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  1. If you are travelling to non Islamic country then this application will be helpful for you to find nearest halal food restaurants and Islamic mosques/masjid situated near your location. This application is useful to find Islamic Mosques and Halal food restaurants location within 10 km range of your current location. DOWNLOAD MOSQUE AND HALAL FINDER FOR ANDROID APPLICATION FEATURES 1. Mosque locator finds nearest situated Islamic mosques in your area. 2. Halal Food Location finds nearest halal food restaurants within 10 km range of your location. 3. Tap on Mosques locator to view nearest available Islamic mosques/masjid. 4. Tap on halal food restaurants to locate nearest halal food restaurants. 5. Tap on desired halal food restaurant to find distance, address, direction and estimated time to reach that restaurant. 6. Tap on share button to share the application with friends. 7. The application displays Islamic mosques/masjid and halal food location on Google map. This application is helpful to find Islamic mosques/masjid and halal food restaurants in UK, USA, Canada and Australia.
  2. Short Surahs to Memorize for witr Prayers A superior method of prayer and convenient mean to achieve closeness to Allah swt is through Supplications. The method of supplications prescribed by our elders, is to offer them after mandatory prayers. The are number of duas that are part of our prayers like to recite Dua-e-Qunoot in witr prayers is mandatory. Knowledge about supplications is always important to have continuous blessing throughout our life time and to build a strong relation with Allah SWT. To teach your kids about Dua-e-Qunoot in an effective manner is to use word by word recitation of particular Surah. Learn Dua-e-Qunoot developed by QuranReading.com is a beautiful application regarding Quran learning. Kids Duas word by word for Android Kids Duas word by word for iPhone There are number of great features enclosed in particular application, that will help your kids in getting proper understanding of verses along with their meanings. Details about them are as following: All the verses from Dua-e-Qunoot being given in two different versions, word by word and full dua. Both the versions are given with their proper transliterations, translation and audio for recitation. Customization of application is also given to end users to have better app experience. Sharing of good information is always recommended, to do so you can use feature of sharing to share this beautiful application with your friends and family using either email or different social networking sites.
  3. Kids Dua Now – Daily Supplications for Your Kids Kids Dua Now another beautiful development by QuranReading.com, to teach your kids about different Supplications regarding daily tasks. All the supplications given in the application are place after a huge search rather dump them blindly to increase quantity. Kids Dua Now is a valuable application provides you verses in two different formats for better understanding, includes word by word and full Dua. The app is a combination of beautiful colors and stunning graphics that appeal your kids towards learning. You can get this beautiful application using links below for platforms, android and iPhone. Islamic Duas for Kids Android Users | Islamic Duas for Kids iPhone Users The particular application is designed especially for kids as explained earlier. It provides you various useful features to teach your kids about different supplications with ease. Details regarding app features are as following: Application is divided into three different categories along with supplications of that age groups. Age group from 1 to 4 contains verses of minimum words or some single words that Muslim kid must to know like Allah, Muhammad etc… Age group form 5 to 8 contains little large verses, as kids of this age start to speak properly and doing different activities by themselves like eating, drinking, and many more. Kids of age group 9 to 10 contains verses of long length as kids of this age get familiar with the format of Arabic verses and have enough proficiency of reciting them. All the verses given in different groups are available with proper transliterations, translation and audio to listen proper pronunciation.
  4. Islam is the religion of great festivity where each month come up countless blessing and another chance to grasp His (Allah) teaching to live better life a head. To enjoy different Islamic events it is important to prepare yourself before the time because each event has its own significance and different worships to perform. To know proper dates you can use different apps one develop by QuranReading.com is Islamic Calendar a beautiful merge of Hijri and Gregorian calendar. The app is available with eye catching graphics and stunning feature with no cost to purchase. You can use the links below to get this beautiful application for Android and iPhone users. Islamic Calendar 2014 Android | Islamic Calendar 2014 iPhone The details about stunning features of this useful application are as following: Application provides you both the calendars, the Hijri and the Gregorian in the same app. You can have both parallel to each other in month view of calendar along with different highlighters. One marker is placed to show current date of the month and the other is to highlight different religious events of the month. Along with calendars, application provides you a list of Islamic events indicating their Hijri and Gregorian dates that help you in preparation of these events. You also convert particular dates to other versions using calendar converter. Simply go to the specific feature, enter the date you want to convert and you will be given with the converted date in no time.
  5. Ayatul Kursi or the throne verse of Quran, which is memorized by millions of Muslims all over the world. Ayatul Kursi is the 255th verse of Surah Al Baqarah. This verse has its own significance as it is mentioned in different Ahadith. Narated from Abu Umamah (R.A): Muhammad (PBUH) said that “Whoever recites Ayatul Kursi immediately after offering fard prayers, then there will be nothing between him and Jannah except death ”. [an-Nasa'i and Ibn Hibban] Learning Ayatul kursi early in the childhood will provide many benefits, therefore an app which keep you remind reciting the throne verse at any time and at any place will be an incentive for you and your children’s. Keeping this situation in mind developers of QuranReading.com designed an app for your smartphone. Learn Ayatul Kursi Mobile App Android Download | Learn Ayatul Kursi Mobile App iPhone Download Ayatul Kursi App: An easy to use app provided to keep you under the blessing of Allah Almighty by reciting or listening Ayatul Kursi. App is designed to divide the verse in small segments that will help you in easy memorizing. Playback audio is embed with each word so you can pronounce Arabic accurately. One thing that make Ayatul kursi app unique from other is its word by word transliteration. For easy understanding of the text you have an option to increase and decrease the size of fonts according to your need. Some Features of Ayatul kursi App: · Full Voice Recitation with an option to play and pause. · English Translation · Customized font colors scheme · Benefits and Blessings button will tell you more about recitation of Ayatul Kursi with authentic Ahadith. · Social Sharing option · You can enable and disable audio option · Instruction button “ i ” that helps in step by step instructions.
  6. Supplications are the words, that have greater importance in Muslims life. Significance of these words depends in understanding their meanings. Allah loves, when His creation comes to Him with different requests as explain: " And when my servant asks you concerning me, then surely I am very near; I answer the du’a of the caller when he/she calls me; so they should answer my call too, and believe in me, so that they may be guided aright." Surah Al- Baqarah, Ayat 186 Quran reading is a platform, which come up with number of Islamic applications with enrich knowledge about Islam, Which provides you an ease of learning. One of the best applications is Muslim Dua Series. This application provides you a user-friendly interface along with stunning color combinations. Download Muslim Dua Series for Android | Download Muslim Dua Series for Iphone Features Numbers of its key features are as following: Daily Prayers The application contains number of prayers from daily life. Like Entrance and leaving in and from mosque, Dua for ablution, after hearing athan, etc… These are prayers, which we should supplicate to seek Allah’s blessing throughout the day. Transliteration and Translation The application provides you verses both in Arabic and with roman transliteration. It also provides you translation in many languages Like English, French, Russian, Spanish, and Chinese. This selection is providing you on a single click. Listen to Prayers Another great feature, which Quran reading provides you be, you can listen to any verse any time. It will lead you towards correct pronunciation. Only what you need to do is to select your verse from list of Duas and play. Alarm Setting Furthermore, application also provides you an opportunity to set different alarms with reference of different Duas. It will help you in saying these prayers on time. Like you can set alarm for dua after athan as per athan timings of your area. Favorite List This application also provides a facility to mark you daily prayers and place them in different tab known as favorite list, which provides you an easy access to these prayers. Conclusion This is an application for anyone who wants to be a better practicing Muslim. Try it and experience the great difference between days without these prayers and with these prayers.
  7. If women are treated equally like men then it, there is an open competition between men and women. Islamic ideology restricts women in some issues like being social, if one is aware of a society having no limitations than they are well aware of the consequences of such freedom.
  8. It is common sentence that is said nowadays that Sehar or magic is an old tradition word, you living in twenty first century how it could be possible. But fact is that Sehar does exists and Holy Prophet (PBUH) once got affected with Sehar, not in a way that is commonly said then Holy Prophet (PBUH) was then advised to recite Surah An-Naas by Allah Almighty (SWT).
  9. There is no doubt that Arabic is a miraculous language it’s up to the believer (Muslim) to extract the miracles of Quran.
  10. Imamate is a part and kind of Caliphate, there is different perceptions on various schools of thoughts. It should not be treated on the basis of liking and disliking but it should be discussed in order to gather Ummah under one flag.
  11. Salam does it also refer to a Hadith that mentions about the disintegration of Muslims into seventy-three sects. Wahb ibn Baqiyyah told us from Khaalid from Muhammad ibn ‘Amr from Abu Salamah from Abu Hurayrah who said: the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The Jews were divided into seventy-one or seventy-two sects, and the Christians were divided into seventy-one or seventy-two sects, and my Ummah will be divided into seventy-three sects.” This was narrated by Abu Dawood in his Sunan, Kitaab al-Sunnah, Baab Sharh al-Sunnah Are both things described alike or there is a difference of topic in both Hadith?
  12. There is great importance of Huroof-E-Muqatta'at as they are part of Holy Quran for that reason people use them for the sake of Barakah, Khairah in their homes, working places, and to some extent, they place it their pockets. However, it should be taken care that we should not be disrespectful about them, as it will not bring blessing except curse upon us.
  13. Certainly, Devil misleads human as he is riding over the nerves. He is an open enemy to human and possesses great level of hatred and envy against human. Therefore, human should be aware of the clutches of devil and take precautionary measures against it.
  14. Salam thanks for an informative thread. The way of freedom Islam provides to women is never granted by other religion, although west claims to be champion of freedom, but their pattern of freedom distorted their social and family norms.
  15. Salam Almighty Allah (SWT) wants His human to pay gratitude and so that He could grant endless mercy upon him or her. Therefore, gratifying attitude should be the habit of obedient of follower.
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