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  1. raymondo

    Ready or not, here it comes...

    It seems very unprofessional to end it with a kiss.
  2. Do you have life insurance, if so how much have you taken out?
  3. raymondo

    Being single

    ^ Now, if that doesn't tug at your heartstrings...
  4. raymondo

    UK Muslims vs. US/Canadian Muslims

    I'd like to clarify that the music/free-mixing was only thrown in to the mix because the context of this thread was the video. The main objections seemed to be those two points and I wanted to know why the two/three communities had reacted to it differently.
  5. raymondo

    UK Muslims vs. US/Canadian Muslims

    That I can agree with 100%. A video like that being uploaded on a global platform would naturally invite all sorts of critique but the manner in which it was presented was appalling. 'Twitter-wars' between both parties, for the whole world to see, was probably the biggest embarrassment. The name calling from both sides - incredible. I wonder how long it will be until the Daily Mail starts using the term 'Puritanical Muslims'.
  6. raymondo

    UK Muslims vs. US/Canadian Muslims

    I guess in my experience, pretty much the vast majority of people have disagreed to things like music/free-mixing. It's more of a case where they publicly admonish it even if they struggle with it personally. The silent population that you speak of will probably go on to reflect their approach to Islam - but at the same time you will also have the other side which is also growing stronger. Do you think these two different approaches to Islam can co-exist peacefully? I can't see how. Both groups going forward will only antagonize the other. Keeping this in mind, how do you think the next North American Muslim generation will turn out?
  7. raymondo

    UK Muslims vs. US/Canadian Muslims

    I can see how in theory you can assume that peoples understanding of religion will evolve and they will be where North American Muslims are but I strongly disagree that the majority will turn out that way. The second generation of Muslims are ensuring that their children's level of religiosity will be greater than their own. If you look at the way the youth here is heading, they are becoming increasingly political and conservative. When I use the term conservative- I mean it without all the negative connotations that it normally carries.
  8. raymondo

    UK Muslims vs. US/Canadian Muslims

    Could you please explain which points you're talking about here? You've raised some interesting points here, if they never felt the need to be patriotic they certainly wouldn't now after the political events that you mentioned, add to that think-tanks like Prevent, Quilliam-Foundation, you'll only find Muslims distancing themselves from their 'British' Identity. That's fine, but how far does the educational background of the first generation of immigrants affect the successive generations? From what i've seen, the youth raised in Deobandi families have followed suit and do pretty much hold views which are as conservative as those who did not come from a Deobandi (or any Islamic background). Those who practice the faith in Britain are pretty much in agreement when it comes to things like music, segregation, integration, attitudes towards foreign policy/government. (This is a generalization, but i'm going with what I have experienced). For this reason, I wonder how far the background of the first generation has affected their second/third generation? In my opinion the successive generations seem to have formed their identity the choices they have made..ie to reject parts of their parents culture, reject parts of the British culture, accept Islam. Do you think it's things like this that's pushing British Muslims towards being more conservative? Conservative in the sense that they are going back to their scriptures instead of accepting the modernized watered down version that is being fed through government schemes/think tanks? In your opinion, why have the American/Canadian Muslims not reacted in a similar way to the Brits, other than feeling some sort of allegiance to their countries?
  9. raymondo

    UK Muslims vs. US/Canadian Muslims

    In my experience I have found British Muslims to be far more 'conservative' in their approach compared to American/Canadian Muslims. This is based on many things; where British Muslims in Universities have vehemently opposed Cameron's ban on segregation, I don't see the same attitudes towards segregation in America/Canada. British Muslims have a culture of intolerance towards certain things which American/Canadian Muslims don't find to be particularly problematic. If we use the #HappyBritishMuslims video as an example, one party saw the video as 'positive dawah' the other saw it 'taking ten steps back in dawah', where one wants to show 'Muslims are just the same' the other tries to focus on 'As Muslims what makes us different from Joe public is XYZ'. For arguments sake, even if both parties have the best intentions, and their goal is the same, the differences in their mentalities and approach only seems to be widening the gap between the two communities, because one is seen as 'puritanical conservatives' and the other as 'secularist liberals'. The reason for making this thread was to try and understand why there is a difference between the two, and what (if anything) can bridge the gap?
  10. raymondo

    UK Muslims vs. US/Canadian Muslims

    That's really interesting. In your opinion, how far does the educational background of the first generation of immigrants affect the second generation when it comes to religion and culture? How well do the 'Salafi American Muslims' fit in with their local communities / other American Non-Salafi Muslims? How does this then affect their attitudes towards religion and culture?
  11. Why so polarized? Context: #HappyBritishMuslims Disclaimer: Do not use the thread to get into a discussion about the actual video. There are enough articles/discussions/debates going around. This thread is not for 'Puritanical' vs. 'liberal/secular/'happy' Muslims, it's to understand why both communities are so different in their approach/sensitivities/mentalities/culture.
  12. raymondo

    Job-seekers Club

    There was never an argument to begin with, i found it interesting that having spare time on your hands inspired you to do something worthwhile.