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  1. With stuff like this, there'll be a dozen different ways of categorising these traits and how they intersect with each other. It's not really the categorisations which are important, more the underlying principles. We have had other threads about this, but one of the biggest sources of help for self-awareness I've come across has been MBTI. Not only for reading and understanding your own self, but (arguably) more importantly, for knowing how and why you interact with others the way you do (by knowing or guessing their MBTI) and what a functional/dysfunctional version of your type looks like.
  2. So you're telling me someone who is raised on a steady diet of Bollywood and hangs off every tree-dancing scene of fun and frolicks cant have zero IQ, but have very strong PQ?
  3. Why have you all got to be such Negative Nancys for? KMT I think this thread is very useful and important! (extra !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for Shaver) but not focusing on the professional/leadership side of things- just for the purpose of trying to become a better human being. That pyramid is definitely off though, it's not like Maslow's "hierarchy of needs" where the 'need' on top predicates fulfilling those at the bottom. All of those things should be side by side. Saadu, did you say "everyone has PQ"-?! The girl who trips over her own stationary feet? PQ, IQ, EI are all totally separate skills. There are people with very low IQ ("academic") intelligence who have excellent EI and then people brilliant in their field (high IQ) with abysmal EI (HAKPOOH) and so on.. The EQ model in your first post spoiler was nice- reading over it reminded me of many examples from the Seerah of the Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wa salam exhibiting very beautiful demonstartions of EI. If I can make time to collate some, I'll post here insha'Allah!
  4. Pipe down likkle eediyat, stay in yu lane.
  5. Can you kick me out instead? I wanted to watch you trip over your own legs in the process!
  6. Tell her your big life update!!!!! The oooh la la variety!
  7. Our whole conception of what sociopaths, psychopaths etc are are mostly drawn very lazily from (even lazier) depictions in popular media. So say psychopath and people think Hannibal Lector. Say autistic, people think Rainman etc. There's no time for nuance when everyone wants a shorthand point of reference- no matter how inaccurate it is.
  8. You realise trolling takes a bit of skill and- dare I even say it- sophistication? Blurting out stupid questions doesn't really qualify. Annnnnnnnnnyway, it's sooo lovely to see you back Astera. MM has been going through a slow death lately but a few members are committed to shaking it out of it's comatose state so maybe you can help be a catalyst for that! Also if you're interested in psychotherapy as a serious pursuit, I offer up SW in the name of medical research. Any studies you wish to conduct don't have to have a regard for any research ethics or even permission- all consent granted hithero!
  9. Me too! I didn't expect such a superficial analysis from my favourite sugar monster ​diabetes doctor! I'm sure they focus on actions as well as statements lol
  10. Oh my gosh, you guys are inspiring me!!! I can't believe I let Arabic slide the way I have
  11. But you would fail those and never be allowed to post again? Win win I suppose.
  12. I think SW and Sana Ajmal should go on tabligh together.
  13. No, not really. When it comes to understanding you I'm short of a.... Brainwave.
  14. Spider, why do you get so evasive and obnoxious when people ask you basic questions re:the ahem-interesting claims you are prone to making? Or better than that, is what you do to Moose, where you start scouring threads to quote him back at himself from other contexts and tell him what he means lol.
  15. Big difference between the two.
  16. I kind of feel like I'm too deep down in the trenches "life-ing" to be able to come up to surface level and take stock in a considered or meaningful way. Like sure I have a ton of plans and ambitions, I had some in the past which were realised, some that weren't- some unexpected things which diverted expectations etc. As corny as it sounds, I really strongly believe in not having regrets or pondering on regrets to do with the past. Anything you feel regretful not doing, just do it now. If you're not motivated to do it now, then drop the whole idea and go with things which excite you enough for you to prioritise in your life.
  17. Firstly, this is likely to be your most liked post on MM ever. My heartiest congratulations. Secondly, what you said is one of the reasons I initially found this topic a bit confusing. It's feels like it's asking for an appraisal of your life/goals since it's now presumably....over? Or the important bits should be accomplished by now or a work in progress? What's missing is that every life-stage comes with it's own issues and opportunities- it's hard to 'evaluate' when everything is so constantly evolving in front of your eyes.
  18. Yes. As well as boredom and routine, we also need to master silence, stillness, switching off and being comfortable in our own company. Much of this 'fear' I feel is a hyper-saturated information overload culture, where stories of increasingly shocking and depraved origins come pouring out. So the "news, media, games, politics, money" etc all are real parts of our lives, but they are not the totality- or even important parts. We need to force a pull back from those consuming and troubled areas and recalibrate ourselves.
  19. Sorry, but there is more and more wrong with this every time I read it lol First hadith in Bukhari's collection? All actions are (judged) by their intentions. One of the conditions of shahadah? Ikhlas.
  20. Terrible! I'm taking him off you!
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