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  1. Sweety

    Anime thread

    I didn't like the ending
  2. Sweety

    Brasil 2014!

    I'm happy this has finally ended
  3. Sweety

    2 Kanji a day

    Yeah i know it is different coz i've watched some Japanese dramas, also mostly watch Korean dramas
  4. Sweety

    What I Had For Suhoor today

    lol i know i don't like that either that's why i buy most of my halal meat from my local tesco who have halal butcher and they do styrofoam and wrap it with cling film.
  5. Sweety

    What I Had For Suhoor today

    I suffered the other day, i fell asleep and woke up with only 5 minutes left and i couldn't think of what i could eat so i didn't and just had 1 glass of water and the iftar i had before wasn't much because i had a migraine, i couldn't eat much, i nearly didn't fast that day but i did, i just suffered in bed lol
  6. Sweety

    Anime thread

    My favourite is Lovely Complex, it's funny and cute
  7. Sweety

    Creatures of Allah

    yeah here is a picture
  8. Sweety

    2 Kanji a day

    I've learned a bit of japanese just from watching anime
  9. Sweety

    Last show you watched

    Falling skies season 4, finally started but not sure what i think of it yet with how the story's gone
  10. Sweety

    Creatures of Allah

    My sister has one of these but not black, it's light brown
  11. I like the cheap dates, you know the ones where you can get 3 for £1? lol My dad use to always buy expensive ones and i don't like them
  12. Sweety


    I've just joined it
  13. My dad would always say if you don't eat beef then you're a hindu lol I never use to like beef too but i don't bother with beef curry much but i make other things with beef like meat and potato pie which we had the other day for dinner
  14. Sweety

    Staying healthy and....FIT?!

    Before i got pregnant i use to go to aerobics classes and the women there use to ask me why i needed to go since i'm skinny, i'm like i still need to get fit and they'd be like but you are fit lol Another reason i use to go was so i could put on weight which also confused people.
  15. Sweety

    Last show you watched

    Yeah i'm thinking of reading the books too