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  1. So how does one go about saving face after doing something which they publicly said they would never do and were all high and mighty about not succumbing to before? :/ Having to eat your words is so painful!!

    1. Zimbabwe


      Capp- yeah I did! I said 'I would sooo never do that, I don't know why people do that- doing that is soooooo pointless' and now...I really want to do it :/


      Shavey- your dreams won't come true that easily son!

    2. Zimbabwe


      I'll text you girlfriend! Are you on Whatsapp btw?

    3. Zimbabwe


      You're mad Saadu- I have a cheap Samsung Galaxy Apollo and I can get apps on it, so quit the rubbish excuses!

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  2. Mrs McDowell is exceptional like O'Conner since they are prefixes capitalised- I have never in my life seen GoRdon for example or GeRald stay like that in the middle of a regular word. Can you say you have? :)

  3. Ah GR- so many exchanges with you fast become a mess of flowery, but incomprehensible points. All I was asking is what you meant by your post, there were no sensibilities hurt, offence taken or malcontent involved! Esp no need to delete or remove anything. I simply wanted to know what you MEANT- i.e.: did you mean I began by saying something was simple, when it was far from it?

  4. Noooooo please don't go deleting anything you doughnut, I just wanted clarification because my powers of discernment are slowly dying with age!

    You really think legal documents would allow random capital letters in the middle of names? Have you ever seen it before?

  5. How would you possibly use the letters GR in caps when all legal documents follow the same grammar protocols? E.g.: The name GregoRy could never remain so officially- it would always be made Gregory!

    Annnnnd I understood that to mean my claim it is was very simple was ironic (?) because it wasn't simple at all?

  6. The name change YOU have been suggesting has been a comedy of errors so far.....in so much as you have not offered a single, concrete or workable suggestion so far!

    In the 'dry heels' thread, was your point that I started out saying something was very simple and then continued in a really complicated explanation? :/

  7. It is gone as though it never existed!

  8. Slight correction- on mine you write 'Dicentra was Deema' whereas you meant it the other way round!

  9. I would die happy to think I broke Zionist-loving Natalie Portman's heart any day of the year! But alas!

    For a bizarre moment, before I clicked on the link- I thought you sent me the music video for Prince's 'Purple Rain'. For no particular reason. Ajeeb huh!

  10. I meant if I were COMMA, you would never have... not 'if I were you' LOL

  11. Ahhhhhh man, really Enigs- if I were you would never have 'here today, gone tomorrow' lowlife men walking the streets of this earth! They would either be shackled to the first womanz they gave attention to or too scared of the prospect to even try stringing them along! :P

  12. Au contraire, it's ooooooh yesss!


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    2. Pomak


      So, Zimba for short?

    3. Zimbabwe


      Most definitely :D

    4. Keena



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  14. God can choose even the most flawed vessel from which to pour out his blessings

    1. Zimbabwe


      said Gai Eaton about himself shortly before his death and embarrassed to see such an open outpouring of grief at his sickness.

    2. GuerillaRadio


      Awesome. Listen to everyone, indeed!

    3. Zimbabwe


      I was more taken in by his humility in seeming to be so unaware of his reach and influence. Similar to how Muhammad Asad began the prelude to 'Road to Makkah' saying his wife encouraged him to pen his autobiography and his first response was 'who would be interested in reading about my life?!' though he had one of the most adventurous and amazing lives I've read about for a long time!

  15. I got the opportunity to cook for the Dalai Lama tonight! Alhamdulillah!!

    1. Zimbabwe


      Likewise my darling Chubster! Tonight I think I'll cook for Princess Alexia of Greece and Denmark!

    2. cubster


      Why don't you cook for me?

    3. Zimbabwe


      Yes I did actually r-d, but I am far too enlightened to share it with you!


      Chubster- I would love it to, but it just doesn't sound AS COOL saying 'I cooked for Chubster' tonight! How about breakfast?

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  16. Yikes! I swear I keep clearing them and they keep coming :o Have deleted some now so insha'Allah it should work! X

  17. Oh good gollies- I've never been part of a triplet set before, let alone a fictional triplet set in a story-gift, I don't know what to say! Humbled!

    SUCH a sweet idea to write a story as a present too- if only I had the creativity left in me to do things like that! x

  18. but THANK YOU nonetheless lol! :)

  19. No I wanted Shakeel Begg- I don't know who Saleem Begg is! The question is more history-related and to do with textual proofs so I was trying to be careful about asking people who I think have at least touched on that area of study before..

  20. Nopes, not from either of the people you mentioned! :( I got a partial reply from Abu Eesa- but I'm gonna wait it out a bit to see if I'm being too impatient! Imam Shakeel Begg is usually good at responding- but this time even he's gone quiet!

  21. We teach life, sir. Just beautiful

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