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  1. Wagamamas Nandos that weird eye-ranian restaurant in Willesden anyone wana come out for dinner?
  2. my achilles heel.......Humza- questions like that...... they get me thinking all day....those riddles swimming round my head to NO avail....just promise me- once everyone's had a stab- u'll post an exhaustive list of all the answers... ooh hang on, u do HAVE all the answers right????
  3. I got 6 last time I counted........2 from babyhood....3 more from when my sis was proving to me she could 'do' piercings.....and the final one last summer @ Claires Accesories (suprisingly professional service ) .....all in the ears- but there's two that are directly above and below one another and even my madre managed to say it was tres cool ..... btw- off topic, but afghaNas -------> are u afghan?!
  4. Zimbabwe


    oh Kanye Kayne......reminds me of a fortnight ago- I work part time in Menswear in Selfridges (department store in London) and Kanye West came in....I was serving him trying to remain ultra and thinking @ the same time, 'man- ur short in real life'!....and so after he had got his Y3 gear he turned around to say thank u etc and I was all, 'anytime- no worries- K-k-k-kanye' stuttering like an idiot-------weirdest thing was, I wasn't even starstruck or nething like that coz I'm not a fan (well I'm not NOT a fan if u catch my preverbial wind), but he just looked @ me and smiled...probably thinking- there's another sales assistant....
  5. Ramadhan Mubarak all! The first day's going good for me (it always starts well!)- I've got the day off uni today so that means a nice chilled out day at home and not running around corridors like a headless chicken- so yeah- alhamdullilah- it's been fab
  6. here's an off-topic post to put in the off topic posts section......where can I find this infamous UK thread- I've looked everywhere! let us know someone please!
  7. That dialogue @ the end - v good stuff.......how funny- how true- I can SO see that happening.....thank you Hamzah, nicely done
  8. Zimbabwe

    Your sibling rank

    Ya-ya-ya-youngest- and btw- ITS A MYTH about being the most spoilt- if u happen to be superior in talent, beauty, intelligence and all round-goodness who can blame a parent for preference? Humza- wow mash'Allah.....eldest of 12- do u remember all their names? the bribery oppurtunities with attending their parents evening...oooh the possibilities
  9. Zimbabwe


    love urs too missy obvious question; what does it mean? Bhoot I mean...
  10. hey- I was jokkering.....the Ryu4Zimarina era stays in the early 90's where it belongs...
  11. ' and I say, the only man who had ever loved me (altogether now) was the son of a preacher man, and the only one who had ever pleased me (I CANT HEAR YOU) was the son of preacher man....' no lie; asr prayer yesterday at Regents Park Mosque, London... from monotone- to polyphonic- to REAL TONE so u get to hear the WHOLE of the song in it's glory sung with a voice- it was coming from below in the brother's section too....what's more shocking- u'd be caught out in public with ur Dusty hang-up or u could POSSIBLY forget to turn that on silent? hmm... I liked the article for what it's worth Hamzah- I think tho, coz u've set expectations high, u'll have to get familiar with the drone of, 'I've read better my son..' but hey
  12. believe me, I KNOW dear Omar, I know.....
  13. hang on actually, before I take the moral highground, I remember in primary school how we used to rip off the legs of daddylonglegs and chase each other around with them....u know they say the routes of adult mental instability begins with sadistic acts on things (ie animals/insects) that are completely helpless for ur own flagrant pleasure, but hey- what's a couple of medical research findings?!
  14. Oooooh my God- POOR CHICK!! That would have me wrestling with my conscience til the end of time n u give us a 'hehe'!! maybe it's soft spot for chicks....but until it started flapping it's wings..? oh my...
  15. my secret Omar managed to unwittingly dredge up; when I was a wee thing (let's say about 5/6) I used to sit cross legged next to my brother while he played the SuperNintendo for hours n hours because I had the BIGGEST crush on Ryu....and I remember asking my mum how I could go to that waterfall Ryu goes to @ the end once u've clocked the game.....oooooh ryu
  16. very interesting stuff.......I loved the part about Nasir/Azim (forgotten the name already!) sitting quietly under a tree after his morning prayers- while the rest of them were out being outlaws...altogether now; aaaaaaaaaaaaaw
  17. Zimbabwe


    Your right there- save the smelly LSE-ers hanging about! where do u go/what course etc? To be honest- as far away from Central London I am the better- I work in Oxford Street- pure retail hell!
  18. Zimbabwe


    humza- one big big stale hospital-like atmosphere drenched with over-eager history profressors hell of a building is Kings in Waterloo.....so yeah- I would've thought 'v nice' too before the last 2 yrs testified otherwise it's got it's own lil' charm I guess...
  19. Zimbabwe


    Yup- that would be the 'Marina' part of it.....and Walaiqum Salaam to you...many a variation has been made- all so wonderfully original (Zim-Zimma- who got the key to my bimma...) and side splitting (Zima-Wembley-Arena) that I think I'm on my way to a hernia if I'm not careful Thanks for all your welcomes... quick (couple of) questions tho- when you guys say 'majoring' in English- you mean as in that's the subject of study right- not as in there's a major/minor element to the degree? aaaand- what does Zabiha mean (I have a feeling that's on my 'i should already know' list )? And are the majority of you guys in Canada which seems to be the general vibe? and if so- WHAT was all that about in the South Park movie?! Right thats me done with the inquisition...take care folks!
  20. Zimbabwe


    hey mr/ms. recreate- no thread of mine'll degenerate into spam thankya! I'm @ Kings College (Waterloo campus) doing BA English Language....which is v much more interesting than it sounds.....and yeah I have been here for a while- put it down to erractive internet usage- I'll keep it consistant from now on...And a thousand thank u's for the flowers...I'll try to keep the e-hayfever @ bay..
  21. Zimbabwe


    Salaam Alaiqum guys, Just posting to introduce myself properly- I was told to come to this site and have a read of the article about conspiracy theores- that whole coca cola thing having subliminal messages in it after a friend of mine got one of those emails, went cuckoo for about 10 mins pouring all my coke down the sink...but alas- sanity returned- and I've been Maniac Muslim'd as a result happily... But enough of the babble- I'm in London- about to start my third (and final ) year of uni in a few weeks and yeah- that's about it... Take it easy!
  22. SalaamAlaiqum folks, this is just a quick q....do any of you guys know if there's a direct email addy for Hamzah or something of that ilk>?! Any help would be appreciated!
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