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  1. Languages I speak fluently: Danish, Arabic, Kurdish, Romanian, English and French. Languages I understand perfectly, but don't speak: Norwegian, Swedish, Persian. Languages I understand okay, but don't speak: Spanish, Italian. Languages I'm (slowly) trying to learn: Greek, Hebrew, Russian (I understand very basic Greek, Hebrew and Russian, and I can read texts in the languages quite okay)
  2. Yes! For about 14 years now . They used to broadcast it on BBC (Nordic). The episodes here were always over a month behind compared to the UK, though, and eventually they stopped broadcasting the soap in all of Scandinavia altogether. So now I have to resort to YouTube, DailyMotion, and other platforms of that sort to watch it.
  3. I'm really sorry to hear that. But the holidays are up, I'm assuming you will have some time off to rest a bit? .
  4. I think Ronnie and / or Roxy will die on Ronnie's wedding day, and that Phil will get one of them's liver.
  5. Thank you, Hon'! I hope you doing well?
  6. Oh, wow! I'm so curious about your wife, because, knowing you, I just can't see you married to someone...traditional . Aw . I will definitely drop by more often, whenever I can...
  7. Thank you! . My daughter's name is Alexandra...and yes, she's VERY excited about having a sister. She knows two babies are going to arrive, but she mostly seems interested in the girl - which I understand; A sister is going to be something so different for her. Glad to hear you are doing well, too! .
  8. Thanks for the welcome, Salman! . What?!?! You got married?! Oooh, congratulations!!! . May you and your bride live a long and happy life together! . When did this happen?! .
  9. Thank you, Zimarina! I have noticed that MM isn't quite as I last remember it...but I'm glad to see that some of you are still posting on the forum . Haha, it's very kind of you to offer up SW against her will . I will keep her in mind for when my next semester starts! .
  10. Thank you so much, I will! . And yes, I finally had a daughter! . What about you, how are you doing?
  11. Don't worry, your trolling doesn't affect my babies. Keep going .
  12. And I gave you the a .
  13. It's Andrei, not Andre, first of all. Second of all, what am I supposed to answer to that question? lol. What kind of name is John? What kind of name is Fatima? What kind of name is Allan? Or Muhammed? It's a name. Nothing more to say about it, really .
  14. I'm not a new member, but I am a member that has been inactive for a couple of years. I'd love to hear how you are all doing, and where you are all at in life? Because I'm curious like that . And it'd be nice to 'see' some familiar names . I'd love to hear from newer members as well, of course! .
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