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  1. Okay Chesty, nice to see you got your 70 excuses ready for a guy you haven't seen and weren't in the situation in yourself. But as long as Muslims are being reactionary and oversensitive dumbasses, you're happy!
  2. No love, but there's a wealth of non verbal cues (as well as the actual deliberately going in to troll a bookstore doing nothing but selling books) that give people's game away.
  3. Nah, you could see in his face he was a skanky racist. You don't need to be brave to bash on Muslims nowadays, everyone already considers them dirt anyway! I doubt he would go up to a black guy and be all "hey, are you Trayvon Martin? Lolz!'
  4. After their Islam? Like not the women they were already married to?
  5. Today in an Islamic bookstore, a troll came in and asked "do you have any Charlie Hebdo?" and everyone just looked at him shocked. So I shouted out at him "no mate, we're all sold out, it was a really popular edition!" and everyone started laughing at him. He looked SO annoyed nobody took his bait, he just shook his head and walked out mumbling to himself under his breath!
  6. This is so true lol- you never knew sequins and sparkles came in so many dazzling, blinding colours! Sometimes I see how people are dressed at English weddings and honestly, they don't even look like they dressed for an occasion at all. More like they're going to work or something! Yes, and start wailing inconsolably as you leave clutching at your parents.
  7. Salam Lupes, so sorry for the delay! She couldn't have read my message because there's no reply and the info box says "not yet read" and that she hadn't been on MM since 2009! I really appreciate you asking, would you mind asking her if she could just send me that one particular recipe as I need it for a gathering and her site has been down ages now unfortunately! Jazakallahu khayr again xX

    1. Lupin


      Her original message said she didn't have any back ups, and was waiting on her host to give her the files. Which I'm not sure if has happened. She hasn't yet replied to my second message yet either. Get a back up recipe ready perhaps?http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/418615/easy-naan-bread

    2. Lupin


      The website is back up! And she requested comments to be left if any of the recipes have been tried.

    3. Zimbabwe


      Thank you so much Lupes, I really appreciate all your going back and fro for me- I know it's no fun being a carrier pidgeon! I have emailed the recipe to myself so even if it goes down again, I've got it! Jazakillahu khayr hun x

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  8. I'm not talking about the coverage, obviously you customise that for your needs (and I was making a jooooke re midriff, I was talking about the print- I think 4 looks classier and the least garish in colour and pattern.
  9. No 4 Pox! The others are kinda nasty....though no 3 will give you the opportunity to show off your killer abs
  10. Your taste in snacks is almost as awful as your political views Shaveroo!
  11. Summer, did you try macaroons? Any verdict to share?
  12. Can anyone get hold of old time member WEEBEE aka Wahiba aka Masterchef for me! Her food site is down and I haven't been able to make her award winning garlic naan hence :(

    1. Ishavemychesthair2


      She said she thinks you're too smelly

    2. cubster


      I found her on fb. What do you want me to ask?

    3. Lupin


      I've messaged her, will see how she responds, or doesn't!

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  13. They taste like hollow plastic with an unnatural and sickly 'flavour' added to the artificial texture and wacky colouring.
  14. Is it even a deltoid? It looks like a Chicken Cottage hot wing, 3 for 99p!
  15. Welcome to the forums Tiberius Insha'Allah you have an enjoyable and fruitful stay on our humble pastures. Like others have mentioned, I think the feelings related to mental health have to be distinguished from what you think are negative thoughts to do with religion and your purpose in life. I say this because- surprisingly- many people actually share some of the same observations about life- but are incredibly empowered and even upbeat about the knowledge they have. For example, we have narrations in hadith which state things like everything in this world is cursed save for the remembrance of God. Also that if everything in this life was even worth one wing of a mosquito in the sight of Allah, he wouldn't even 'give' it (to enjoy) to the oppressors/disbelievers. Those statements sound- on the surface- incredibly negative and jaded, however there is a lot of spiritual strength we can draw from them when it comes to putting all our issues in life into perspective. In more than one way, religion is indeed survival. It is about the survival of our soul- keeping it nourished, in tact and functioning throughout this temporary physical phase we are currently is- looking after it and working hard on it so we can present it back to Allah in it's optimum state. Religion is survival for communities to prosper in a mutually vested and wholesome way- to raise generations who are aware and willing to effect positive change everywhere the opportunity arises. Religion is survival- but not only survival against the Hell fire- but a means of 'surviving' this life and world. With support through depressive mental thoughts, there is a lot of beauty and depth in what Allah has laid out for us in this leg of the path- as a precursor of the joys awaiting the righteous in the Hereafter and as a means for us to remain grateful and steadfast too.
  16. Oppressive regime thinking is ideal to perpetuate the.........oppressive regime. Pacify and placate it seems!
  17. Wow, I've not heard the word 'spinster' since.......before I was born.
  18. I feel sorry for Geckos- how lizards always seem to steal their thunder n all.
  19. Man, the first part of this post left me feeling really sad!
  20. Unfortunately, I too am a weirdo magnet. And for much too many years, I would also befriend people who I felt sorry for (mostly because other people would be mean about them and they were loners). In cases where the loners were male, over 90% of the time these "friendships" would awkwardly and abruptly end with a declaration of love. Ladies- just don't do it! With Poxy's situation I can sympathise and empathise, because for the annoying person you could be their only bridge to a community at a time where they are vulnerable as a new Muslim. I have an English revert friend who works out in UAE and comes to the UK to see her family every 3-4 months. Everytime she comes over, she wants to meet up at mine for a "catch up". She's very introverted and so basically doesn't have much to say. She doesn't inititate any conversations and only responds very succinctly to any topics I may bring up. Suffice to say, I really struggle being the lead in our meetups, I have to not only "create" every conversation topic, but also carry it through and conclude it myself- it honestly feels like a monologue! It's so painful. But I still agree to meet up with her at mine every time she's visitng the UK because for some bizarre reason she really likes me and really looks forward to coming to mine. I really don't understand it properly, but the fact she's a revert who is just "establishing" her Islam makes me a lot softer and patient towards accommodating this weird dynamic that we have created.
  21. EHHHHHH, you're not supposed to say socks? My socks? A pair of socks? Surely your body isn't designed to take in all that fructose in one go- I mean I know it's a *natural* sugar and all, but y'ani......proportion.
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