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  1. 4thwall

    islamic philosophy book suggestions

    I have an ibn sina book. I'll take any recommendations. Cliffs?
  2. 4thwall

    islamic philosophy book suggestions

    I was thinking of simply analyzing the non theistic parts of Islam; though Islam is pretty intertwined in it's facets with the worship of a deity. I'm also interested in its history and middle eastern history. I was considering just reading the Quran in its' entirety. Problem with that is that I am limited on time these days. I go to grad school.
  3. 4thwall

    islamic philosophy book suggestions

    So I was wondering, are there any books or material I can read on Islamic philosophy that doesn't concern islamic theology? I don't care whether a muslim or non muslim wrote it. For example, I think the concept of Jihad is really cool. Would love to read more on that. Hit me up yo.
  4. 4thwall


    Loving the responses. I think feminism is very gynocentric (hence the term) and does ignore male issues. If you've been around as many feminists as I have, it's the truth. But I find sex/gender to be extremely interesting. I have been studying it for years. Also toplel on shave mychest hairs response.
  5. So what do you guys think of feminism coming from a Muslim perspective or just personally? Politically, culturally, etc. Here are some of my ideas to get it started. I think there shouldn't be any laws that favor any woman over a man OR any man over a woman. I think in the east there are plenty of laws which put women down. In the west though, marital laws are pretty bad for men, you can get divorced and have a good chunk of your income taken from you. There's also the male only draft. What's more interesting to me then the political aspect of it, is gender and personal behavior. Should men take total responsibility of their wife? What is a woman's duties? Should it be totally equal? CAN it be totally equal? I think, I have no idea. I am still undecided on this. Also biologically, are men and women equal as in the same? I don't think so. We literally have a chromosome of difference. That can't ONLY effect reproduction. All species have some sort of mating behavior, what is ours?
  6. So it's my finals week and I'm just taking a break from math. So I'm gonna ramble a little and write a little stream of conscious that I hope someone will enjoy. Every once in a while I pop in here and lurk. In my life I've gone through different religions, had different friends, and different political beliefs. Does that make my ideas superior to anyone else's? Maybe or maybe not. Regardless, I think my thoughts on this may be helpful. I think happiness is a state that is in our own heads. What I mean, is other people aren't going to grant you happiness necessarily. Happiness is what you make it. Right now, I am very bored but very content with the way the things are going in my life. My ATTITUDE towards my life makes me happy and not just the things I am doing. If you are happy, I am sure you can confirm for me: There are people who deal with more suffering then you, more work, more poverty that are happier or just as happy as you. There are people who are richer and have easier lives who aren't. I think this is why, I always found asceticism in Islam so interesting and asceticism across the board. I am not suggesting we should all go live in caves and eat grass. I don't think that having less will make a person happy, but I do think people can be happy with less or with more.
  7. 4thwall

    Questioning one's belief

    There's a difference between thinking purpose, meaning and morality doesn't inherently or objectively exist and making up subjective morality and purpose for consequentialist reasons. I don't really care, it's just semantics. Call it whatever you like. Honestly, I think nihlism is sort of irrelevant though I do think it is true and derive some comfort from it.
  8. 4thwall

    Questioning one's belief

    Ignorance brah, ididn't know
  9. 4thwall

    Questioning one's belief

    I see how the question could be related to this thread but it didn't have to.
  10. 4thwall

    New section: Q & A

    I saw what you did there
  11. 4thwall

    Questioning one's belief

    Are the creations of humans creations of God?
  12. 4thwall

    Questioning one's belief

    Well, by the same manner, I can say I made a pizza. But every part of the pizza was made by different people. See where I am getting at.
  13. 4thwall

    What do you think is overrated?

    Erhmagawd dat .gif
  14. 4thwall

    Questioning one's belief

    Did Allah create everything literally or did his creations lead to other creations?
  15. 4thwall

    Questioning one's belief

    I've mentioned it before, not really here to debate. I realize how provoking the original post here might've been. I've never really been in this position since leaving the religion. It's awkward. The most arguing of Islamic theology I've had with Muslims was in my own head and with my mother. I've bashed and defended Islam/muslims with non muslims.