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  1. No. Gonna disregard all the ladies.

  2. Killin' time and feelin' like a murderer..

  3. Update :)

    May you have a beautiful, healthy child I don't know about the trials and travails you have gone through, dear Astera, but I pray that you continue to heal and come out of them stronger than ever.
  4. yes'm I am a girl lol How are you? Haven't seen you around lately.

  5. Adonia here

    Oh wow. This whole time I thought he was just joking but still an actual mod. >_> Thanks, Maethorion!
  6. Adonia here

    Adonia means "One who fights dragons" Because it is often the night that isn't thought of - everyone wants to seize the day. I say seize the night (too).
  7. Adonia here

    Somebody just threatened to ban me
  8. Adonia here

    Lol Thanks for the welcome dear
  9. Adonia here

    Okay I guess I can post a little bit today! Thanks for all the warm welcomes! Good luck on your studies! No, actually - pray tell! Lol how ironic...init? OMG
  10. thank ye thank ye

    1. Adonia


      thou art welcome :)

  11. hi. i like your name. can we be friends forever? ∞

    1. Adonia


      Hi BlackPurple! Your name is pretty cool too :) Are you suuuure??? *evil laugh*

    2. BlackPurple


      hehehehe. thank you. lol, mhm very sure.

    3. BlackPurple
  12. I can't post till tomorrow 5:30 pm PST >.< Can someone tell me why this is?

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    2. lilypad


      don't you love getting likes? they make me feel popular

    3. Adonia


      Lol, I dont mind them! :) I'll give you likes!

    4. lilypad
  13. I can't post for the next few hours... Oh well :)

  14. Adonia here

    Okay...but still...