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  1. I love food and food loves me

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      Right now food hates me :(

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      I never finish my food. Unless it's very tasty. *guilty*

  2. Females seem to struggle with emotional intelligence
  3. Limited beings with limited knowledge are not fit for Judgement of this sort. You might be able to think of ways to justify the crimes done against people or yourself, but you can not think of ways to justify the crimes done against the Creator.
  4. I don't think there was a need to separate the two, context of the topic was masturbating to pornography which is impermissible in it of itself. Thanks, this clarifies what you said before "I am not against porn masturbating." However for a Muslim, it's still not permissible to do so except with his wife, I hope you understand this. Do take on board that even dogs who are neutered still hump. I still don't know why animal behaviour is being compared with human behaviour. We Humans have the ability to control our desires, even when they become overwhelming.
  5. Contradiction nonetheless. I don't take my behaviour from animals. Goes without saying. So how then is it even the same thing as the topic of pornography and masturbation?
  6. Wslm. What's your real name? If you don't say you're not certified.
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