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  1. What don't you understand? Pretty clear content.
  2. The trolling potential of this thread is just too...easy. Talk about laying it out on a plate..
  3. I love woodwork SO SO MUCH. I want to meet a good joiner or someone who can carve/whittle and is willing to teach. I love the sensorial experience of working with wood- the shaping of the wood, it's smell, its feel in your hands. Such a shame all of these traditional crafts have become such niche skills nowadays.
  4. Love and hate are not opposites- I would say the opposite of love is actually indifference. I do agree jealousy is the manifestation of love and hate at the same time- it's also (for the person doing the envying)- one of the ugliest manifestations of dissatisfaction with the Decree of Allah.
  5. Whattagwan Gavaroo! As I say to the unfortunately abbreviated Sri Weewollywonka, sometimes we shouldn't blame the darkness of the human condition simply on mental instability. Surely, this is a standard condition of humans and throughout the ages, good people like myself and you (Sir Gavalot) have to merely learn to manage people like Sri Weewollywonka without getting too bored. You will see from her postings here, she is hard work. She sounds in dire need of your calling. Unfortunately the only calling she responds to these days is "Sister! Your order ready!" at Perfect Fried Chicken. Where the idea of 10 chicken wings for 99p seems a delicious and nutritious meal option. Knowing Sri is like living in an exciting Lift the Flap adventure book- where you can't quite figure out why Mr McGregor's garden keeps getting robbed by Peter Rabbit without him learning any lessons in rabbit-proofing his vegetable patch? And remember, when you're confused: Now and again, it seems worse than it is, but mostly the view is accurate.
  6. Wassup Gav? Do you like donkeys? ^ The poster above is currently in a halfway house slowly being reintegrated back into society. She has made a lot of progress, but- as you can see- she still has a long way to go. At this time, it is better to only be merciful to her and take her comments in the same vein as you would a rabid puppy- adorable, but unaware of it's own disease.
  7. Hello Gaven, When I was young, I used to have this dinosaur book about three friends who found a very large egg and made friends with it. They would go everyday and talk to the egg and play games around it. One day the egg hatched and to their delight- it was a baby dinosaur! I can't remember much else about the book except one of the children in it was named Gavin. Do you know what the title could be? I have been searching forever- on Amazon, eBay, childhoodbooks.com and endless lists of famous children's books from the 80s and 90s. Please let me know if you can help in any way!
  8. How'd you eat that!? I've had Amigos in Acton too. It was a decent burger- the wait for it was horrendous though. But the worst thing was, people in the group I was in gave them such hell for taking so long (it was ridiculously long) I ended up feeling so sorry for the staff- who clearly had been trained at Zippos Circus..
  9. There's a Burgista Bros opposite Baker Street station also Keems, is it really worth visiting? And respecta- you really do have the written "voice" of a grumbling old granddad in your blog- how'd you manage that?
  10. Don't have no share in it son- and I've been to Big Moes tons of times but I find they scrimp on corners (like half a cherry tomato and some shredded lettuce is supposed to pass for salad?) and a lot of their starters are just ready-made stuff bunged in an oven (mozarella dippers, onion rings, potato wedges etc)- their actual food prep is very little and they just manage to put together enough of a ready-made variety for it to pass as quantity...
  11. How is Big Moes better? #credibilitylost
  12. Speak for yourself punk, I can't stand you!
  13. Well MM is the sole reason my husband could casually tell his friends "I have to go with my wife to the airport to pick up some Jewish guy she met online" with a serious face. What's not to love? MM to me is like the monkey bars for Yusra- a place that she could hang and watch the world go by while straightening out her aching spine and feeling the ground is not too far from her feet
  14. Whopper? BK Whopper? Fast food chains can never provide quality food beta! Have you guys tried Loaded burgers in Ilford? http://loadedburgers.co.uk/ It's a bit canteen-style to eat in and you have to tell them to cook your patty WELL DONE if you want to avoid it mooing on your plate, but their burgers are very decent, right down to the brioche buns they use! I find with a lot of the 'higher end' burger bars, it fast becomes really pretentious when you have to have your burger served to you "deconstructed" with a toothpick to stop it flopping over. If you cant pick it up with two hands, it's not a burger! There's also Big Moes in Beckton, but Loaded is much better for taste, quality and value for money. http://bigmoesdiner.co.uk/
  15. Yes, I think the issue bleeds into several issues Islamically- the legal boundaries of awrah, the 'urfi standards (cultural norms of your people) and general conduct of hayah. For me, I don't find it scandalous ('ayb, sharam- or whatever other word) to breastfeed in front of my father or brother (and they don't bat an eyelid)- but of course grinding down twerking in front of any male relative (except a husband with strange taste) would seem off by anybody's standards I'd think.
  16. If that was for me, then I don't have the answer. What I do have is the desire to not watch people get shut down for asking questions just because grumpy old men consider their questions dumb or 'lacking common sense' however!
  17. Being presumptuous and not answering a simple direct question is not 'talking sense'- so either be useful or hush up ya mowt!
  18. Breastfeeding mums do that ALL THE TIME in front of other women! Quit being an eejit!
  19. ^ how about answering a direct question you patronising beep?
  20. They're likely to be a "Muslim" in so far as having a religious affiliation and following various outer rules which are considered a group norm (so for fear of social rejection they will stay in the boundaries)- but having a deep-routed, inner and confident faith that stems from a knowledge-centred approach to Islam often has much less to do with growing up in a Muslim community. Unfortunately- and very sadly- a lot of Muslims pin the blame for them leaving the religion altogether on awful experiences with fellow Muslims which they can't then disassociate with the actual teachings of Islam. So while it *may be* true that "we pick up everything as we go"- what we're picking up in the flawed, varied, often "group think bubble" of a Muslim community doesn't always translate back into having strong conviction in Islam. There also seems to be a tendency to be able to identify and even outwardly practice as a Muslim when everything is smooth sailing and it gives you a buzz and sense of community/purpose (who doesn't love that?)- but then can often fall apart when things like haram relationships, very hard trials and not knowing how to spot and stop the traps of shaytan taking over you kick in. I often think too much dependency on a Muslim community can sometimes stifle people's need to develop their faith and understand it deeply for themselves- sometimes creating a "fairweather" Muslim... As for kids, after du'a- we can only try to do what we know best for them. Like most things, constant efforts at your own self improvement as a parent will only bear fruit for your children so that is one strong place to begin for a start..
  21. Blood ah go run if justice nah come.

    1. Abdul Rahman

      Abdul Rahman

      You scare the crap out of me... Just saying.

  22. He basically doesn't want to meet you either. Lesson one: Read between the lines!
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