cryptocurrency in a reputable PoS network. tl;dr unless you have enough for PoS on a reputable network, crypto is effectively gambling.
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    What's new

    flowers are the symbols of heaven so I interpreted it that way...right??
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    I think I have inverse bulimia. I eat and eat and eat, but just don't do the whole throwing up bit afterwards. Almost everything makes me hungry and the last/next meal is never far off my mind. Imam Ghazali's work on 'Breaking the Two Desires' is about our sexual/'food' desires and I really think the latter is not given as much attention as it should. I heart food way too much.