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    salam its me superman/spud. I basically had exams so I changed my password to a random combination and threw it away so I wouldn't be tempted to log on. So yea I had to make a new account. I thought I'd decide to troll mo but it didn't really work lol, he is too patient mA. Also, I don't like this new layout and the fact that there is no chat.
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    Random Islamic Questions

    Prostitution exists at all levels of society in all societies in the world throughout most of recorded history (I am unsure if there was prostitution in hunter-gatherer societies and early agricultural societies, but there probably were people who lived off their capacity to provide sexual pleasure). As to the topic itself, it is haram for certain. After all they're fornicating and if they solicit (many do) then they're enticing others to fornicate too. On the other hand if they have been coerced by gangsters or loan sharks (often is the case in poorer communities), then it is an entirely different situation as they aren't necessarily acting on their own free will. And Islam isn't a black and white religion, and in their desperation people turn to desperate measures, they are more than often products of circumstance. Whether or not Allah forgives them is entirely up to Him. One of the most notable Hadith with regards to ethics mentions how the Prophet (PBUH) told the story of a prostitute who gave a thirsty dog water from her shoe in order to quench its thirst, and how Allah granted her a place in Jannah as a reward. So to sum up: yes its generally haram, no we don't know if Allah will punish them for it. Generally speaking though as fellow human beings we should show sympathy for people in such situations, and where possible, try and alleviate their suffering.
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    we can no longer tell troll from friend anymore.... oh the chaos!
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    just ran for 25 minutes, 1st time ever in my life, cudnt even run 60 secs in September lmao
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    Good topic! I think it goes back to the idea of getting what we feel we 'deserve.' Like I wouldn't personally be able to grasp why significantly bad things happen to genuinely good people. But that's something I'll never understand because I am not the one causing these things to happen and they're pretty much out of my control. There are people who have treated me bad and I personally did nothing to deserve that kind of evil treatment, so when bad things happen to these people, I don't take any particular joy in it, but it certainly doesn't surprise me that bad things are happening in their life. I personally feel if they could just even have the courage to apologize or show remorse, there wouldn't be as much bad things happening to them. That's just my theory. I guess we just associate good with good and bad with bad, especially if it's something personal to us. Kind of a tangent but even a word like 'deserve' gets complicated. Like we are born into any particular situation, without our choice, and some traits are inherent. So I've noticed, some people can just naturally be a good person, they don't have to try or work as hard as others. So how did they 'deserve' good things if they were given those traits of a good person? And same goes for people with predominately negative traits. Or even the environmental factors that led them to be a bad person, how did they 'deserve' any of it?
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    Hope all is well with everyone! At work again today! Three in a row, I feel so much better after work now. Alhamdulila!!
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    Random Islamic Questions

    there are valid arguments for female imams, although in very minority. Did you read that book (misquoting Muhammed (SAW)), it's in there. But in the end of the day, the issue is that of a jurisprudence. These rules are derived methodically in a scholarly manner. Unfortunately, layman inject their own one liners. What makes sense for a morroccan man may seem silly to you. that's not heresy. Heresy would be to deny some well known thing in Islam. So it would be always prudent to hold your personal judgement before learning more about the subject.
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    Solar Eclipse 2017

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    When Bad Things Happen to Bad People...

    There's that cliché question "why do bad things happen to good people?" that seems to perplex many (I'm not perplexed by it, FYI). But it implies that good things should happen to good people and that we're okay with bad things happening to bad people. I don't think I'm any happier with bad things happening to bad people, though. I'm not aiming to understand the Problem of Evil here, but only wanting to gauge whether others feel similarly. My feeling could be one related to privilege. I.e. I might be happy if bad things were happening to bad people if I were in a war context, or if I felt a victim to something. But in my context, I think I'm very open to understanding others' points of view (and there basically always is another point of view). I see everyone as their own little world unto themselves. It would be nice if each were happy. And if "evil" people lost their ability to do evil, but punishment is something else. I get the sense that not everyone feels that way and people generally like the idea of revenge, punishment (maybe it's accountability), etc..
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    Career change

    If it was an incident at work, shouldn't you be changing workplace rather than career?
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    Cubster's Eating Records

    Too many samooosas in the first log.
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    Addiction to prayer

    there is a manner and method for prayer (Islamically speaking). If the addiction is due to an illness such as OCD then of course, the addiction is bad. If the addiction is what others perceive, but it's in fact due to an elevated spiritual status, its not bad.
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    Halal Nail Polish, Is it legit?

    Lol, I can't resist! From their website: https://www.786cosmetics.com/how-it-works/ This is basically bull crap . Under lab conditions here could mean anything. The nail polish film could be made as thin as they wanted. Way more thinner than any practically applied nail polish film. The diffusion chamber could be set to have unusually high pressure to push the oxygen molecules over long period of time. And even then, they were only able to push oxygen through the film. Even with all the lab set-up, they are unable to say they made water permeate the film. Furthermore, a gas molecule and liquid molecule behaves very differently. Their theory is unfounded and lacks rigour and proof. Most importantly, the fiqh position requires water to be able to wet the skin (and nails) during wudu. Unless that happens, their product is just plain lie.
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    I've been trying to contact our national funding centre to pay back my loan but no one responds and the website is unhelpful. I wonder if I can use this as an excuse not to pay Like, I tried but you don't want the money so ... Also, I have no idea how much I owe them Haven't received statements in years