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  1. Alas toor pekai, reading is one of the most passive disengaged ways of interacting with your online compatriots! It's not even interaction- it's the consumption of digital output with no active feedback from the mama bear behind the screen! SO POST MORE!!
  2. Erm, you are hardly the most active MMer yourself missy! *shakes fist*
  3. Lucky I'm not the kinda gal to partially quote and twist meanings, eh, eh, EH!
  4. Don't be mad, allow us to be mad of your behalf. We've built a bit of a defensive affection for AR- our classy geezer. Or as my elder one says about my younger one "Nobody is ever touching Yusra- only I'm allowed to hit her!"
  5. I need to find some good Californian ones available here then! Possibly the worst dates I've ever had are Tunisian ones- hard, dry and addled with insect eggs for every one you open. My favourite ones are actually the yellow (unripe?) ones- but they're so hard to come across..
  6. You canny understand summat that doesn't exist Summer! Just smile and nod
  7. Yeah, adab is on point But all that aside, I think as a shorthand people generally know what they're talking about when they say 'dating'- you can switch it around and give it extra conditions to halal it out, but the common understanding of dating as we understand it in our cultural setting isn't exactly "getting to know someone for the explicit purpose of marriage and avoiding crossing particular boundaries before that point". It's not a big deal btw Moose- just trying to understand the thinking behind putting an oxymoronic phrase like Muslim Dating together. Hakpooh- Are the Californian medjool dates really better than the Palestinian ones? The latter harvested by that company called "Zaytoun" and sold as Fairtrade are some of the best I've had!
  8. Pipe down son, questions wasn't for you. (BUT for the 'majority' who don't care, there's already Tinder, e-Harmony, FB chat and your best friend's brother.......so why go anywhere with a 'Muslim' prefix to it? The intended audience is confused here)
  9. Do you not see the obvious flaw in using the word 'dating' to sum up the website as that's going to be such a blatant taboo/turn off for 'practising' Muslims? It's connotations for the majority run contrary to Islamic perspectives on relationships, no?
  10. What's my organisation? LOL Yeah, I'd love to see proper research done in that way too. I actually wouldn't mind conducting it myself as I can see it as a viable PhD thesis with a lot of offers of funding! Now to have 3-4 years clear to rejoin Academia!
  11. You guys seen this from today? http://www.islam21c.com/islamic-law/sh-haitham-in-defence-of-sharia-councils/?utm_source=MRDF+Main+List&utm_campaign=5828db49f6-&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_b93a366b6a-5828db49f6-248362741
  12. Listen, you will do just fine. I was given 15 mins of pure unrestrained moderating joy and am still bearing my 8 warning points as a badge of honour years later.
  13. Hang on, hang on, hang on- how do white people manage to invoke their whiteness simultaneously to snatch power out of the hands of those who deserve it and also shirk it when they're being asked to fulfill a position of responsibility. KMT!
  14. So, God felt compelled to allow something which He Himself created to overpower 'His better judgment' to avoid people questioning His rule? And in His Omnipotence, He didn't see this coming already?
  15. On tears and laughter: In both these spontaneous overflowings of the body, the material realm is transcended. But at their highest level, the psychic plane is also surpassed. The body is necessarily endowed with various means of escape from itself"

    1. Zimbabwe


      - From "A Return to the Spirit" by Martin Lings- My heart <3

    2. Troll Czar
    3. Zimbabwe


      It's like the opposite of vague you muppet, how much clearer can it be!

  16. What what what!!!!!!!!!!! Masha'Allah amazing amazing news Ferrererererrererero!! Is this the right time to say "that escalated quickly"- you went for a back home holiday and came back with hub and baby girl? May Allah bless your little bundle with health, eeman, wisdom and every worthy virtue in this life- and make her a means of joy for you in the aakhirah. Ameen! Welcome to the never having a life of your own again club! I coaxed a wailing 2 year up off the floor to apologise for scratching my cheek while she was "reading" to me- true joy!
  17. Becauuuuuse Sonny Bob Jim, it's an open and public discussion forum where two people don't have a monopoly on hijacking a thread and going round in more circles than Rumi and Shams Tabrizi!
  18. Never have I seen SO many posts say so little- and frustrate so many at the same time. You two (Spider and kesaber) are like a dog with a bone- let it go! It's not going anywhere! I think anything practical that could have been said was said by Mo's last post masha'Allah. Each to their own to their own- everyone works out their own dynamics along the way.
  19. Also part of the normalisation is to shift the conversation from facing some of the reasons for opposition to homosexuality (and people's "right" not to agree with it), but rather focus on the idea of 'love without boundaries'- which sounds so desirable and fluffy, nobody could deny how great it would be if #lovewins. Making the language more abstract and based on strong emotions universally-recognised as positive and empowering, the gay rights movements thwarts the agenda and becomes the worthy, decent cause all 'humane' right thinking people should support.
  20. Normalising is definitely part of the overall strategy- it has to be in order for homosexuality to be viewed as a 'valid alternative lifestyle choice' rather than in the narrow construct of an orientation that shouldn't be discriminated against. The discrimination against homosexuality- whether current or historic- has been on a wide number of grounds also, not always religious ones. Let's be real here, I get on well with my non Muslim neighbours. I made an effort to introduce ourselves when we first moved in and to always make polite chit-chat with them when I see them around. I am- however- 100% sure if we were to get past the niceties and really probe our deeply-held world views, we would find one another's completely diametrical. I'm pretty sure even aspects of my parenting they would consider borderline child-abuse and of my own practices they would find bizarre to say the least (saying a du'a to protect against the male and female of the unclean spirits before entering the bathroom?) and etc. But most societal interaction doesn't go that deep unless we want it to- and I feel the general discussion on homosexuality pretty much stops on that polite neighbourly superficial level. And on that level, all we can show is outward good manners and- if probed- be honest in that it's not something sanctioned in our religion.
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