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  1. Yes, someone at home bought the Co fresh version of these and the ingredients do say 100% but I'm so confused. When I make my own in the ice cube trays, the colour is darker and more opaque and it definitely tastes different. Am wondering if it's just down to them using a cheaper grade of ginger and garlic as they are producing it en masse.
  2. This is a food idea but do you add fresh coriander into the body of the curry? I always use it as a garnish, otherwise doesn't it all get cooked away pretty fast?
  3. So people who cook. How important do you think the cookware used is in the process?
  4. Oh, you mean laying a thick flat knife against it and pounding it like Jamie does? I don't think I have the strength to do that. Also, would you guys pay to do a knife skills course? I am seriously considering this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5z_d0soK1cI Classes: http://www.jamieolivercookeryschool.com/cooking-classes?type=all&lesson=49&date=all&time=all&dayTime=all
  5. Okay folks, so I think we need a FRESH and current thread to talk about cooking, preparations for cooking and recipes! And to discuss curry methods of course. One thing which really helps me is that about once every two months, I get 15kg of good quality white onions, peel, slice and fry them. Then process them into a paste. Then create individual use portions for freezer bags. This cuts my cooking time by A LOT since so many recipes (even non desi ones like pasta sauce) require fried onions as a base. It also means I'm not using my food processor daily. I do it all in one day and am set to go. In a similar vein- I also get a ton of fresh root ginger and raw garlic. Peel and crush with a little salt and olive oil and put into ice cube trays. This means I can literally pop it into a dish for fresh-tasting flavours without the daily work. I used to find I would avoid putting garlic into dishes which actually needed them because I was too busy/it was too inconvenient peeling and crushing two at a time (getting that raw garlic smell on your fingers too). So what are some of your tips? Best recipes? Special dietary requirements?
  6. Yes it's like a really inappropriate cultural appropriation. It's worse when they have genuinely desi friends who general society wouldn't touch with a barge pole, but they stick with them from a combination of pity and... More pity.
  7. Minorities are often racist as a kind of one up-manship. Like "I'm now palatable and acceptable for my hosts/masters, YOU on the other hand are not good enough". It's like the ultimate inferiority complex- you've surely seen the Black people for Trump and turban-wearing Sikh members of the BNP?
  8. Will they allow you to race cars actually made in this decade?
  9. The article touches on some of them - there is an interesting split between the (non Muslim) therapists themselves between those who feel negatively towards it as they see it as a kind of indoctrination/ideological thing and others who take an almost pragmatic approach to it saying it's proven to help and Muslims use faith as a coping mechanism much more readily than people of other faiths. Isn't the 10 point plan that AA use faith-based also? I remember reading that's what James Frey (author of "a million little pieces") used.
  10. So interesting : Mental health therapy for Muslims embraces religion - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-38932954
  11. there is no one else in the world. there is no one else in sight. they were the only ones who mattered. they were the only ones left. he had to be with me. she had to be with him. i had to do this. i wanted to kill him. i started to cry. i turned to him. --
  12. Did you guys read that poem written by the machine after scanning thousands of poems?
  13. MO! Y U call me Aunty!?!?!??!

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      She's all about the lyks life duh.

    3. Zimbabwe


      Thank you for clarifying Spider... SPUD, where else am I going to get the instant gratification, self esteem fix and ego boost which only LIKES here give me??


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  14. Bhains isn't Pashtu. #lewanai
  15. Approximately 22 minutes ago, in post no. 99, you directly stated: "I speak pashtu" leading me to infer your status as a Pashtu-speaker. I have no evidence or cause to believe otherwise. The narrative is so concrete now in my mind that I cannot and will not be talked out of this. Present your evidence to the contrary, however I am armed with quotes unequivocally showing the objective truth as I have framed it and the reality in my mind.
  16. KMT! Not really a conversation is this! Have you inherited Hakpoohs social skills via online osmosis??
  17. Well it shouldn't be sooo full of besan that it actually tastes dough-y. So I will call people out who do that. Regardless of whether they birthed me or not! You writing in Urdu, spud? Mera zindagi aloo tikki hai.
  18. Accusatory and presumptuous would be better adjectives than the innocent "incredulous" but that is humans, appraising ourselves so generously!
  19. Hang on, so where are you at in your "analysis" now Spider? Have you accepted those posts were intended as jokes and nobody was lying about that?
  20. It's also slightly (but not too) disconcerting to read what you assume likes to be and to be doing to MMers and their egos. I know I keep saying it, but you SO remind me of that colleague who accused others of intentions and thoughts which only a dysfunctional mind could conjure up. Sometimes people are projecting the qualities they possess themselves by what they accuse others of. I don't know if you've ever been in the position where someone has confidently made claims about your intentions where the claims themselves are something that had not crossed your mind by a million miles. I fear you are only revealing uncomfortable things about your own thought process.
  21. No, I don't "expect" to get liked. I dont have notifications for likes switched on and I have never stopped to consider potential likes in ANY way before writing a post. Shockingly, I write to engage the content of a discussion as my only goal. Also my playful JESTING with Oxy that you misquoted to recast in a serious way is one of the reasons I really believe you have deep seated problems when it comes to your assumptions. You are armed to the teeth with the narrative in your head then scan for posts (pick a card, any card!) that may somehow reinforce your perception. Doesn't matter when the post was made, which discussion, how long ago, what tone and which topic.
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