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  1. Hamzah


  2. RT @MandeelHamaam: Accidentally saying insha’Allah to your boss in an email - Maniac Muslim http://t.co/JX0OvxgUqV via @hamzahmoin

    1. Abdul Rahman

      Abdul Rahman

      Hehe, the true story of shaver's mercurial rise to power within the company..

    2. Keena
    3. Summer.Haze


      Lol AR! You've got jokes.

  3. Need all updates from everyone on what happened here in the last 3 years? I forgot how to do stuff on here.
  4. Hello MM. It's been awhile.

  5. Everytime I see Halloween spelled as Hallowe'en, I put a little 'Ain in it. Co-workers probably think I'm weird. #scaryarabic

  6. He was right: "@NickKouvalis Rob Ford will run & win in Ward 2, Doug Ford will run & lose the Mayor's race.You heard it here 1st" 07/18/2014

  7. In case you missed my new jinn-related article yesterday: http://t.co/4MSU8dvpsS

  8. RT @ddale8: Another 2018 thing to remember: the provincial government has promised ranked ballots. If Toronto adopts them, no chance for an…

  9. 5 Weird Jinn Theories - Maniac Muslim http://t.co/4cc04cojuJ via @hamzahmoin

    1. Eternalbreeze


      Haha this is great stuff

  10. Somehow @billmaher watched Slumdog Millionare and made the conclusion that Bangladesh is poorly educated #IndiaIsntBangladesh #MuhammadYunus

    1. Eternalbreeze


      That movie was awful. All I remember is chai wala.

    2. Summer.Haze
    3. Olivejar


      He just amazes me ^^..BD actually has got a fair literacy rate compared to other countries of the like

  11. RT @ArMalik: Dawn breaks over #election day #Toronto. Let's vote for hope, progress, a better city. All in for @ausmalik #trinspa http://t.…


    #podcasting shall be commencing inshallah. what would you like to hear about? #maniacmuslim http://t.co/5UTWdskHkF


  13. No links found with Ottawa shooter to ISIS... so much for ramping up the efforts in the Mid East... http://t.co/2WHS82xs3a

    1. Abdul Rahman

      Abdul Rahman

      But there was a link between him and crazy town, right?

    2. what the heavens!

      what the heavens!

      ^ Yeah, he was very disturbed, and a hardcore drug addict as well.

    3. Eternalbreeze
  14. Can we stop calling them Islamic State? It besmirches the good name of Islam. Other suggestions: ISIS / ISIL / ISNOPE / ISDOUCHEBAGS etc.