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  1. Not sure if this is the right area for this topic! Whats so special about people claiming to be SYED, and whats this all about daughters of the Syed cast cannot marry outside their cast!??? Whos a Syed here and please explain??
  2. Interesting topic! I've only ever met: -T- theenglishhumza mr. baldy I have spoken to quite a few mainly via Facebook and other social media!
  3. Islamic Relief introduces: “FEEL THE HEAT” Birmingham event highlights dangerously inadequate preparation as world faces increase in climate-related disasters FREE event but booking is essential Join the University of Birmingham, Islamic Relief Worldwide, the Director of the World Development Movement and the Associate Editor of the New Statesman to discuss how investment in climate-change adaption programmes and resilience could save thousands of lives during natural disasters. Islamic Relief can be viewed here: Islamic Relief - The Official Website Islamic Relief - Facebook Group Islamic Relief - Twitter We look forward to seeing you! Event Date: Thursday, November 29th 2012 Location: Main Arts Lecture Theatre, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston {view campus map} Event Time: 6:30pm-8:00pm Free event but booking is essential. Please contact Reyhana Patel at Reyhana.Patel@irworldwide.org OR 0121 622 0710 for more information OR please see poster for further details.
  4. مع أطيب التمنيات بمناسبة عيد الأضحى المبارك

  5. From what Ive been told, its part of the driving test standard ... to know how to change things and engine compartment knowledge!!! and those were the days - people only drove automatic cars down a straight road and you've passed! Now you got computer exams and mechanical tests!!!! Good Luck Anyway like rose said... theory is one thing... practise is another story! :| Wish I had a F1 car now all you need is a computer and a wheel gun... with 1 nut/bolt, a pit stop in 3 seconds is enough! (those of you who watch F1)
  6. Ferrari

    Pronouncing MMers!

    lol Im Ferrari ok how is that hard....? simple alot of asians always say FeRRRRRaRRRRi lol its not! its Ferrari (rs are like W kinda basically when you say my name dont let your tongue touch ur teeth or anything inside ur mouth... your tongue should dance in the middle of your mouth so to speak! Right theres only one name I cant pronounce and thats I forgot how to spell it but it ends with Isoio.. Coure - French I think... the older MMers will know who Im talking about... I never did know how to say it! Anyway talking of silent words... David Villa for Barcelona is David Via lol you dont pronounce the LL's okay im done!
  7. IM HERE!

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    2. Ferrari


      Somnambulism what does YES mean lol and do I know you (just incase u changed ur name too) KeeKee.. what you mean... can you see something different :(

    3. sophie


      It would be good if you did stick around for a while :)

  8. Awesome! Well Im still around kinda was back just a day or two ago! Im just busy with my site, facebook, twitter - still talk to a few people from here on MSN which is easier... and Im applying for jobs! Where you from again!? and what you been up to still in education? workin?

  9. funnily enough, i literally just came back a few days ago! and i was reading all the oldish stuff i used to post on and yeah, remembered ya :) how have you been?

  10. Aha ok I kinda remember you now! yes I do partially! :P hey how are you? and how did you remember me!? Anyway nice to hear from you its been ages, Im suprised your still on here... everyone from the peak years are gone! *waves come back*!

  11. LOL erm baby-a/ribenaberry ring any bells? in the guji thread? ehem, no? okay.. *runs away*

  12. Hey *waves* ahem ok question! With eveyrone changing their MM usernames so many times... I keep forgetting who everyone is... so yea!

  13. ferrari bhai! :)

  14. Im a huge fan of Maniac Muslim, and over the years Ive come to learn many things - but the most important thing to come out of MM was the fact I met some of the most amazing people from here.... some I met in person and others via social media... the most knowledgable/understanding people have come and gone... and as Hamzah mentioned I look back at my previous threads/posts and they just make you wonder who you were and how you evolved during time... makes you smile looking back and I thank MM for being where I am today and the people I have met, because without them I would have been a different person! At the same time I understand Hamzah's concerns... be it may, money makes the world go round (so to speak) nothing is free in this world... you can invest so much into something but if theres no return what can you do... if your wealthy you have no concern, this doesnt buy happiness... but theres always a way to push an idea forward and those who wait will prosper... so far the return in investment would be self satisfaction that passion brought this brand forward and with this the knowledge fed to us and the laughter we conveyed via the articles was of worth to every human being. Apart from all the hype of the MM members, most may have learnt a thing or two, made friends, even helped Hamzah with his MM brand via SEO and Global events... we can all do so much to help - I for one would help if I can... theres many ways to promote yourself - cross promotion (branding) is one example... sponsorship... as mentioned before the T-shirt business via global events are a huge hit. Keep up the good work and may you be rewarded for it. Ma'asalaama
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