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  1. or u can get the all-in-one combo - Hafiz Rafaqat Ali the shaykh who led maghrib all 3 days at RIS this year and last...
  2. the Quraan SHOULD effect the heart more..but the question is, does it? Why then do people choose to watch hours of tv or listen to tons of radio? I'd rather have Amir Sulaiman playing on my playlist then 50 cent...atleast, it allows me to reflect and ponder....Part of the problem is people do not understand the Quraan...cuz, if we understood it our hearts would melt with humility, anxiousness, excitement and a bunch of other emotions. Allah (swt) says: "Had We sent down the Quraan on a mountain, Verily you would have seen it humble itself and cleave asunder from the fear of Allah. Such are the simililtudes which We propound to men, so that they may reflect" [Hashar: 21]
  3. 1. check out this website http://www.amirsulaiman.com click on poetry on the left hand side...very passionate, sounds like rap 2. Imam Siraj Wahaj khutbahs http://www.jannah.com/cgi-bin/audbase/newD...from=0&limit=25 If you dont haven't heard Imam Siraj before...u have NO idea what you're missing out on...check him out
  4. first of all, dont confuse me with another osama that goes to mac...my name is spelled with a 'u'...not 'o'...osama lives in burlington, not me secondly, great job spreading rumours! way to go! If you dont have direct evidence, the smart thing to do would be to stay quiet thirdly, I was at the Q/A session where that sister spoke about transperancy and involvement . The door to the executives meetings is open and many first years attend it. Also, there are many oppurtunities for involvement and her concerns were answered well. Mr. Quereshi, you dont go to mac and hence have no clue of whats going on here...
  5. "the khateeb was saying in his khutbah that we should all plan to do hajj, and not put it off for later, cuz you never know, later might not come....soo, WANT ME TO BE YOUR MEHRAM SO YOU CAN DO HAJJ?
  6. thanks all for ur warm welcome... yep, i was the mom in 'the conversation'...
  7. not really i was looking for more of a normal discussion, not a copy paste off a website what are the social implications of a beard? what are the social benefits, if any? etc. etc.
  8. i've got a question for you... How important is the beard for a muslim guy? Benefits? Disadvantages? Importance?
  9. salamz hamzu convinced me that maniac muslim was the new cool thing so i decided to hop on board (no pun intended). Proof: Usama says: gimme a good reason why i should participate on mm Hamzrestructured says: your sound knowledge and knee-slapping humour could make you one of the most pivotal and influential characters in maniac muslim history I'm not quite sure if i'll make history or be history, but in any case, here i am. For those that go to mac, most likely you know me cuz i'm always around. For those that don't go to mac probably know me too cuz of my antics. Anywho..pleasure to be here...
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