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  1. Most ironic post in MM herstory?
  2. I don't think they're meant to be potato waffles.....I think they're supposed to be those waffle iron waffles- that you make with pancake batter mix. Still looks like I wouldn't want to spend the time in the gym working it off!
  3. Read up on the difference between the personality profiles......especially the difference between the S and N function!
  4. Veno, I think it's easier for you to have in your head the things you want to draw the line on and then the things you are happy to go along with as they aren't questionable. How things turn out depends hugely on your and your spouse's family dynamics. Hopefully whoever people chose, they already share a similar perspective on what is good/appropriate or bad/inappropriate from an Islamic POV to have at their wedding. There is scope for flexibility and variation within particular parameters and that is where I think you can exercise your own judgement on things like what is extravagance, what is 'within your means' etc. In conclusion, there's no textbook answer to what an Islamic wedding is like. There are people who have differing understandings of what is Islamically appropriate and then different cultural lenses through which they celebrate.
  5. A huuuuuge change actually! I really can't understand Ss lol
  6. I bet that didn't exist before the existence of things that were new to existence...
  7. It's ihsan isn't it? The pinnacle of eeman, worshipping as though you *see* Allah, though you of course do not. The reason why when Rasulullah (salAllahu alayhi wa salam) was asked why he still seeks forgiveness so many times during the day when he knows he is loved by Allah, he replies "shall I not be a grateful servant?" Hard, hard, hard spiritual training- but not unattainable!
  8. Hot damn chubs, she likes her women with a bit of a protruding mid-section- give her something to approvingly twirl her moustache to!
  9. ^ With different levels of faith, comes the need for different levels of incentive. Majority primarily driven by reward and punishment (as our entire existence on earth is dictated by- speaking strictly irreligiously)- those on a higher spiritual plane can afford to ruminate and be driven by "the Real goal" and it is clear that worship from Love is of a greater weight than worship from fear of punishment or hope for reward (though the latter can suffice in and of themselves).
  10. OMGGGGGGGGG its an ANIMATION!? Not a REAL movie? Boooooooooooooo
  11. I love him! He's from Islington and went to the same university as me! I will chill with him at the next alumni gathering and pass on your admiration
  12. I've never heard of a prohibition on depicting Companions, Veno?
  13. Adibisi is playing Bilal???
  14. Don't take yourself too seriously sweetheart. But do know that if you start something and then back out because you've realised that instead of people taking your bait (to want to troll? Get attention? Get sympathy?) they actually respect you enough to engage your ideas- then it's not gracious to turn around and say 'lawlz, it was all for jokes, gotchya!' At the least, you will guarantee people don't bother to engage you again.
  15. Conversations with you must make her want to sleep around.
  16. Don't mind him Hala, he's a stand up guy who forgot to take his pills that day. A lapse for which he's been called out for many times. Not least for asking whether the Palestianians have "tried" (like....as a 'strategy' *snort*) to simple ignore Israel.
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