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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! have a good one :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Baji! May Allah bless you. Where have you been?! inshaAllah all is well!

  3. Happy Birthdayto you!! Happy b'day to u! happy b'day dear baji! Happy b'day to u! <3 Have an awesoe day! :D

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL! *hands over special gift* :D

  5. Happy Birthday!!!

  6. aww have fun in Paki-land Sistah.....i hope you have the best time...remeber to shop like there's no tmorrow and please do bring me back something as well. Thank you
  7. aww thanks so much everyone.....i will individually thank everyone laters....i wanted to reply so people don't think i'm mad or i hate them ahy>>>> that's my b-day cake... leave it alone thnx again *blows a kiss*
  8. i hope everyone who lives near Queens, NY can come......it's going to be a very good conference... i can't wait omg it tool so long to have the flyer put up....computer was giving me problems, if you guys can't see it, let me know i'll personally e-mail it to you iA
  9. happy 18th B-Daaaayyyy!......wow you've grown up so fast. it just seemed like yesterday i was helping you ride your first bike *cries*.....enjoy the rest of the night you legal person you
  10. stupid Bollywood went and copied my all time favorite movie Fight Club their version has 6 guys i think......stop Bollywood ...but i still love Bollywood
  11. my sisters call me Baji
  12. i made anda sandwiches for me and my mommy this morning......it was very delicious
  13. welcome Anon....another Winnie lover i see, you should meet my sis LPP have fun here
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