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  1. tarbiyah conference tomorrrow miss it miss out!!

    1. respecta
    2. Marietje


      Then you're missing out D:

  2. she had faith in me when other people rejected me and she believed me when other people called me a liar. and she supported me with whatever she had when other denied everything to me. and allah gave me children by her when he denied to me children by other women (ibn hanbal

    1. Dee


      excellent reminder mashaAllah.

  3. Just because her eyes don't tear doesn't mean her heart doesn't cry. And just because she comes off strong, doesn't mean there's nothing wrong...

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    2. ~muslima~


      you need a slap, now iam defo not going to look for you!


  4. I hate having to read in order to begin my project, i feel sleepy everytime i start :I

    1. Amira


      you can do it hun :)

    2. ~muslima~


      i hope so!!! zzzzz

  5. its been a busy week...

  6. everyones looking for jobs! if i see anything i will let you know

  7. ateek, any jobs goin, i'm jobless now :(

  8. how have you been, beautiful? :)

  9. feel hungover :S

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    2. ~muslima~


      yes, wonder how people that actually drink feel like!

    3. Professional Human

      Professional Human

      out of their minds prehaps?

    4. Eternalbreeze


      me too so stoned

  10. Good news all round :)

  11. is down with the flu...again...ugh

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    2. ~muslima~


      yes. :( umaida, i havent forgotten I am sending it off now!

    3. Stumped
    4. ~muslima~


      what do you mean no :(