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  1. LOL even my delicious little cupcake Keema doesn't have patience for this list of nonsense.
  2. What the heck, everyone uses kettles everywhere. I think someone lied to you! We use kettles in Canada and I would assume it's the same in the States.
  3. Don't be dumb. You're on the autistic spectrum, and there's nothing wrong with that. It just sucks because most of the people in the world aren't autistic, and they think they're better and their way of living is better. But they're wrong and they suck and most of them don't get good jokes. Also psychopaths aren't rational and logical, they commit violent and sadistic acts and violence is an irrational crime. Why would you want to belong to a category of pure evil instead of just accepting that you're cooler than most people???? If you don't want to feel too many bad emotions, work on your iman. Then you'll be more detached from worldly tingz. Also go pet your cat, petting cats helps too.
  4. Yes, exactly. Shirk is worse than queerness, but the vast majority of Muslims aren't abusive to non-Muslims and filled with hatred towards them. But then with queer people, Muslims are all like "You have sex with someone who has the same genitals as you do? You're a disgusting, cursed, evil degenerate, and you're headed straight to hell! Get out of my kebab shop!" Like, what? The worst, most abhorrent sin in the world is to reject Allah s.w.t. But so many Muslims would be friendly towards an atheist before they show any kindness to a queer Muslim. Cuz yeah, queer Muslims exist, and Muslims are always trying to push them out of Islam, as if there's not a place for sinners in Islam. We're all sinners, some of us sin more openly than others, and some of us look like we're following all the rules on the outside, but have horrible hypocrisy in our hearts. And of course I'm not saying that Muslims need to celebrate gay marriage and wave rainbow flags around. I'm just saying, have empathy for people who are different, and treat everyone like human beings, and don't concern yourself with sins that don't oppress anyone but the sinner.
  5. Well, duh. The whole point is that people can perform whatever ceremony they want in their institutions, so long as it's not actively oppressing someone else. It's not our concern. And if you really missed me, you would have told me cool Pashtun phrases I could impress my Afghan coworker with!
  6. Muslims need to get over gay marriage, and gayness in general. It doesn't impact your lives at all, and people who complain about it sound like idiots screeching for no reason. No one is going to make imams perform gay marriages. No one is going to make you marry someone of the same gender. A civil law (not a religious one) that lets people marry who they want doesn't effect you in any way. There's so much oppression and injustice in this world, it really makes me sick when Muslims focus on something like gay marriage, instead of truly evil things like rape and attempted genocides. The worst sin in the world is kufr, so why don't Muslims go out and protest kafirs having the same rights as Muslims? Like why don't we ever say, straight kafirs shouldn't be allowed to marry, because kufr is the worst sin in the world, so sinful people like that shouldn't be allowed to encroach on the holy institution of marriage.
  7. There aren't very many black men in STEM either. Does that mean black men are inferior the way women are?
  8. Because women have historically been kept out of those fields. I can't believe you are even asking "why is it that men have done all the great things?" Because women weren't allowed to. So men are superior in every way? That's… nice.
  9. Love and affection are important too, but I don't really get how they can exist without respect. I, too, would like to join the x-men as I am obviously a man. At work I get in trouble all the time for my perceived over-assertiveness. My boss gets exasperated and says things like "Your husband must be a very patient man!" and "It's true, the Dutch are very blunt people" while shaking his head, since he attributes pretty much everything about me, from my cleaning skills to my stubbornness, to my Dutch side. LOL. I don't see myself as overly assertive, I just respect myself and my work too much to agree to less than what is my right. I know my own value. I'm definitely a pain in the ass and a ♥♥♥♥-disturber sometimes, but only because I have to be, otherwise people try to take advantage. I love my boss, and I know he loves me, but I'm definitely annoyed by the gender policing that goes on at work, from being asked to dress more Islamically, to being a cause of scandal anytime I say something "un-ladylike". Which is often. Most men are physically stronger than most women, but that's the only one of those qualities that's really true, and it hasn't prevented women from doing physical labour jobs. Poor women have ALWAYS worked outside the home. It's only the last century that women from the upper classes have entered the workforce, poor women have always worked outside the home, mostly doing gruelling physical labour. Also, have you ever met a woman? Women of even average intelligence tend to be masters of complex and strategic thinking.
  10. Yeah, planning is like hoping. The more you make plans and hope for things, the more disappointed you'll be, because nothing ever works out My plan is to keep smoking until I die of lung cancer, probably in my 60's, because the idea of living til like 90 and having Alzheimers and dying all alone and no one discovering my body makes me really sad. So the idea is to die while some of the people I know are still alive, so people will know about my death and my body won't rot in my apartment.
  11. Welcome, RastaMouse. Tell us more about yourself! Do you likes cats or dogs better? What's your favourite colour? Do you watch Community?
  12. I still work out, but every month it's the same damn thing: There's always 7-10 days when my endometriosis is really bad, and I'm too exhausted and/or in pain to make it to the gym more than once or twice in a week and a half. So I lose gains, and then I have to get back into the routine again. I have been doing a boot camp class a couple times a week for the last few weeks, it is veeeeeeeeery intense. I still think burpees are stupid exercises designed by a sadist. But I've gotten way better at doing spider! So there's that.
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