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  1. MO! Y U call me Aunty!?!?!??!

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    2. Spider


      She's all about the lyks life duh.

    3. Zimbabwe


      Thank you for clarifying Spider... SPUD, where else am I going to get the instant gratification, self esteem fix and ego boost which only LIKES here give me??


  2. Blood ah go run if justice nah come.

    1. Abdul Rahman

      Abdul Rahman

      You scare the crap out of me... Just saying.

  3. On tears and laughter: In both these spontaneous overflowings of the body, the material realm is transcended. But at their highest level, the psychic plane is also surpassed. The body is necessarily endowed with various means of escape from itself"

    1. Zimbabwe


      - From "A Return to the Spirit" by Martin Lings- My heart <3

    2. Troll Czar
    3. Zimbabwe


      It's like the opposite of vague you muppet, how much clearer can it be!

  4. Mubarak set the walk free and Morsi sentenced to death, what is this world?

    1. Olivejar


      World is suffering

    2. Mufasa


      A crazy one

  5. Salam Lupes, so sorry for the delay! She couldn't have read my message because there's no reply and the info box says "not yet read" and that she hadn't been on MM since 2009! I really appreciate you asking, would you mind asking her if she could just send me that one particular recipe as I need it for a gathering and her site has been down ages now unfortunately! Jazakallahu khayr again xX

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    2. Lupin


      Her original message said she didn't have any back ups, and was waiting on her host to give her the files. Which I'm not sure if has happened. She hasn't yet replied to my second message yet either. Get a back up recipe ready perhaps?http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/418615/easy-naan-bread

    3. Lupin


      The website is back up! And she requested comments to be left if any of the recipes have been tried.

    4. Zimbabwe


      Thank you so much Lupes, I really appreciate all your going back and fro for me- I know it's no fun being a carrier pidgeon! I have emailed the recipe to myself so even if it goes down again, I've got it! Jazakillahu khayr hun x

  6. Can anyone get hold of old time member WEEBEE aka Wahiba aka Masterchef for me! Her food site is down and I haven't been able to make her award winning garlic naan hence :(

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    2. Ishavemychesthair2


      She said she thinks you're too smelly

    3. cubster


      I found her on fb. What do you want me to ask?

    4. Lupin


      I've messaged her, will see how she responds, or doesn't!

  7. Today is Babar Ahmad's sentencing, tomorrow is Talha Ahsan's. Duas please, I beg you!

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    2. Dee


      he was released alhamdulillah!!!!

    3. Rasmalai


      ^ After 7 months, mind you.


      But still.



    4. Keena


      Allahu akbar! :)

  8. keema! yes yes yes, do it! think twice about fufu's extreme bo problem though, its a public safety issue- esp for poor Sufyan, a defenceless child! ive been going out with Yusra since she was two weeks old dont worry, you lose the new mother privilege when you have two! any day but Wednesday is great for me inshaAllah...and then you guys come to my new house also I've moved!

  9. Baldy, you no wanna hear about my drug lyf in Chalkhill Estate? We were famous!

    1. Haku


      thats scary

    2. Abdul Rahman

      Abdul Rahman

      Chalkill Estates? Y'al owe me some money...

  10. Yeah for emphasis! Because I'm too lazy to make it italic.........asterix is lazy shortcut!

  11. Peaches Geldof dead??

    1. Dee


      she was only 25 :/

    2. Daria


      It's shocking because she wasn't on drugs and her body seemed fine =/

  12. Where is Zeynoop's thread on the Lover and the Beloved?

  13. Tony Benn dead :(

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    2. Zimbabwe


      Likewise. Though it's a cliché, he's one of the few public figures you could describe as prolific. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un.

    3. what the heavens!

      what the heavens!

      Nobody knows who you're talking about! (I am Nobody)


      Who's Tony Benn?

    4. Sheik Homestar

      Sheik Homestar

      just did a quick google search on him. He was a British Politician who was a hard left winger. Was appointed as a cabinet minister several times with the Labour Party.

    1. Mufasa


      They should open the blog up for submissions and it'd be a hit. But it could also lower quality of the writing. I like their idea.

    2. Eternalbreeze
    3. what the heavens!

      what the heavens!

      See, you can't blame me! Tariq Ramadan is irresistible, mashAllah. Like otherworldly so. MashAllah.

  14. Do we have a Shaykh HY thread? For sharing multimedia?

  15. Ayah, Iman or Yusra?

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    2. iLikeToast


      Yusra is reasonably uncommon, which is nice.

    3. Zimbabwe


      Do you think Toasty? I really like uncommon names, but everything seems to be taken :(

    4. iLikeToast


      Well I assume you know more women than me. The first time I had heard it as a name was about 2 years ago, it's my uncle's (now) wife's name.

  16. Over 180 days for the brothers on hunger strike in Guantanamo- puts Ramadan, our iftars and the choice of variety and quantity of food we select into perspective.

    1. Zimbabwe


      Yasiin Bey, aka Mos Def recreating the force-feeding at Gtmo:

    2. Dee


      Gosh I cannot imagine being subjected to that day in day out, was it twice a day?

  17. Little Sephora is due an even little-er sibling soon insha'Allah. Please- if you can- remember us in your du'as- particularly for health please! :D Thanks ye!

  18. Who thinks it might have been Laylat ul Qadr tonight??

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    2. S...


      Is it the same everywhere? If so what signs did you see Z?

    3. Zimbabwe


      I was talking about having a feeling Faerie, not to tell me for certain what you thought lol

    4. iLikeToast


      I feel like chicken tonight, like chicken tonight, chicken tonight.

  19. I need a thread to momentarily hijack (and then give back)- but I don't want to create a new one especially. Any generous offers?

    1. what the heavens!

      what the heavens!

      The zombie apocalypse thread, of course.

  20. Natural remedies for heartburn?

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    2. Haku


      Isabghol in milk also helps with heartburn in my experience.

    3. Mo-


      antacid salts lol

    4. Mo-
  21. Umar Lee left Islam and embraced Christianity again? Yeesh. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajiun http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9ghTju708E&list=UUn0D5epLsNAnpQfAgMzvSSw&index=1

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    2. Zimbabwe


      Sad also that's he's joined the "exposing Islam" bandwagon....the same ppl he used to make takfir on. Lessons abound!

    3. Dee


      Man. Aren't we blessed alhamdulillah. May Allah keep us guided.

    4. Who-sane


      The guy's such a flip flop.

  22. Where's that thread on My Brother, The Islamist program? Richard Dart was yday sent to prison for 6 years in attempted terror plot.

  23. Salam Gambolicious! I got a notification of a comment from you, but no comment! WAS IT A JINNNNNN?

  24. Salam baby Moose! I'm so sorry I didn't get any notification for your reply so only just saw it now. Interesting quetstions, inshaAllah I will get back to you this weekend inshaAllah!

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