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  1. That's where the confusion comes in. There is nothing solid. Everyone understands the emergency setting (although I am in doubt as to whether that also applies for a female who intentionally applies for a post in Emergency Medicine). But all the rest is one of those matters regarding which it is doubtful. Exactly!! Which is why I believe the Arab Board needs to revise the traditional medical system and come up with a new Islamic version. The problem is, noone cares enough. They find loopholes, saying anything and everything is okay in the medical field. True this. In fact, very true. Just that a doctor who is clearly a better internist, or a better surgeon.. abandons her skills for a specialty she isnt as good at. Its sounds great. Its an amazing way to gain knowledge. But its practicality. Will they be able to practice as doctors? Furthermore, will that completely eradicate their need to go to the hospital (even for non-emergency cases)? The best solution, and my suggesstion - DO NOT send your kids into the medical field. And its not about comparing the battlefield to a hospital setting (which are in no way comparable by the way, especially these days). Its about working with the ONLY few hadith that we have remotely related to the situation. Thats a pretty harsh statement to make!! Actually, you'd be surprised. Perhaps, your definition of 'good guys' is different. But I have seen it happen and work. And mashaAllah some women have it all. They beautifully balance it all - the husband, the children, the housework, the study and the work. And along with all that, they manage to make the time for their deen. It has been done, and it does happen. And with the grace of Allah, let it keep happening, for your sisters need the dua in the positive. Not in the negative.
  2. My bad for not being specific. I was not disagreeing on that fact that one shouldn’t go around cursing random people. I agree with you on that. It is not for a true believer to be cursing. In fact, as Muslims we should practice utmost patience and forgiveness. I was referring to… It maybe the case sometimes, or most of the time (depending on your community and circumstances). But it is not always the case, and is not a general rule. Ameen to the dua. I couldn’t help but lol first. It is not in the least about making judgments about anyone. I don’t understand why so defensive about it. A man caught in the act of stealing is clearly a robber, a theif. There is no judgment passed on his intentions or faith. Simply his act. A man/woman caught in the act of adultery (proved by witnesses), is an adulterer/adultress. No judgment of their intentions or faith. Just the act. A man who lies (proved to be a lie) is a liar. Not judging his intentions or faith. His act. And so on and so forth… Similarly, a man who bows down to and prostrates before an idol and worships it, and asks it for help and so on, is clearly an idol-worshipper, a disbeliever. Regardless of what is in his heart. There is no wrong in calling an idol-worshipper, an idol-worshipper. A disbeliever, a disbeliever. A kaffir as a kaffir. Allah is the All-Knowing, the All-Wise. He does not impose upon us a responsibility that is beyond our capability nor one that is impossible for us. Allah would not have asked us to call the disbelievers to the message of Islam, if he knew that we would not be able to recognize them. Allah would not have asked to show the disbelievers the light of the Quran had he known that we cannot tell them apart from the believers. Allah would would have asked of us, if were incapable of it. For verily, Allah knows what we are capable of and what we are incapable of. And indeed, Allah knows best.
  3. I disagree. Those who strive/fight against Allah. Those who strive/fight against you. Those who drive you out of your homes. Those who torture you. Its obvious when someone openly refuses and rejects the Onness of Allah. Allah doesnt have to come down and tell you that so-and-so person is a kaffir if he is openly blasphemous. If someone openly declares war against Allah and His Messenger and the Muslim Ummah, Allah does not need to point it out to you - O look he is Kaffir. Its pretty obvious. Yet, like someone said... George Bush maybe the #1 among the top terrorists of the world. But we ought not to say 'Kill George Bush' or 'Off with his head'. Instead we say... 'Oh Allah, guide George Bush to the right path'. And Allah knows best. - Ma'assalama
  4. Is that you? My twin, my buddy, my love! *hugs* awww.. you finally made it! She just said.. in most hospitals in Saudi Arabia, the HEAD of department of OBGYN is a MALE, not a female. In fact, they have many many male OBGYN docs in Saudi Arabia. In our university, when we graduated... we swore all of it in the name of Allah. And that was the oath taken by all the graduates, whether they were Muslim or Non-Muslim. Alhamdulillah... @Iris.... I think you should open a new thread, and label it as The Doctor's perspective, not the patients. 'Cuz ultimately the discussion goes on about the patient's version, not the doctor's. - Ma'assalama.
  5. AssalamuAlaikum… Honestly, you’re right. Why not. You should ask. I have seen patients who request to see another doctor, and maybe it is their right even. Usually, no one blames a ptient for such a request, and in fact, the staff ensure that the patient’s needs are fulfilled. However, that’s not the case with the doctor. If a doctor were to request that he/she be exempted from seeing a particular patient based on gender, that would be it! You would be blamed as the doctor who discriminates based on gender, also you would lose the trust of your patients, and you might even lose your job, or worse, lose your medical license. A patient is far superior to a doctor in this regard. The patient’s right before the doctor’s rights. The patient’s interests before the doctor’s. Not in favor of the doctor. I also found these… Jabir reported that Umm Salama sought permission from Allaah's messenger (may Allaah's peace upon him) tor getting herself cupped. The Prophet of Allaah (sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam) asked Abu Taiba to cup her. According to Bukhari, 'Ayesha (may God be pleased with her) carried a leather bag full of water to quench the thirst of wounded soldiers. She was helped in the task by Umm Salim and Umm Salit. The traditionist Abu Nayeem relates that in the battle of Khaibar, half a dozen women of Medina followed the marching army. The Prophet did not know of this and, when he was informed, he angrily asked them why they had come at all. They reverently answered that they had medicines with them, that they would nurse and dress the wounded, take out arrows from the bodies of the soldiers, and arrange for their rations. The Prophet allowed them to accompany the army, and, when Khaibar was conquered, he gave a share of the war booty to these women also. Rabi, daughter of Muaz, along with other women, performed the duty of carrying the martyrs and the wounded from the battlefield of Uhud to Medina. Umm Raqida had a pavilion for the wounded, where she washed and dressed their wounds. Tabari writes of one occasion when the corpses of the Muslim soldiers lay in great numbers in the van. The group of men appointed for burying the martyrs commissioned women to look after the wounded. The battle of Qadisiya is described thus by a woman who was present: "When the battle was over, we (women) rushed forward daringly to the battlefield with rods in our hands and picked up the wounded Muslim soldiers." However, these situations would come under emergency situations, and a time of necessity. Would it be applicable for the regular non-emergency cases as well? Ma'assalama.
  6. AssalamuAlaikum.. For those who can make it and can attend, the Dubai Holy Quran Award is holding the following event in Dubai: Tuesday 01 September 2009 - Sh. Yusuf Estes - How I came to Islam... Wednesday 02 September 2009 - Sh. Yusuf Estes - Is Islam still Relevant? Time - 10 pm Venue - so far it is to be in the Dubai World Trade Center (although the last lecture was in the Dubai Airport Expo) Will let you know any change in details as soon as possible. There was an event held this weekend here.. Thursday 27 August 2009 - Dr Zakir Naik - Da'wah or Destruction Friday 28 August 2009 - Dr Zakir Naik - 20 Most common misconceptions about Islam Unfortunately I couldnt make it in time. Apologies. Though there is to be a telecast of the same on Peace tv. http://ramadan.weyak.ae/award.php - Ma'assalama
  7. AssalamuAlaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakath... Just wanted to wish all you MMers Ramadan Mubarak! (as late as I might be) We have been blessed with a lifespan long enough to embrace yet another blessed month of Ramadan. All Praise to Allah. I pray that Allah accepts all of our fasts and all our sincere efforts to please Him. May these fasts be a means to wash away all our sins big or small and let it be the force that pulls us through the gates of Paradise. Allah bless us all. Let not a single one of you let this precious month pass by without having made the maximum utilization of it. For indeed that would be a great great loss. Let us also not forget to include the rest of the Muslim Ummah in our prayers. Pray for your fellow brothers and sisters in Islam. - Ma'assalama.
  8. So I see Iris. It looks so different!

  9. Iriiiis my buddy!! my pal!! When did you give up your cowship? I know I miss the zoo myself.. they decided I'd do better at the circus. I have new friends here now.
  10. Assalamu Alaikum, Hey! Your being new gives you no right to judge me. *sniff sniff* I'm new... Anyhoo thanx for the welcome Ma'assalama
  11. Assalamu Alaikum, I'm new here. So hello people. The floor is open now for all the welcoming. So let's get started! Ma'assalama
  12. salaam happy birthday :D

  13. *points at the dead monkey and laughs*

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