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  1. Asalamalaykum man. Again, I'm glad you spoke out about your opinion in a way that tried to avoid argument. If you could please get in touch with me, that'd be awesome. I just want somebody who has actually done research to talk to me about certain issues. E-mail-samisab786@gmail.com

  2. First of all, I think arguing on this debate, as many mentioned, is really pointless. Crimson is right, I think this "pro-Music" discussion should be an arena for those who want to learn more about the other side, and by learn, I don't mean "to get persuaded to listen to music". What I mean by "learn" is to see both sides of the argument. I'm currently researching rulings on music being haraam/halal, and honestly, what I will say is that the debate is so hot and turns ugly, it's done nothing but confused me even more about how people interpret Islam and what is, after all, the correct ruling on this matter. But I have had a similar fate as Crimson. In high school, I used to listen to songs like "Goodies" and "Freek-a-Leek", "not for the lyrics, but for the beat". Later in my life, I realized that regardless of listening "solely for the beat", by listening to such songs, I'm promoting haraam ideas and concepts that basically say that it's okay to judge and pick women based on their superficial qualities. First, not only is this, most importantly haraam, but it also entertains the idea that the best girls are the ones who have likeable superficial qualities. Not only is that uninspiring, but it is the avenue for chaotic relationships. MashAllah, the Quran does a lot to prevent human beings from entering promiscuous and confusing situations that may seem "fun" firsthand but are detrimental in the long run. When Kanye West came out with songs such as "Diamonds from Sierra Leone" and "Jesus Walks", I started to read song lyrics. That's when I started realize the importance of knowing what I'm listening to, whether it be a song or a person talking. Since then, I've been reading some songs that discuss contemporary issues, politics, poverty, God, conditions in the ghettos, going from "nothing" to "something", etc. These are contemporary issues, like I said, that aren't things that come up on the news ever-so-often. It's a way of expressing yourself. Islam is without a doubt, my belief and my way of life. When I took an ethics class this year that questioned "what is ethics?" and "what can truly be called ethical", I realized my religion is the foundation which I live my life to provide me with that value. I think about Islam and it's unquestionable rulings as stated by the Quran and feel extremely inspired to be a Muslim. Premarital sex is haraam. One girl in my speech class, who I admire for having the nerve to say this, talked about her having an STD because she had sex at young age in the most irresponsible way possible. "I was in college thinking it was cool to have too much fun, not doing the right thing". I think about the blessing it is to be a Muslim and to prevent myself from that fate. Alcohol is haraam. I'm in the emergency medical services. Every weekend, and I mean every, a student on campus is sent to the hospital for getting way too wasted. Imagine what life that takes out of you, from your studies to your power to be a better human being. Gambling is haraam. One day, I was sitting on a bus and the bus driver and three old men sitting in front noted the casino that passed us and got into a conversation about people who keep putting their dollars in and go home broke. "And they complain about a bad economy...", they said. One of my interviewers who went to Brown University told me that there is a lot you can learn from the people around you. Sometimes you can learn by simply observing people, other times you can learn from the good of people, etc. As I've observed people and the examples around me that prove the beauty of Islam's prohibitions, I've come to appreciate Islam more and more. Now to a more optimistic light, there are people around me who positively reinforce good characteristics. My friends, family, teachers, volunteer coordinators, etc. have all taught me the importance of caring, hoping, and believing both in direct and inadvertent ways. In fact, many of my Christian friends have really encouraged the importance of being thankful to God and continous, steadfast prayer. Many times, throughout my entire Islamic School career, traditionally Muslims would insult Christians thinking it's okay to do so because their beliefs are incongruous to ours. Somebody might in fact raise an eyebrow for me to say the previous statement. Why should I learn the good from a Christian if I am a Muslim? Because this is not about TURNING into a Christian or believing Jesus is God- it's about celebrating our commonalities. Similarly, artists reinforce messages that DO NOT recreate, but reflect Islamic teachings. How can learning about the conflict in Sierra Leone be considered haraam? How can the phrase "what tomorrow has in sure, we can never be sure, so all we can do is pray (Jay-Z)"? be haraam when exactly the same rules are applicable to Muslims? The biggest thing I think is that people always think about how other people can turn you into a worse human being. How come nobody ever thinks in the terms that, people can also remind people of positive ideas? Think about the phrase "what are friends for?". From experience, you know that you have friends who support you when you need it, provide you with creative criticism and make you laugh when you are down. People CAN help you. There is a limit to this, obviously, as sometimes we depend so much on people that their stance as human beings can do nothing to sooth us. Ultimately, we need to establish a balance on how much we rely on our fellow beings so that we remember that the best, most comfort we can get is by taking the help of Allah(SWT). You may think that I think and ponder too much and that nobody should have to think this much about what Allah(SWT) has forbidden: we should accept without much thought. But honestly, what has made me much closer to Allah(SWT) is reading the Quran and remembering those prohibitions in the Quran that Allah(SWT) stated applicable to scenarios I see in the life around me. By thinking, I feel much more spiritually CLEANED by being a Muslim. Of course, people find this dangerous. Our own thoughts can lead us to justifying our weaknesses and our ideas can lead to twisting Islam's prohibitions according to our own wants. I believe Islam is the fabric that weaves in the message in the Quran and my inner spirituality so that, I KNOW the rules and I use my knowledge of the rules and the examples in my surroundings to strengthen my character. The debate on music is one that perhaps may never fall into a consensus, because unlike alcohol, pork, gambling, etc., it is not mentioned by a specific, clear word in the Quran. Those of you who are fighting-I'm extremely ashamed at how you guys are advocating the right/wrong in music but NOT acknowledging the disgusting words and backfires you are using at eachother. Astagfirullah. Especially, I'd like to say the word "retarded" is an extremely disrespectful word to Allah(SWT)'s creations. May Allah(SWT) help us all. What we must do is educate ourselves the best we can, and props to who said this earlier, use our judgement. Some people are MORE strict on the words of scholars and hadith than others, and let me remind you that while all Muslims believe the Quran is the true word of God, not all Muslims will look at scholarly viewpoints/hadith in the same perspective. Instead of bickering about rightness and wrongness, which, on a larger scale, has created war and large-scale fighting, we should celebrate our commonalities. And of course, Allah(SWT) knows best). "Verily, in that are signs for those who believe." [30:37] "022.077 YUSUFALI: O ye who believe! bow down, prostrate yourselves, and adore your Lord; and do good; that ye may prosper. " "YUSUFALI: And strive in His cause as ye ought to strive, (with sincerity and under discipline). He has chosen you, and has imposed no difficulties on you in religion; it is the cult of your father Abraham. It is He Who has named you Muslims, both before and in this (Revelation); that the Messenger may be a witness for you, and ye be witnesses for mankind! So establish regular Prayer, give regular Charity, and hold fast to Allah! He is your Protector - the Best to protect and the Best to help!"
  3. I know what you mean, because my friend brought up the same point. Following something solely based on your "heart" is dangerous, because it leads you to justify your weaknesses. However, I never said I will follow Islam solely from my heart. Islam is a religion that is bounded by rules, regulations, prohibitions and encouragements. If I were to not follow that, then how could I really call myself a Muslim if I were sort of making up my own "religious rules"? What I am saying though is that Islam is the fabric for me that ties in my rules and my inner spirituality. If these two elements did not weave together, me following my religion solely as a "duty" would make my way of life impersonal to my character and the separation of those two, as far as I believe, would lead me to feel more uneasy about my beliefs than peaceful. I know I'm not a scholar, but I don't think that should mean that I should use that as an excuse to not study the Quran or hadith on my own and also research what is unclear to me. Quran, for all of us, is the ultimate truth. Everything that I have read so far in the Quran is what I believe 100%. The whole " a little bit of alcohol" thing, obviously, as Quran blatantly prohibits it, I wouldn't even try to question. Everything in the Quran is clear to me. But there are some issues that, as much as I have researched, I could not come to a viable conclusion. So, after reading Quran, after not coming to a conclusion, the best I feel that I can do is to use my judgment. Perhaps you may have a different opinion about me regarding the balance between the word of self-study and scholars. Perhaps you may have different opinions about me regarding those of other religions (ie: The whole "turning into Christian" in my opinion is not a fair statement since I do know quite a few Christians who follow dietary restrictions). The bottom line is, I believe in submission. I believe in the word of Allah(SWT). I believe in "...establish regular Prayer, give regular Charity, and hold fast to Allah!" (Surrah 22, ayah 28). As of course, you do too. The rest, only Allah(SWT) knows best. That's all I've got to say.
  4. Wow you guys, I'm terribly sorry, I had no idea this thread wasn't about pro-against music battle. SORRY. I'll remove my comments.
  5. I re-read Surah Luqman in the Quran I am reading at the moment. The footnote that followed "idle tales" said this was referring to Persian tales that were being read to people that distracted them from their daily tasks. Otherwise, all the other translations I've read, none made a mention to "music".
  6. Asalamalaykum you guys, Just wanted to point out something. This is according to my observations. Some people are asking some very specific things about what is halal and what is haraam. The Quran very clearly states some things that are haraam (ie: drinking, pork, premarital bad stuff (I lack eloquence)), etc.) You have to understand that these aren't just "rules"-they have a reason behind it. All of the things I mentioned can clearly destroy a human being. Intoxication, for example, enables people to develop a lack-of-sense. You have to also understand the intention that comes with it. People don't "drink" because they have good intentions. They drink because they think it's fun and will cause them pleasure, and very clearly from the examples of our society, drinking causes further adversity. I feel that Allah(SWT) wants us to realize that we should avoid anything that will lead to anything that can hurt us, our friends and our family members. Some things mentioned in the Quran cannot be clearly interpreted because they can be for an against the same argument. You have to do what you know will lead you to a right path. Use your intentions to make yourself more appreciative of Allah(SWT); since every person is different, and therefore, every MUSLIM is different, not everything that will make one Muslim a better Muslim/person can apply to everything that will make another Muslim a better Muslim/person. Islam is a religion. Religion is meant to be an inspiration, so you should definitely use Islam as a tool to keep you spiritually cleansed. Whenever I feel sick or worried, I try to read a prayer because it cleanses my heart and anxiety. Similarly, when I feel like something good as happened and have that I-hope-this-feeling-lasts feeling, I also try to thank Allah(SWT) as much as I can because I feel security when I leave everything in Allah(SWT). What religion should not be is a burden. I know some scholars create very strict rulings, but if you feel that it is in question (ie: you don't use something to illicit bad actions), then use your own judgment. Use the good stuff Allah(SWT) has given you to its fullest. And everyday, we pray about five times a day, but the more we try to be better people, automatically we try to be better Muslims. I am an American, yo. I go to an American school, I wear "American" clothes. I try not to make it a point to to alienate myself from the American public because I'm Muslim. I've read in certain places that Muslims should stay away from American kids and go to private schools. Well, unless you feel like you will, to a huge degree, be influenced, then fine, go ahead. But you see, you can still be American and not have to alienate yourself. I have Christian and Jewish friends and I like them a lot because they can be very wise and God loving people. True that they don't believe in the same philosophies we do, but the way they rely on God for their problems also makes me realize how important Islam is to me. If you get that positive feedback from being around such people, then seriously, don't go so far out to prevent relationships because you'll think you'll get influenced. I feel like being around different people and helping them and having them help you, without religion involved, is also a signal of kindness. And the more you represent that, the better image you will create of Muslims. In terms of haraam and halal, realize the intentions that will lead you to good actions. Some things, like I mentioned, are very hard to determine if they are halal and haraam simply because the Quran uses several ayahs which can be used for or against the same arguments. I remember one Muslim scholar said that "because the Arabic in Quran is different from the Arabic in the contemporary, there have been difficulties in interpretation". Use your guidance, prayers, and knowledge to make right decisions when there isn't an answer that is outwardly understood. And Allah(SWT) knows best. Jaza'KAllah -Bagel
  7. You don't vote because you plan to put somebody at Allah(SWT)'s level. You vote because a specialized society needs governing. Allah(SWT) provided us with the Quran, but he has also provided us with the phenomenon of history. Notice how anarchy's rarely work. You have to notice that Islam is a religion in which we are bestowed a book in order to understand WHAT can destroy all humans but what can also be debatable amongst humans upon personal discretion. Many Muslim scholars have varying opinions because there are some ayahs in the Quran that can go both for or against an argument. Allah(SWT) gave us wisdom and decision making skills because we have to decide what, according to our character and contemporary conditions, will make us better people and more thankful to Him. Allah(SWT) loves us. He gave us this world. He provided us with certain, very clear, prohibitions so that we do not become destroyed. And He tests us to see what we learn from adversity. He wants us to be thankful for what we have because being thankful will invoke good feelings and a motive for us to do good in this world. If we disobey Him, it is a sign that we are ready to not only destroy ourselves, but destroy those around us. That is not what makes the world a better place. You have to use your mind, soul and wisdom and most importantly, good intentions to know if what you are doing is for the better or worse. Clearly, Allah(SWT) has provided us with examples as to why governing is necessary. If we vote in order to make our society a better place, Allah(SWT) knows best. Our intention was for good. Islam has been my inspiration because prayer is my meditation and God is good all the time! MashAllah. I feel like however, some scholars get extremely fundamental. Islam should not be a burden. Some scholars go very far and say some things are haraam, but you have to keep in mind that there are several aspects of the Quran pose ayahs which go for or against the same arguments. In that case, you should use your knowledge and heart blessed by Allah(SWT)'s guidance to maximize your spiritual-cleansing. Realize that no two human beings are alike. Even Muslims cannot all follow the same guidelines because every Muslim, regardless of the fact that he/she is a MUSLIM, is a different being. So what I my bottom line is, as long as you do something that specifically CONTRIBUTES to making society a better place, DO IT, with Allah(SWT)'s name and inspiration.
  8. you're avatar is very funky! I love it lol

    but ya might get a warning from the mods :P

  9. I know of people who reach their fullest potential for fame In order for the word on the street to be their first name From ten story buildings to three set plaques Holes on the wall from the certificates' thumb tacks Recognition is not the game, it's the title No not the concert, only the recital Yet, first impressions always make the difference Before a conclusion, there comes along an inference Is what you see what I am? Does the building come before a blueprint's diagram? The impulse is automatic; the surface tells the story The inside of the substance misses the basket's glory My precedents taught me to be the antecedent The chain of those who learn after me is no accident But to maintain the link, I have to extinguish the fire I can't make my selfishness my life's only desire
  10. by the way, I'm not trying to battle. Just sharing some "freestyles" (I define that to be poetry written in 15 minutes or less).
  11. They say that "it's better for ten guilty persons to go free than one innocent to be charged" So I think I'm Mr. Beans at the scene of the crime Looking clueless at the wrong place in the wrong time While everybody else thinks fast, appealing to emotions Trying to flow with the rhythm's motion I get caught And the ten of them, not So you see the ones who forget to get charged get away Living life in the leisurely way Haven't learned from their mistake yet The guy who already did already lost the bet So it keeps coming back to the good people, like reinforcement Get's tiring because it's tedious to deal with the law inforcement When we don't even deserve it as much as the next guy Who hides behind the curtains when they were playing "I Spy" Guess the good deal is we are the experts So the next time comes around we get double the comforts Telling myself to be this guilty is to learn the virtue of patience Takes time to learn things the right way than it takes to jump the fence
  12. thefinestwhoever


    For the record, I am the underdog Under the London Fog Rain or shine, heat or cold Still my name is not in bold No underline, italicize You don't realize Dreams come true doesn't mean success at first sight Struggles versus ambitions at two PM, this is a real fight Trying to do the hurdle without getting hurt Even if my scab my knees, I know I made the effort Failure is not acting without accomplishing Rather it is quitting the game when blemishing The virtue of patience, are you feeling me? You are the building blocks of my blueprint, quite simply
  13. A lot of people tell me I have too much emotion But it's not really that; I just can't stop the flow of motion I'm always questioned why I am the way I am But before I start to answer that, I remember years like 1992 at 8 AM When the grass was really green and the sky really blue And to myself, I wouldn't hesitate to stay true They say only the young and crazy don't tell lies And that is because there are so few left to despise It takes only a few years later to be not good enough A good friend I once had wanted to loose my love I was not too impressing No looks, no designer bags, the lack-of-styled dressing People like people who can make them real The funny part is that it takes your own self to make the deal Look, I apologize for ruining the fun But all I do is try to give you help in that long run Seeing myself loose place And I'm thinking, I don't want to be a disgrace I can't be somebody else to make it happen So I have this pencil in my hand waiting to hear its tappin'
  14. And nothing comes easy for us.. the thick and thin, the cheer and the fuss How I scabbed my knees so much It pains so much, I can't even touch Or be touched in the soul I had a goal and I didn't achieve But I can't just get up and leave Remembering that nothing comes easy Even if my asthma makes me wheezy I gotta run the marathon After the crack of dawn And just keep going Even if the forecast says snowing When things get better I'll be a record setter The struggle provides me with a gift With the curse's shift I can't stop now like the fallen stocks of Dow This is life and I have an epidemic The dream to succeed, now this is sick God's there watching me run And even though I'm not the first one I'm still making it Not faking it I have dreams and nothing comes easy as it seems But with faith, the perseverance, and endur-ance it seems like I'm never gonna stop, like I'm in a trance
  15. It all depends on where you stand and what you wanna do. If you're thinking Berk and LA for undergrad, or any UC, private, for that matter, go for it sista. InshAllah, I'm sure you'll get in...and the advantage of going in your fresh+soph undergrad is that you get to meet people from the start of college. But if you think you might need to hold on to the extra money, no shame in that either.
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