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  1. This actually reads like a really headtrippy genre of stream of consciousness. Especially with the abrupt imploring of a good day to be had at the end. It's like the opening scene of Trainspotting. Which was ironically set to the track "Lust for life"..
  2. So in conclusion, you're just a wasteman attention seeker? A shame. Ah well, so moving on with business as usual folks. Just how I like my womanz
  3. I'm so sorry you not only lack basic comprehension, but that you get mad then emotional. Chesty doesn't really have much of a chance as your most committed fanboy. And Mufasa YOU WASTEMAN, why did you like that post? I hope your lungs are wheezing in regret now!
  4. I'm happy to discuss both so you can stop whimpering, but this double standard has been long established and spoke of within thread multiple times. Make another for it, since this one was to exorcise Chesty out of his psychosis.
  5. Okay old man, this point has been made and hammered to death, you don't bring anything new by pointing out the obvious complex Muslims have re Zionist oppression vs every other kind, May we move on to actual content now?
  6. Despite knowing Lady M is a high flying CEO of toe nail cleaning solvents, with male slaves waiting to feed her hand made truffles from Bognor Regis, she actually took her TIME to write you out a considered response so at least bloody well read and try to absorb it. What is so frustrating about you Chesty is that you vomit out all these half formed ideas on things and then cherry pick lines, strip off every nuance in the discussion and then lazily respond with what I'm sure you think is a very witty and self enlightened repose. If you're going to engage, at least engage in a non lazy way or GT-flowers-O
  7. Ownen, you are beginning to sound borderline geriatric in these responses....I wouldn't like to call your perspective politically naive, but honestly, it's just a bit downright weird at the moment. Also, I feel we are getting lost in the fog of Shavers unceremonious splattering of unpacked rants, the thread isn't actually really about Israel/Palestine or selective outrage (in a way which can't be cleared up in a single post anyway), it's more about Shavers weird attitude of a perceived enlightened and progressive approach to life vs. the bs religious, ignorant and groupthink masses who aren't worthy of changing the tyres on his latest rust bucket. It is important Shaver actually understands this as it might quell his irresistible appetite to mock and bemoan 90% of output which he considers himself "sooo far past" I almost feel like it's not a kind of "religious schooling" required here, more of a basic sociology course for him- understanding the mechanisms and commonalities across human behaviours and the way those who are affiliated together through real or imagined communities (Oh Benedict Anderson!) work their dynamics out. I feel Chesty, you have conflated so many cherry picked aspects of theology, frustration towards Muslim behaviour and its apparent failings and general internalised Islamophobia (probably years of being a coconut in the US army didn't help this) til you get to the point where with age, this just becomes one hot mess which you can't really rationally sift through on your own. You think you are costantly being edgy, pushing boundaries or offering insights which are oh so astonishingly novel and pivotal- whereas you have built this perception of yourself and those poor practising Muslims in your own head. I hope you work it out....sincerely. I would hate to come back on MM in 20 years time to only you and StarJade, balding, getting fat on take out and knocking back ginger beer while you watch Top Gear reruns. Also, I have known many completely irreligious and actual godless (in every sense of the word) folk in my time. They're normal people with the same mix of personality traits you find in any social group. Some are intensely humorous and witty in a very sharp and on point way....a small, redeeming feature if you will. Unfortunately for you... Don't give up the day job. Wah wah wahhhhh
  8. I think he means an agnostic of Muslim background- since the terms are otherwise oxymorons (sorry Pox).
  9. A dime a dozen of those too, AR. This 'perspective' is really novel to you?
  10. I don't know, I don't even take it as a kind of arrogance, it's slightly more bizarre than that. Like Shavey, your classic thing is "HEY YO MUSLIMS, I am going to rattle you out of your mindless drone groupthink bubbles now with my mind blowing epiphany about your views, BEAR WITH ME because this could really force you to realign every fibre of your being and belief!!!!".............and then you proceed to make some of the most cliched and contrived diatribes out there re: Islam and Muslim practice. I almost feel........short changed. Like, if you're gonna rock me out of my beliefs, give me something challenging to chew on please.
  11. Shavey, there's nothing in your opinions outside of a given norm- multiple norms exist and your opinion fit very neatly in another 'norm' of thinking/viewing religion and the world. As in, these ideas are not some kind of enlightening alternative paradigms that a practising 'religious' Muslim hasn't ever come across or given thought to. PS: Your car still sucks.
  12. Its funny you ask that Hijab, I have been feeling the same lately. Someone sent me a quote yesterday which said "when Shaytan cannot make you commit sins, he makes you waste your time". Since time is your life, it's the only valuable currency we have! As for du'as, I don't think you need a specifically worded one, simply sincerely asking for barakah in your time should suffice, no? The classic Ghazali quote comes to mind: Nice short read: http://thehumblei.com/2012/11/11/imam-al-ghazali-structuring-your-time/
  13. Just the word "again"? That's a bit of an anticlimax.
  14. One thing which confuses me generally, why do people not get employed for positions for being 'overqualified'-? Surely if the person applying doesn't mind 'lowering' their skills/experience for the role, why does the employer?
  15. You answered half heartedly and bored? Come on chubby, you know better than that! Annoying or not, they were still hiring for a position..
  16. Rather than something to fret about, I think this is actually an incredibly important learning curve and general life lesson for you Breeze! At the risk of sounding nearly as ancient as Ownen, being able to filter out toxic people from taking up your time and mental energies is a very important part of keeping you functioning in a productive and wholesome way. It takes bravery and a strong will to not conform to the path of least resistance and just want to fade into the norm of whichever behaviour is seen as cool and rewarded socially- but it's authenticity to yourself which will carry you through life and make you a lot stronger and more interesting as a person. For whatever reason they decided to switch on you (and who knows, with screwed up people and screwed up ways of thinking, it could be anything)- it's important you just recognise early on that they belong in the 'dont even bother' category of your brain and leave them there. When genuine friendships come your way, you will know it....and until then, taking some time out solitary even has it's benefits! Now- note to self- just to implement all of this. You will see from my own 'Managing resentment' thread, I too am trying hard not to let toxic people get on my very last nerve! May Allah give us strength and patience. Ameen! x
  17. Isn't the whole free speech debate facile at best? We all know that those in power make the rules and they enforce the rules in their own favour- and in the interests of their chums/favoured institutions. So though there are a million and one (recent and relevant) examples of the curtailment of freedom of speech for matters of 'taste, decency, offence'- all of that flies out the window when you want to hone into one particular minority and kick up a stink of how much they should 'just take it' like 'everybody else' and not be afforded a 'special status' against offence.
  18. Lol no, one of the gunmen.
  19. Don't you have a junk metal bike you have to work the next 15 years to put metal rims on or something?
  20. I was expecting something like this also- some kind of comic satire to cleverly point out the glaring hypocrisy of the application of freedom of speech. At least something showing how it favours those in power and their interests. When the regular pathetic print run of Hebdo was promised to be 3 million, then 4 million and now 7 million- where were the satirists to point out it was the French GOVERNMENT, not Hebdo themselves (who were a struggling outlet) who are footing the bill for this? Surely there's something deeply ironic about 'renegade' satirists who are supposed to be always keeping the powerful in check by exposing them- actually being financed by them! The closest was that Muslim comedian who was arrested for wearing a "Je suis Coulibaly" badge.....which I do think was his own attempt to test the boundaries of free speech. They clearly didn't stretch far enough for him.
  21. Yes, those gunmen in Paris were an example of Muslims (1.8 billion of us) overreacting Muslims themselves, however, are never on the receiving end of any violence or aggression- verbal or physical, by random individuals or state militaries.
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