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  1. Social Sciences) that was meant to be!

  2. Hooooow many hours study at Tayyibun is it a week? And have you received your 3rd year timetable yet? On a hunch, I think it is doable, but that depends on your schedule...mine was relatively chilled in the 3rd year. You may- in the latter months before your dissertation is due- take time off to focus more readily on that (providing you don't have exams before which is unusual in Social Sci...

  3. Sure thing- he's just gone out for jumu'ah now BUT for when he returns how would you propose I frame this unorthodox request?

  4. Ah okay- so you have downgraded your requirements then? :P Yes, of course all things are possible. You will have to do better than GibReel and GhaffaR however. BTW- this idea hasn't gone past the Husband Veto yet so I may just be leading you down a false hope :o

  5. Your previous ones didn't initial at GR- I thought you wanted GR! Grrrr (that's a growl btw :)

  6. I hope that's not an omen lol! Was that the best combo for your kids? My hubby has a brain like a computer, but is illiterate when it comes to the Arts (which I adore) sooo I'm still in two minds :P

  7. Update- Today in conversation about future bubbages Mr Zamborito observes: 'Let us just pray that they have your looks and my brains- because the other way round would be a disaster'. To which I had to giggle and consolidate my new-found bimbo status. So perhaps incorporate those facets in your venture for a middle name..

  8. By the way, I really cannot rest til I actually UNDERSTAND what your mum makes with this lassi curry- please settle this before my life ends THANKS YE!

  9. Oh cheezburger!! I'm so sorry- I think that's the second time I promised it to you :/ I need to get my hands on my harddrive (which has all my academic life on it basically) and dig it out. You can waits til the weekend insha'Allah?!

  10. Deary me, you're not very good at this are you? That would mean the middle initial would be G. since capitalising the last letter doesn't make it another word/beginning of second initial! I hope you're comfortable at that drawing board :P

  11. Well ofcourse I didn't mean it like that and didn't even think of that as a possible interperation.

  12. FOr you- my love- it has been cleared!!

  13. How are you doing my good lady? How's studies going?

  14. Wa 'alaikum as-salam wa rahmatullah my love!

    Alhamdulillah I've been good- I had a really lovely Eid and am now suffering from the spirutual crash of not having Ramadan or Eid anymore...you really can feel the atmosphere in the air change so drastically- it's scary! I've got a tummy full of leftover pizza from last night so I'm happy (for now!) too :) ...

  15. Definite yay once it's all been deconstructed and laid out...I LOVE his Sonnet 116, that's the rambling of a man in love for sure :) Don't worry about where it's taking you- just enjoy it for now (and pray for a rich hubby so you can carry on all self-indulgent pursuits :P)..

  16. Salam ladybug,

    Wellz......I did English Language at uni and English Lit at A Level so I began my dalliances there ;) Are you a fellow nutcase too?

  17. Black whirpool and Dirty Fairy.......you couldn't make this stuff up! Thank you for my early Eid present you two :D

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    2. Basanti


      ahahah im still laughing.

    3. white-rose


      I loved that post. It made me laugh after all the seriousness around here. Don't be offended Fairie. :)

    4. Summer Haze

      Summer Haze


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  18. Ah, I didn't even know! BUT NOT ANYMORE :P


  19. It really doesn't seem to matter a jot that Shaytan is locked up for Ramadan, human beings can be so much more evil. A'uthubillah.

  20. Of course Weno, please do! x

  21. Oooooooooooh I never even saw it! I seriously need to set up my notifications so I don't miss your lovin' on my wall! I was/am on a break but working from home one day I got browsing and then bam! ze rest is history! Alhamdulillah it's going well- very peaceful this year and veeeeery long days in the UK too! How's it going for thee, m'lady? X

  22. Ha, with the last 10 nights upon us pray for some inspired thinking!

  23. EXCEPT that would be Jib-reel, since G correlates the to G in 'Gabriel'- Now if that was your Ramadan inspiration, back to the drawing board sonny!

  24. Ha, I feel like I should be saying thank you? :) To be honest, I don't know how far Tudor accents are from Received Pronunciation (or 'Queen's English' for the commoners) so I shall definitely have to look that up and compare my own North London accent to it!

  25. Simple statements of core Muslim belief now become hot topics of contraversy amongst Muslims. Truth is lies. War is Peace. Two legs good, four legs bad!

    1. Venomystic


      Afghan spelling? pfffft :P

    2. white-rose


      lol veno.

      Zimi - perhaps we have too much time on our hands so we end up debating everything. But at least a few Muslims can claim ignorance on such matters.

    3. The One
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