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  1. oh wow, this thread is still going!
  2. To the one who started this thread..Brother Musa, you asked how should we view this (the false belief that Ibn Taymiyyah taught his students)? It is well known that the creed of Ahlus Sunnah and what Ibn Taymiyyah taught with regard to this issue contradict one another. The Scholars of Ahlus Sunnah, from the earliest of times, have always taught that Allah does NOT resemble His creations (in His Self, Attributes, or Actions). I have taken the book Al Aqeeda atTahawiyya (twice) from a Shaykh who taught it to a group of us. This book was written by Imam Abu Jafar atTahawiyy who was among the Salaf (229-321 H). In it he has points of creed..that are concise and extremly clear. In it we are reminded that the six directions do not contain Allah (I believe Brother Salman posted the direct quote). Allah is attributed with all proper perfection and is clear of all imperfection. In his book, Ihya'u ^Ulum ad-Din, Imam al¬Ghazaliyy said what means: places do not contain Him, nor do the directions, earth, or heavens. He is attributed with an istiwa' over al-^arsh as He said in the Qur'an--with the meaning that He willed--and not as what people may delude. It is an istiwa' which is clear of touching, resting, holding, moving and containment. Al-^arsh does not carry Him, but rather al-^arsh and those that carry al-^arsh are all carried by Allah with His Power and are subjugated to Him. He is above al-^arsh and above the heavens and above everything--in status-- an aboveness that does not give Him proximity to al-^arsh or the heavens as it does not give Him farness from earth. He is higher in status than everything: higher in status than al-^arsh and the heavens, as He is higher in status than earth and the rest of the creation." The matter is clear.. there is no debate really. and yes, Ibn Taymiyyah did attribute a body to Allah and he claimed Allah resides on the Arsh. This is due to his lack of understanding... the term which confused him was the term alGhazaliyy clarified in his book..it is the term istiwa. istiwa has over 14 different meanings in the Arabic language. Yet we know that in the ayah it was meant Allah is Above in that He is THE Greatest (because again, the Quran and the sound mind never contradict each other). The Quran and the sound mind NEVER contradict each other; they go hand in hand. So as Muslims, we know that Allah existed before everything because He is The Creator. He Created direction, the sky, the Arsh... He is as He always was, subhan ahu ta^ala.
  3. yes, unfortunetly. and for the next few yrs as well. 4 weeks till grad
  4. i saw all you people at jumah today! hahah and dude kobe got mvp. i was happy!
  5. libnaan

    Sa7iba Sali7a

    lol no you are not on crack. a woman who is traveling w/o a mahrem needs to travel/be accompanied by 3 other Muslim women who are righetous; meaning they do not commit major sins (adultery, pray their 5 daily prayers, etc.). I don't have a source, although you could probably find one on sunnipath, but i know this is be absolutely true cause i asked my Shaykh, Shaykh Bilal elHallak, about this not too long ago. you can ask him yourself on www.shaykhbilal.info barakaAllahu feeki.
  6. assalamu^alykum wa rahmatuAllah folks, havent been on here in a long while..hope all you fellow caifornians are doing well!
  7. libnaan

    When aren't you Muslim anymore?

    This is what i have been taught by my shaykh, Shaykh Bilal alHallak, and my ustad, Hussein Kalakech. The information has been taken from 'alMukhtasar al Shaykh Abdullah alHarariyy'. An-Nawawiyy and other scholars among the four schools (madhhabs), classified apostasy into three categories: beliefs in the heart, actions committed by different parts of the body, and sayings with the tongue. 1) Examples of the first category of apostasy, i.e., the beliefs in the heart, are: -having the doubt in Allah, His Messenger, the Qur'an, the Day of Judgement, Paradise, Hell, Reward, Punishment, or similar matters upon which there has -been scholarly consensus (ijma^1); -believing the world is eternal by kind and elements or by kind only; -renouncing one of the attributes of Allah, ta^ala, known by ijma^ He is attributed with--such as knowing about everything; -ascribing to Him what is known by ijma^ does not befit Him--such as being a body; -legitimating what is commonly known among the Muslims to be unlawful (haram)--such as adultery and fornication (zina), sodomy (liwat), killing (qatl), stealing (sariqah), and taking money of others by force (ghasb); -deeming unlawful (haram) what is commonly known among the Muslims to be lawful (halal)--such as selling and marriage; -renouncing the obligation of the matters commonly known among the Muslims to be obligatory--such as the five prayers or one prostration of them, Zakah, -Fasting (Sawm), Pilgrimage (Hajj), and Ablution (Wudu'); -deeming obligatory the matters commonly known among the Muslims not to be obligatory; -renouncing the legitimacy of what all Muslims know is legitimate; -intending to blaspheme in the future; -intending to do any of the aforementioned; -hesitating whether or not to blaspheme--but not the mere involuntary thought of it; -denying the companionship of our master Abu Bakr, may Allah raise his rank; -denying the Message of he who is recognized by all Muslims as a messenger or a prophet; -renouncing, just to be stubborn, a letter of the Qur'an which is known by all Muslims to be of it; -adding, just to be stubborn, a letter to the Qur'an which is known by all Muslims not to be of it; -belying a messenger or blemishing his attributes; -making a messenger's name diminutive with the purpose of degrading him; -believing in the possibility of the prophethood of someone after our Prophet Muhammad, sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam. 2)The second category of apostasy, i.e., the apostasy of actions committed by different parts of the body, includes prostrating to an idol or the sun, or prostrating to any other creation with the purpose of worshipping it. 3) The third category of apostasy, i.e., the apostasy of sayings uttered with the tongue, are very numerous and uncounted. Some examples are: -to say to a Muslim: 'O blasphemer', 'O Jew', 'O Christian', or 'O you without religion', meaning the religion of the addressed person is blasphemy, Judaism, Christianity, or not a religion--but not with the purpose of likening him to those non-Muslims in behavior; -to mock one of the names of Allah, ta^ala, His Promise, or His Threat, by someone who is aware these have been attributed to Him, subhanahu; -to say: 'If Allah ordered me with such a thing I would not do it'--out of belittlement or out of stubbornness which is showing that Allah does not deserve to be obeyed even though one believes He does; -to say: 'If the Qiblah were changed to another direction I would not pray towards it'--out of belittlement or out of stubbornness which is to show that it is not an obligation to face the Qiblah in prayer although one believes it is; -to say: 'If Allah gave me Paradise I would not enter it'--out of belittlement or out of stubbornness, i.e., refusing to glorify Paradise although one knows glorifying it is part of the Religion; -to say: 'If Allah punished me for leaving out prayers despite my sickness He would wrong me'; -to say: 'Something happened without the will of Allah'; -to say: 'If prophets, angels, or all Muslims testified before me about something I would not accept from them'; -to say: 'I will not do that even if it is a recommended matter (sunnah)'--with the purpose of mockery; -to say: 'If someone were a prophet I would not believe in him'; -to say: 'What is this law (Shar^)?' when a scholar gives a religious judgement--with the purpose of belittling the judgement of the Islamic law; -to belittle the status of knowledge by saying: 'May Allah's damn be upon every religious scholar'; -to say: 'I do not acknowledge Allah, the angels, the Prophet, the Qur'an, the Islamic law (Shar^), or Islam; -to say: 'I do not know the judgement'--with the purpose of mocking the judgement revealed by Allah; -to cuss a prophet or an angel; -to say: 'I would be a pimp if I performed prayer'; -to say: 'I have not gained any good since I have performed prayer'; -to say: 'Prayer is not good for me'--with the purpose of mockery; -to say to a Muslim: 'I am your enemy and the enemy of your Prophet'; -to say to a descendent of the Prophet (Sharif): 'I am your enemy and the enemy of your grandfather'--meaning the Prophet, sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam; these are just a FEW of what my various ustads have taught me..seriously may Allah protect from apostasy.
  8. heyy kiddo what's up?

  9. libnaan

    Your Favorite Muslim Sites?

    Many scholars of Ahlus Sunnah have said Ibn Taymiyyah deviated. I have a published book that refutes him with regard to several of his sayings and beliefs. It’s a legitimate opinion.
  10. everyone knows California is mashaAllah status.
  11. libnaan

    Where is Allah subhanwata'ala?

    It is aqeedah, the fundamental of the religion is to know Allah. Allah, Azza Wajal, exists without a place. He does not rest or sit on a throne (the arsh) in the heavens. Nor is He infront of you, nor is He "everywhere". Imam Abu Hanifah, who is one of the authorities of Salaf, said in his book Al-Fiqh al-Absat: << Allah existed eternally and there was no place. He existed before creating the creation. He existed, and there was no place, creation, or thing. He is the Creator of everything.>>
  12. i thought you were leaving *turns frown upside down* yay your back

  13. libnaan

    Prophet Muhammad's (SAW) Birthday ...

    scholars who have mastered the arabic language say it can be defined as most. (refer to sunnipath.com) People just need to understand there are duifferent opinions. Majority of scholars belonging to ahle sunnah wal jama say the celebration is lawful to participate in...as long as there is no free mixing, etc. get over it folks.
  14. libnaan

    Milad un-Nabi 2007

    aw yee! our AICP masjid in California is also having a celebration this upcoming Saturday! http://www.aicpca.org there will be a piece of Prophet Muhammad's hair on display and stuff from a masjid in New York (which got it from Turkey) its going to be amazing, inshaAllah. Allahumma sali 3ala Sayyidina Muhammad.
  15. libnaan

    Islamic Awareness Week

    http://whyislam.org http://aicp.org