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  1. forgive me everyone.. Almost Ramadan

  2. funky pants! its all good inda hood

  3. hey i deleted messages, and cant see any of your messages.

  4. okok 'leh!

    will try to delete some.

    Hey did you get my last text msg? i think my phone was being weird.

  5. uleh

    me trying to send PM to u. but no can do. because perhaps, your inbox is full. maybe?

    my funky pants

  6. Sana? Banana? Banana Fana Fo Fana? Mi My Mo mana? Sana?

    I love you too mashAllah!

    Hope to see you in Sydney soon!! uleh!

  7. I love you, mashAllah.

  8. I really do think that if you really want to get up for fajr, you will get up for fajr. edit: due to experience. when youre feeling mighty spiritual and close to Allah.. nothing will hold you back from salat. no matter how little sleep you've had. as soon as you hear the alarm ringing, you dont need to press the snooze. remembering that missing a prayer is a grave sin and displeasing Allah isnt worth an extra few hours of sleep. im only saying this because you know when you have those days.. and you go to sleep.. adn you 'forget' to put on your alarm.. and you know deep down inside you wont get up for fajr. and you try to fool yourself and you say to yourself 'its 2am.. ill get up in 2hrs.. without my alarm' nad then you go to bed.. pfftt. and you dont get up.. and you knew you wouldnt. what works is having a target. say to yourself that you will get up for fajr 40 days in a row. and you do it. and if you miss a fajr.. go back to day one.
  9. if your iron levels get really low, and youre finding it difficlut to get iron from food sources you'll need iron injections. and apparently they hurt more than labour
  10. OH!

    im breathingtornado SSSHHH

  11. me too.. unfortunately. i took iron supplements but stopped, because i hated it. so i try to eat red meat as often as i can... but i dont do that either. i often get very tired, pale and very cold. when it gets bad, then i go hard out on red meat.
  12. mirror


    close this thread its disgusting 'oh but only read the ones that arent about sex' 'but... i will only find out after i read it' 'oh ok' love prude, and thats how it should be
  13. mirror


    what a crude site! and what a crude site name! and everytime i see this thread i say the F word in my head
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