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  1. Visiting a travel agent, calling commercial airlines directly. Granted, they'll use online systems to make arrangements, only because the industry has evolved in that direction, but you yourself wouldn't be booking a flight online. I wasn't kidding about the pizza. Domino's has a sleek new interface for online orders, it's seriously amazing: http://express.dominos.com/order/olo.jsp#storeMenu-entrees-viewAll EDIT - And craigslist is great. You can buy and sell virtually anything there, and oftentimes, things that are difficult to acquire otherwise. Tickets to a game or concert that's sold out, campsites that get booked months in advance.
  2. Suppose I've been lucky. I've bought and sold things online for years and I've never once had a problem. Cameras, lenses, books, laptops, furniture, medical equipment, you name it. Never had an issue. EDIT - Even flights, hotel reservations, camping reservations, and a couple of weeks ago, a pizza.
  3. Agreed. Everyone will interpret "having a life" differently. There is great need today to minimize "screen-time" in general (computer, television, cell phone). Nothing replaces face-to-face human interaction. Having said that, y'all 'aite.
  4. Working while in school is better than doing a minor.
  5. http://www.edealinfo.com/ - Good for deals on the Internets http://www.woot.com/ - Updates every night 10pm PST with cheap item(s) http://www.bigwords.com/ - Good for textbooks
  6. ^ Thanks for the info! Seriously appreciated. EDIT - So I'll decide once the details for the KR are out and after I've talked to some friends. If it doesn't work out, I hope next year's US RIS is in LA again and that it's even better, insha'Allah.
  7. Walaikum as-salaam, There's too much going on. There's beauty in simplicity. Good effort, though.
  8. Can anyone give a basic overview of the Knowledge Retreat? It's usually after the conference, right? And between Monday through Friday? Lectures all day at a different site? Is there usually a curriculum? Do all of the scholars teach or just a handful? Does signing up for it include lodging and food? How much does it usually cost? Any insight is appreciated. I'd love to come, but I need to see how feasible it is. And I wouldn't attend without also going to the Knowledge Retreat.
  9. Yea, registration is around $60-80. A lot of details have yet to be released (speakers, schedule, registration, Knowledge Retreat, etc).
  10. Dude, $40 is an excellent deal. If I were you, I'd definitely try and go. A ticket to Toronto would set me back ~$600.
  11. They've put some information up: http://www.revivingtheislamicspirit.net/ As far as I know, details of the Knowledge Retreat haven't been released yet. If anyone knows anything, please do share.
  12. rstlne


    There you go! The force is strong in this one. EDIT - Shaheema, "I" was not used. Read again. Quoting it doesn't count.
  13. 1) Consider every possibility. After a while you develop intuition about stability and "spots" for electrons. Resonance is really only seen in introductory chapters and electrophilic aromatic mechanisms. 2) Practice with models and learn how to draw "into" and "out of" the page. Takes practice. I'm overjoyed to see this thread. Ochem is such an amazing subject. It has the power to change one's worldview. Also, to succeed, one must study it daily, even if for only an hour.
  14. You guys should all bring boards and hit up a skate park at your next meet-up.
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