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  1. Sorry Moose, you're right, I am being mean on this thread, but you know- there are a few reasons I can't take Spider and his "analysis" seriously : - His outlandish and decontextualised quoting of random comments in unrelated threads (my one was almost two years old, but was part of a hilarious bhel puri conversation and Hakpooh trying to justify putting OLIVES in it!?!). His selective cherry picking of quotes to fit a narrative in his mind doesn't lend to credibility - His recent assertion that when "females particularly" seem to write in an overexcited manner it shows they're craving attention and want likes. LOL. Can't even honour this one with a rebuttal but it was the springboard for this thread - And all jokes aside, he does actually remind me of that colleague who would have the most wildly inaccurate (almost always negative) misreadings of the most basic and everyday interactions. Sometimes you cannot recognise at all how someone managed to piece together something so inaccurate but still cling to it so confidently? Low EI, sociopath, I don't know. To add another dimension to this discussion, one thing with likes is that we mostly know each other well enough to even predict which members would favour certain ideas anyway. A post about My Little Pony and driving junk metal cars from 2008 around a race track? Shaver and Sal are gonna be all over that. A post about grumpy grammar-less gorillas listing the best grown up cartoons for adults? Hakpooh is gonna be slamming down his like button. A post about not knowing how to deal with humans and survive having to interact with them? SW will be clickin' away!!
  2. Surely that's a topic for you mods to have amongst one another?
  3. I don't know Spider, you seem to have a touch of a sociopathic vibe about you- do you think you're a sociopath? These bits in particular had you reminding me of an ex-colleague of mine: Story time! Well, there were many incidents of completely bizarre demonstrations of a whacky and dysfunctional thought process- but one minor event occured when we were due to have a visit from a VIP into the office. Everybody else had gone out for lunch but I stayed behind as I had a deadline for early afternoon. This VIP came a little earlier than he said he would and buzzed up to the office (you need a fob to get from floors of the building) so I answered the intercom and he identified himself. I buzzed him up and went to the end of the corridor to let him into the office. We exchanged pleasantries while we waited for the other members of staff to return from lunch and in that time, I made him a cup of tea and offered him some snacks. I then excused myself as it was getting late for Dhuhr and went next door to pray. In that time I was praying, everybody else returned back from lunch and to their surprise and happiness, they saw the VIP was already there and that he was in a chirpy mood. When I finished praying and rejoined everybody, this particularly toxic colleague (let's call her Toxic LaToya) let out what could only be described as a blood-curdling shriek. Everybody turned around in shock wondering what had happened. She pointed at me and said "SHE DELIBERATELY DIDN'T GO OUT FOR LUNCH SO SHE COULD BE THE ONE TO SEE HIM IN. THEN SHE SAVED ALL THE BEST SNACKS TO SHOW OFF BEING A GOOD HOST. THEN SHE WENT TO PRAY TO SHOW OFF HOW FAKE PIOUS SHE IS. AND SHE KNEW DEEP DOWN I WANTED TO BE THE ONE TO RECEIVE HIM SO SHE PLANNED THIS ALL DELIBERATELY". Then there was pin-drop silence and all you could hear was exhausted deep breathing from the string of vocal allegations. Anyway, a whole load of nonsense happened after that point but my point is- sometimes people are so far off the mark in their completely bizarre reading of the situation, there's no benefit or point in trying to engage, rationalise or make sense of any of it. All jokes aside, I feel the same about your list of the negative consequences of the 'like' system because I cannot relate to them in any way. I can only find humour in it. There's also a touch of Spud's point in not being able to take a topic like this seriously. To dissect something as trivial as this at this great length.....linking and quoting posts from almost 2 years ago to validate your point? I don't know. Time is really precious.
  4. Don't h8 me coz u ain't me LIESSSSSSSSSSSSSS
  5. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my WORD! 4 realz Spider!?
  6. Is YOUR NAME a cartoon?? I don't agree with IMDB's ratings which is why I usually go for "people I trust" to give me reviews. Almost a decade ago, that included you. One evening of pain watching Grave of the Fireflies has me still waking to curse you in my sleep! Some of my favourite films have terrible IMDB reviews!
  7. I don't think he has Keems, is he even still alive? Shaykh Google to the rescue!
  8. So listen up, I don't have time to waste on rubbish movies (so no recommendations for cartoons from Hakpooh)- but are any of the following three worth watching and if so, in which order? - Locke - 13 - Split
  9. I am so proud of you. This is one beautiful moment. Jameel jiddan.
  10. Summer, have you watched SLEEPERS!? Or read the book by Lorenzo Carcaterra? You will love!
  11. Gosh Hakpooh, how is a desperately grumpy old man like you watching CARTOONS still!? I can't watch cartoons at my age, no matter what fancy pants names you put on them. You've forgotten that I've not yet forgiven you for the PAIN of the Fireflies torture you inflicted on me years ago when I was naive enough to try a recommendation of yours! Stop recommending rubbish, especially to me because I have 0.05% of my day to spare on these things!
  12. A Bronx Tale is one of my favourite...proper old school mob movie
  13. Has anyone watched 13 or Locke? Reviews without spoilers if so please!
  14. Yo brah, 2008 was like 9 years ago now. Get a new bike. Oh- and: No one cares.
  15. For me, a huge part of emotional intelligence comes from being able to transcend the impulse and trap of your own emotions/feelings. So, you are entitled to feel any way you want in a situation- however what you display outwardly should be much more controlled and thought through. People who lack emotional intellligence only know how to react- they don't show awareness of the impact of their behaviours on others- let alone how to modify their actions to achieve a desired result. We have all heard of that cliche "you can only control your own actions" when it comes to dealing with toxic people- and it's so true that you see how much you can actually influence others by managing your outward displays of emotions in front of people.
  16. There are stations of belief- so the Muslim submits, the Mu'min is of a superior level of awareness of God and the Muhsin is one who has developed perfection in his state with his Lord. The hadith Poxy quoted is often used to describe the differences between each stage. You'll find similarly in the Qur'an, the different states and stations of the soul and the heart are given similar categorisations. It teases the nuances within these huge concepts.
  17. No, I think you should refer to anything Islamic you feel is appropriate. When people aren't being pedants (ahem!), it's very clear what you are getting at. And yes x 1 million re: ownership. It is almost the opposite of this entitlement mindset many Millennials carry these days.
  18. No, 'covering sins' doesn't include financial transactions and business/trade. That is compromising people's right not to be cheated.
  19. Lady M: *leans an elbow over the bar* Soooo, what's a nice gal like you doing in a place like this? *notices her moustache twitching" HOLY -------! She's the lady of my dreams!
  20. But then that's a problem with the people('s attitude) when taking these tests, not a reflection of the test itself? MBTI isn't some kind of fatalistic or crystal-ball definition of who you are in your totality as a human in existence. It's saying that people's preferences (social, neurological etc) largely fall into broad categories and these make up particular personality archetypes. None of us (save Musa) is truly a unique or special snowflake, our ways of relating to ourselves, one another, the world etc follow particular patterns and MBTI helps to illuminate these areas. People are complex, have dysfunctional states, have contradictory states and change their default "ways of being" as a response to stress and other stimuli etc. MBTI doesn't deny this. It doesn't purport to be wahy. It's not a 4 letter definition of personality. That's not the purpose of MBTI. You can't critique it on a premise it doesn't claim. People getting hung up on their results is..........their problem? Those people need educating to adjust their expectations of these tests. The test serve the purpose they outline and can't be blamed for being "misunderstood".
  21. Dumb rant (it's not even an article?) which misclassifies what MBTI is or aims towards.
  22. Erm, okay. Different strokes for different folks.... I guess.
  23. You're ENFP for sure. Read the profile, does it sound familiar? Use humanmetrics website, not the others. (Also, your type can change if your habits have changed according to any new stressors or traumas etc, but its what you feel on an 'average' day. My I/E has become almost equal as a reaction to stress [motherhood!] but I know for sure my 'default' preference is E for example)
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