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  1. What in God's name are you giving a 2 year old a tablet for in the first place!!
  2. Also, last few apostasy from reverts I have known have immediately followed the breakdown of a marriage. So it's leave your Muslim husband goes hand in hand with leave the religion you co-opted for him. Relationships with the opposite sex have regularly played a major role in many of the cases of those leaving Islam- it being the catalyst in plenty of cases. But I guess that's for another thread.
  3. Jungle boi! How goes it?! In keeping with my ever-glamorous lifestyle, I was in Asda today looking for veggie sushi, when a song came on the radio: "Quit driving/some things hurt much more than cars and girls", I thought of Shaver and had a little chuckle in my head. I think that's why I keep coming back to MM.
  4. This is a bit vague, satisfaction by which measure - personal development, life goals, financial, career etc?
  5. English as a second language
  6. Any baby updates on Ibn Respecta?
  7. Coz I miss you dorks if I go too long without checking in on you! Also because Shaver would be legit heartbroken. Also because Hakpooh would have noone to pull him up on his perpetual grump-ing. Moose would have noone to ask him questions they regret asking and SW would have noone to do her constipated smile at. I'm not on any other social media platforms (ain't nobody got time for that ting)- so you guys are my cosy online cove of random personalities i have much affection for. BTW I DISAGREE if we met via any other media we probably wouldn't be friends! Back when I was a normal person (pre-2012) I had the strangest, most "eclectic" circle of personalities who I could happily converse and chill with. Lots of chemistry to be had with lots of people. (Except "brothers". Then they fall in love with you and things aren't so pretty anymore.)
  8. So what do you make of it Hakpooh?
  9. I don't find Veno's account skewed at all, she's clearly presented what was said and the caveats NAK added to his commentary.
  10. So where was her niqab, huh?????????? And where was our dissection of Prime Minister's Questions? I recall that Red Lounge meetup was after Parliament's Wednesday session? You disappointed me back then as you have done every day since. Some points for consistency at least.
  11. You know I've been thinking about this all day today- and had a few thoughts: - Umar (radiyaAllahu anhu) was a Companion- an extremely blessed one with very high status- but not 'infallible' or somebody who didn't show harshness and this kind of directness (in other contexts aside from this). He did many times. So even if it is/sounds demoralising to be spoken to like that by your father, your father's approach may not be 'ideal'- just functional for that context. - As parents, we sometimes just resort to the hardest 'end point' when trying to guide our children's behaviour without having the patience and softness to actually rationalise and talk them through things so they understand on their own (I myself am so guilty of this and trying to work on it subhanAllah). So for example, if S and Y are both doing something they shouldn't, I might stop S and tell her off for it. She'll then say "but Y is doing it with me" and- for whatever practical reason or just annoyance- I'll say "I'll deal with Y later/in a minute, can YOU just stop for now?" which probably sounds (and is) terribly unfair to her, but sometimes you just want to lessen your load of what you're dealing with and not able to show 'optimal' parenting behaviour at all times. - Yeah, so in conclusion, Umar (radiyaAllahu anhu) was probably being harsh and unfair (though this is all I know of the context)- but in his mind, he probably rationalised it as being 'for a good reason' so for him, his comments were a "the ends justifies the means" type of thing. Not ideal, but the bare basics of parental guidance.
  12. Are you sure this is all there was to it? I can't imagine NAK narrating stories like that and not addressing the points you (and many others would) bring up at the same time?
  13. Unfortunately I waited much too long to tell this story, so the best bits of it have gone hazy in my memory (others present can help with details please!) but SW continues to bring joy to all our lives for her complete and utter lack of social skills and all round.......buffoonary. So at the wedding of a fellow MMers sat I, Salina, Gambo, Keema and SW. Innocently some fellow wedding guests who I struck up conversation with enquired to SW: - So how do you know the bride? SW: Oh, we used to go to a sister's group together Guest: Oh SW: Oh- and we also went to the same college (NOTE: this is a LIE [apparently saying you met on an online forum is too embarrassing to admit in public]) Guest: Oh really??? I went to the same college as her too! SW: Oh Guest: Which year did you go? SW: *constipated smile* Guest: Were you there at the same time as us? SW: Erm *constipated smile* I was there....sometime Guest: Which campus? SW: Erm *constipated smile* Zimbabwe: YEAH! WHICH CAMPUS SAADIA?? SW: *constipated smile* Zimbabwe: Was it in London?? Guest: *confused* SW: *constipated smile* Zimbabwe: WAS IT IN THE UK?? SW: *constipated smile* It was....somewhere Zimbabwe: SOMEWHERE LIKE IN THIS COUNTRY? SW: *constipated smile* I can't really remember Guest: *loses the will to live* Zimbabwe: You can't remember if you went to college IN THIS COUNTRY? Guest: *looks down in extreme sorrow and uncertainty at what is unravelling* SW: *constipated smile* Guest: Oh look, the starters are here! Best.Night.Ever
  14. Though I can see your motivation for this in theory, there are likely to be no end of problems with it's implementation. The central one being, who decides what the 'acceptable, mainstream' version of Islam and non-whack teachers are? How soon before they are seen simply as sell-outs and it actually becomes a 'badge of honour' for some institutions NOT to be 'accredited' by the licensing bodies? On whose authority are the licences issued? What is the relationship (if any) between the bodies and government?
  15. You're in the safe days of inoffensive breastmilk poohs- you ain't seen nothing yet. Wait 'til he's on solids..........and then wait for the first time he has a punnet of blueberries! Sooo happy for you all subhanAllah- just don't get her Big Moes to celebrate, it's all about Loaded
  16. You're in the safe days of inoffensive breastmilk poohs- you ain't seen nothing yet. Wait 'til he's on solids..........and then wait for the first time he has a punnet of blueberries! Sooo happy for you all subhanAllah- just don't get her Big Moes to celebrate, it's all about Loaded
  17. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! Masha'Allah AMAZING NEWS! May Allah bless little Abu Bakr with health, eeman, a life of righteous conduct and make him an asset to his parents and the Ummah. So so happy for you and your family. LOOK AFTER YOUR WIFE! Apart from breastfeeding which only she can do, help her with nappies, lifting, changing the baby's clothes, getting her hot nutritious meals, allowing her to rest with the baby, keeping her away from burdensome guests and letting her shower, change and use the toilet when she needs to. Time to step up daddy! Alhamdulillah!
  18. Nah, even the minority opinion that girl doesn't need wali still accepts the other conditions of a nikkah which a civil marriage wouldn't fulfil on its own. The civil marriage is totally irreligious as you mentioned, here in the UK you're not even allowed to have any mention of God or religion in any songs or poetry in the ceremony!
  19. I have also read recently that sabr has much less to do with your ability to wait, but it's all about your attitude during the wait. I think patience is a multi-layered thing and even the word in English doesn't fully correlate with the concept of 'sabr' in Islam.
  20. When man dem need to do a ting, he do a ting.
  21. Zimbabwe

    Your calling.

    To find an actually QUALITY Maurtian or Sri Lankan restaurant in London. I want to eat all their good food but experiences so far have been awful. Any recommendations?
  22. All other lines are running a good service.. (Title to your future autobio)
  23. Win! Score! That's what she said. No one cares. But if God is merciful, why *whine whine whine* Yes No That's what she said. (Now just insert your own dialogue in between his pre-written answers above. And you're welcome!)
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