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  1. The Scholars of the Sufis They are the Genuine Followers of the Salaf Shaykh `Abd al-Hadi Kharsa Translated by Suraqah Abdul Aziz With a Biography & Introduction by Shaykh Gibril Fouad Haddad http://sunnipubs.com/en/-our-english-publications?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=230&category_id=2 Table of Contents http://www.sunnipubs.com/toc/toc-sos.pdf'>http://www.sunnipubs.com/toc/toc-sos.pdf Preview Spiritual Stations & Transient States http://www.sunnipubs.com/previews/sos-59-61-164-165-spiritual-stations.pdf'>http://www.sunnipubs.com/previews/sos-59-61-164-165-spiritual-stations.pdf [On Marifah: http://www.marifah.net/sunni-publications/articles/sunni-publications/spiritual-stations-&-transient-states.html ] Author’s Biography [by Shaykh Gibril Fouad Haddad] http://www.sunnipubs.com/authors/a-sos.pdf'>http://www.sunnipubs.com/authors/a-sos.pdf Order your copy now from http://www.sunnipubs.com
  2. Table of Contents http://www.sunnipubs.com/toc/toc-tof.pdf Preview La Ilaha illa Allah entails that Muhammad (asws) is the Messenger of Allah http://www.sunnipubs.com/en/previews-our-publishing-house-38/15-excerpts/61-la-ilaha-illa-allah-entails-that-muhammad-asws-is-the-messenger-of-allah Author’s Biography http://www.sunnipubs.com/authors/a-omm.pdf Pre-order your copy now from www.sunnipubs.com
  3. NOTIONS THAT MUST BE CORRECTED BY SHAYKH MUHAMMAD B. `ALAWI AL-MALIKI AL-HASANI (RA) FOREWORD BY SHAYKH HASANAYN MUHAMMAD MAKHLUF TRANSLATED BY SURAQAH ABDUL AZIZ ORDER FROM: http://www.sunnipubs.com Notions That Must Be Corrected is perhaps the most important and renowned work of the late Sayyid, Shaykh Muhammad b. ‘Alawī al-Maliki al-Hasani (ra). Throughout his masterpiece the author offers valuable and wise words of caution against extremism and invites the Muslims to the path of Ahl al-Sunna wal-Jamā‘a, the hallmark of which is tolerance and moderation. Sayyid Muhammad expertly clarifies the correct position relating to numerous ‘controversial’ contemporary topics whilst maintaining strict adherence to the Qur’ān, the Sunna, and the way of the Salaf. The book itself has been divided into three parts, the first of which is concerned with areas of research relating to Islamic doctrine, including clarifying the corruption found in the criterion for imputing others with disbelief and misguidance, as well as concepts such as intermediation and intercession. The second section deals with issues relating to the Prophet (SAW), including his unique characteristics, the reality of Prophecy, the reality of humanity, and the correct understanding of seeking blessings from the Prophet e and his relics. The final part deals with miscellaneous areas of research including the Isthmus life (barzakh), the legality of visiting the Prophet e, and other related matters such as relics, sanctuaries, and festive religious occasions. Scores of Islamic scholars hailing from all parts of the world wrote commendations for this work, while many more have taught from it, or written about it in their articles. The huge positive impact the book made in Islamic circles unfortunately led to hardship for the noble Shaykh in his home country due to misguided verdicts levelled against him. He was prevented from teaching in the Masjid al-Haram and his position at Umm al-Qurra’ University was also terminated. Numerous vicious personal attacks and baseless replies from those who opposed the methodology of Ahl al-Sunna were also published. In response to this, leading scholars throughout the world vehemently defended the noble Shaykh and wrote extensive and decisive refutations of his detractors. 'This book should be required reading for the Islamic world, and should be studied and taught to children because of the explicit truth, correct views and defence of Islam’s sanctities that it contains. This book clarifies the misguidance, lies, and false claims of the enemy, and certainly, Allah shall aid His righteous servants by aiding His religion.' - Shaykh Hasanayn Muhammad Makhluf PREVIEWS The Prophets Are Human, However ... http://www.sunnipubs.com/index.php?option=...id=15&id=38 Properly Understanding Metaphor and Ascription http://www.sunnipubs.com/index.php?option=...id=15&id=22 EARLIER TRANSLATED EXCERPTS The Ash`ari School http://www.sunnipubs.com/index.php?option=...tid=15&id=9 Intermediary of Shirk http://www.sunnipubs.com/index.php?option=...id=15&id=10
  4. Assalamu `Alaykum The book is out now, here are some extra's from the book and about its author: Table of Contents: http://www.sunnipubs.com/toc/toc-omm.pdf About the Author: http://www.sunnipubs.com/authors/a-omm.pdf First Preview: The Radiance of His Face and Luminescence of His Countenance (ASWS) http://www.marifah.net/articles/radiance-sirajuddin.pdf Second Preview: The Exemplar of Physical and Moral Perfection (ASWS) http://www.marifah.net/articles/theexempla...in-ommv1-p2.pdf More about the Author: Biography: Shaykh `Abdallah Sirajuddin: The Light of Aleppo http://www.marifah.net/articles/shaykhabda...in-hamoudeh.pdf Video Lecture by Hafiz Nuruddin `Itr with English commentary by Shaykh Gibril Fouad Haddad: The Life of Shaykh `Abdallah Sirajuddin http://www.marifah.net/index.php?option=co...0&Itemid=77 Wassalam
  5. OUR MASTER MUHAMMAD THE MESSENGER OF ALLAH (ASWS) HIS SUBLIME CHARACTER & EXALTED ATTRIBUTES VOLUME 1 BY IMAM `ABDALLAH SIRAJUDDIN AL-HUSAYNI (RA) FOREWORD BY SHAYKH MUHAMMAD B. YAHYA AL-NINOWY TRANSLATED BY KHALID WILLIAMS Pre-order from: http://www.sunnipubs.com Modern times have made it even more important that Muslims acquaint themselves with their Prophet (asws), not only for the sake of their personal spiritual development, but also for the sake of the religion as a whole. There has perhaps never been a time when the world was more in need of an authentic depiction of the Best of Creation (asws). ‘Our Master Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah (asws)’ is a unique work discussing the noble qualities and characteristics of the Final Prophet (asws) in a way that is infused with love and devotion. In the first volume of this book, the author depicts all the fine attributes of our Prophet (asws) with respect to his physical beauty, his eloquence and wisdom, his exalted status, his sublime character and his mercy (asws). This incredible expression of Prophetic love was written by the scholar of Aleppo, Imam ‘Abdallah Sirajuddīn al-Husayni (ra), who was not only a Hafiz, a leading scholar of Hadith and exegete of the Qur’an, but also a true Saint, referred to by scholars as ‘The Pole of Prophetic Love of our Times’. His book is the product of true scholarship and virtue. ‘It is as though the Shaykh (ra) was looking directly at the Messenger of Allah (asws) before him as he wrote, deriving his beautiful expressions from the light of his (asws) countenance, so that by divine providence his insight was opened, and he grazed in the pastures of subtle secrets, uncovering the beauty and perfection of the Messenger’s (asws) character, imbibing the fragrance of the Prophetic Sunnah, bathing in the light of the Muhhammadan reality and its meanings, and tasting of its fruits, and then gathering all of these illuminations in a work so noble and rarefied that it would not be surprising if it were to be read to a sick person and so cure him.’ – Shaykh Muhammad b. Yahya al-Ninowy
  6. Shaykh Shoayb Ahmad has written a biography of his father radiallahu `anhu, which can be found at www.marifah.net: He was Muhammad Najīb Ibn al-Hāj Muhammad Ibn al-Hāj Yūsuf Sirājuddīn, an erudite scholar of hadīth, tafsīr, fiqh, usūl and `ilm al-kalām. The great Imām was born in 1857 (1274H), after his father had received glad tidings in a dream of his son's birth. His father had seen Shaykh Ahmad al-Tirmanīnī who made him wear his turban. Shaykh Muhammad's father related his dream to Shaykh Ahmad who told him that a son would be born to him who will eventually wear the turban. After Shaykh Muhammad Najīb's birth, his father took him to Shaykh Ahmad who made du`a for the child. Shaykh Muhammad Najib Sirajuddin al-Husayni His book, a unique collection of biographies of almost 150 `Ulema of the past century including Shaykh Muhammad Najib, will be available on www.sunnipubs.com very soon insha’allah. Wassalam
  7. The Syrian city of Aleppo is famous for its rich history of Islamic scholarship; hence, it is often referred to as ‘the city of scholars’. Aleppo is the cradle of many pious and leading scholars of Islam. Amongst them was the Friend and Gnostic of Allah `azza wa-jall, `Allama `Abdallah Sirajuddin al-Husayni radiallahu `anhu, an extraordinary scholar who dedicated his entire life to the service of Islam. For his full biography, click on his name below and repeat this on the website: Shaykh `Abdallah Sirajuddin The light of Aleppo Feedback is much appreciated, either here or by emailing www.marifah.net. Jazzakumallah khayr. Wassalam
  8. Alhamdulillah, www.marifah.net now offers 15 audio lessons and lectures by the late Hanafi Faqih and `Arif Billah of Aleppo, al-Sayyid Shaykh `Abdal Qadir `Isa al-Shadhili radiallahu `anhu. Enjoy! Wassalam
  9. Brothers and sisters please make use of our forum for any questions, suggestions, ideas and so on. We have a suggestions thread: Suggestions for 2008. Everyone who was registered at AAF, is already registered here as I imported the member-database. Wassalam
  10. Wa-`alaykum salaam wa-rahmatullah Alhamdulillah, it is getting somewhere insha'allah. We need your support brothers and sisters, help us finance these translations by donating, ordering spreading the word and making du`a insha'allah. Mods, you could help us out greatly by pinning this topic. http://www.sunnipubs.com Wassalam
  11. Wa-`alaykum salaam wa-rahmatullah Alhamdulillah, all is well brother. Rather busy with everything but, insha'allah bi-khayr. Good to hear things are going well there too, masha'allah. Ma`salam
  12. Wa-`alaykum salaam wa-rahmatullah Yes, we most certainly do. Please contact us at info@sunnipubs.com or through the website. Jazzakumallah kullu khayran wa-barakallah feekum. Ma`salam
  13. Dear brothers and sisters, assalamu `alaykum wa-rahmatullah Some of you may wonder how this project developed further. A lot has happened since the time I posted this thread, wal hamdulillah. First of all, we have managed to finally launch www.sunnipubs.com, the official website of Sunni Publications which includes our online-shop and forum. Secondly, with your help we have raised enough money to finance our first translation, Al-La Madhhabiyya by Shaykh Bouti which we hope to release at the end of next month insha’allah, and more wal hamdulillah. However, still more is needed to continue our growth in this project, and not stagnate. Therefore, I would like to once more call upon our brothers and sisters to donate for this valuable and worthwhile project. No personal profit shall be made from any donations, they and the profit made off of them will remain in the publishing house for reinvestments for as long as Allah wills. You can donate through PayPal at our website, on the left side at the bottom there is a special module for this. Another way we have found to finance our translations with, is distributing books by other publishers. We are the official distributor of Dar al-Fikr in the Netherlands, and offer several of their English and Arabic releases as well as releases of other Arab publishers which can be purchased from our website website. Many of these books are rare or not available at all in the West; we ship them worldwide. Finally, we hope that you like the website and can benefit from it and from the products we are offering and will be offering in the near future insha’allah. Please register for ordering any of our products. While you're there, please vote in the poll. And while you’re at it, check out the affiliated www.marifah.net which will publish exclusive excerpts of our books online before they hit the stores insha’allah. Moderators please pin this topic, or otherwise brothers show your support and keep it updated. Jazzakumallah kullu khayran wa-barakallah feekum. Ma`salam
  14. Assalamu Alaikum Alhamdulillah, I'm fan sis Who. Yea, been very busy with everything. Please do read the post, we need all the help I can get. Bro Omar, I'm glad you like the project. At the moment we finalized the program for 2007, 5 books in total (the 4 mentioned and a book by my Shaykh). However, I don't think we will add a book like that though in the year after, it is too academic and besides that as far as I know it is a philosophical criticism of the Ash`ari school and Sufiyya; we are a traditional publishing house bro! If we would be heading towards that level, the Tahafut of Imam Ghazali ra would be a much more appropriate choice, if it would not been available already: http://onlineislamicstore.com/b5923.html Don't tell me you're thinking of Ibn Rushd's Tahafut instead, we're with the Hujja not the Falasifa. Ibn Rushd's Fiqh books would be something else though. Ma`salam
  15. Dear brothers and sisters, assalamu `alaykum wa-rahmatullahi wa-barakatuhu Most of u may not have heard of me for a long time. That is because I have been heavily occupied with several projects, of which there is one in particular that I would like to call to your attention in this topic. This project which I am very happy and excited to announce is the beginning of a traditional publishing house and the upcoming release of several outstanding books that will be translated into English the coming year, insha'allah. Sunni Publications is the international department of the first Dutch Traditional Sunni publishing house, which is located in the Netherlands, Europe and part of Sunni.nl, a Dutch-English portal to Islam according to the Sunnah of the Prophet `alayhi salatu wa-salam, his Companions radiallahu `anhum, and all those great scholars that followed in their footsteps during the era of the Salaf and the Khalaf. Our publishing house has a clear aim, which is to release high-quality English translations of Arabic works that are written by leading contemporary and historical scholars which affirm the traditional approach, clarify misconceptions and offer practical solutions to contemporary problems. Our philosophy is to provide the best of that what is most needed in literature to practising Muslims and beginning students of Islam. Our philosophy is to provide the best of that what is most needed in literature to practising Muslims and beginning students of Islam. Our aim is to offer quality translations of traditional works that are written by leading contemporary scholars which clarify misconceptions and offer practical solutions to contemporary problems. Please visit our website for more information and upcoming releases, and our section at Ahadun Ahad Forums for any further questions: Sunni Publications Website & Sunni Publications Forum Our Program for 2007, insha'allah. 1) Al-la Madhhabiyyah Shaykh Muhammad Sa`id Ramadan al-Bouti Questions and Answers 2) Al-Salafiyyah Shaykh Muhammad Sa`id Ramadan al-Bouti Questions and Answers 3) Mafahim (Info & Q/A) al-Sayyid Shaykh Muhammad Ibn `Alawi al-Makki 4) Haqa'iq `an al-Tasawwuf (Info & Q/A) al-Sayyid Shaykh `Abdul Qadir `Isa al-Halabi In order to make this project successful we need as much help as we can get from our brothers and sisters. We hope that you all realize the importance of this project, and that you are willing to stand by us for in the best ways that you can. Insha'allah, we can achieve much together. This project as an initiative of the people, brothers and sisters that share our concerns and ideals, instead of depending on anyone that may have their own agenda. Unlike many other publishing houses, profit is fortunately not our primary concern. If you can help us out financially or in any other way, please do not hesitate to contact me by sending me an email through sunnipublications@sunni.nl. If you know others that can help, inform them of our project by linking them to us, to this post or discussing our project with them. Please spread the word to anyone you know, so that we may be better known and can improve the fundament for achieving our goals, insha'allah. If you would like to help us financially, help in any of the other mentioned ways or have tips for us on how to improve, or on books that you find important to be translated, or have any questions do not hesitate to contact me. We are counting on you brothers and sisters, and to Allah subhanahu wa-ta`ala belongs all success. Finally: I would like to ask all the brothers and sisters that are active on this forum and have offered their support for this project, to respond in this topic so that you may inspire others to do the same, insha'allah. I would also like to ask the moderators to pin this topic or help us out in any other possible way insha'allah. Jazzakum allah kullu khayran wa-barakallah feekum Assalamu `alaykum wa-rahmatullahi wa-barakatuhu
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