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  1. Asalaamualakum!

    Nothing too much, just busy busy busy as you can see from my MM absence! How have you been? Oh, and if I don't reply, don't take it personally, things are getting crazy! Well hope all is well. Salaam!

    -Murad Yunus

  2. Walakumsalaam!

    Soooo sorry I have been neglecting my MM, I have been crazy busy. Congrats on the camera! Go out and shoot stuff. I apologize in advance since I have a huge project coming up for PBS. Anyway, take care and I hope things are going great. Salaam!


  3. Asalaamualakum! I would love to shoot content! I'm actually working on a PBS documentary about skateboarding, but afterwards, I would love to help out! I would love details and an opportunity to talk about it at length. What's your email or AIM? -Murad Email: muradsonofyunus@gmail.com AIM: muradsonofyunus P.S.--- Sorry I got this soooo late. I just read through my messages.
  4. Asalaamualakum!

    Nice job on the painting. It looks pretty good. Was it acrylic? Anyway, nothing is new on my front just chillin and workin' and hopefully a new movie filming soon. We'll see how things go. Good luck with the job stuff and keep it real. Peace.

    -Murad Yunus

  5. Asalaamualakum! Once again. Thanks everybody. I need some feedback, how does it stack up to other videos in terms of content, message, and overall appeal with the "Share The Air" theme? -Murad Yunus
  6. Asalaamualakum!

    Thanks. I just hope its good enough to win. How's the camera and project stuff coming?

    -Murad Yunus

  7. Walaakumsalaam,

    Sweet deal. So what's new with you? Sorry, I haven't had time to go on much....always busy with work/home/projects.

    -Murad Yunus

  8. Asalaamualakum! THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH! You guys are totally awesome! Please spread the word as much as you can, and thank you Jonas for all your help man. I truly appreciate it. You're a sneaky guy! You really took it to heart when I told you to tell all your friends. Thanks man! AND THANK YOU ALL for the encouraging words! Peace! -Murad Yunus
  9. Asalaamualakum!

    Of course we're friends! Haha. Yes, I'm quite the mutt (in a good way) and I must say I'm proud to be mutli-ethnic, haha. Anyway, thanks for the add and I hope everything is well!

    -Murad Yunus

  10. Asalaamualakum!

    Awesome deal! I'm jealous. You must tell me how it goes and share the pics on here. Good luck with it and have fun! Peace!

    Murad Yunus

  11. Asalaamualakum!

    Hey, what's up?


  12. Asalaamualakum,

    Bummer, sorry about the wisdom teeth! That stinks, but hey its better than your teeth pushing into one another. Anyway! I would suggest getting a Mini-DV camera just because you'll always have a hardcopy of your work. Good luck!


  13. Asalaamualakum!

    Sorry about the late reply. I have been ubber busy! Anway, tell your bro I suggest he does not get a DVD Handicam. They are expensive and record very little data. Not to mention its kinda pointless to video edit with such small media. Anyway, thats about it! I hope all is well.

    -Murad Yunus

  14. Asalaamualakum! I had facebook a couple months ago, but I got rid of it, because it depressed the heck outta me. You just know too much information at once, its beyond addicting----like MySpace and MM.... MAN! I need to write a hit screenplay. -Murad
  15. Asalaamualakum! Little Miss Sunshine. I thought it was great. -Murad
  16. Asalaamualakum! Well, being the movie enthusiast I am, I was checking out trailers on Apple's website. It seems there is a new movie coming out with Jennifer Garner and Jamie Foxx that might not project Muslim's in a great light. Though they talk about terrorism in the film, its indefinitely hinting at Islam. Here's the link, check it out for yourselves. http://www.apple.com/trailers/universal/thekingdom/hd/ Thoughts? -Murad
  17. Asalaamualakum!

    Hey, nothin' too much! How are ya buddy?


  18. Asalaamualakum!

    Well, the secert for me.....hmmmm? I guess, I just prioritize. I feel bad if I don't get certain things done each day. Maybe make a list of stuff to do each day and set goals? It feels good to accomplish stuff. I guess thats how it works for me!


  19. Asalaamualakum! Yeah, and your name wasn't that great of a password either. -Murad
  20. Asalaamualakum! White-Rose, hang in there buddy! I don't know what to tell ya, but hang in there. Just keep trying to tell em', it'll work one day. And the changing thing, not cool on your dad's part. The lock was a good thing. Just keep tryin' to explain to them. -Murad
  21. Asalaamualakum!

    Unfortunately, I don't have many of my movies online, but there is just some pretty retarded stuff on youtube that is a year or two old. But I'm shooting two shorts and a feature in the next coming months before I move outta here.


  22. Asalaamualakum!

    Well right now I'm using Final Cut Pro 5, which is for Macintosh, but you mentioned Windows Media Maker, so you're on PC obviously. The film industry "standard" is Final Cut Pro Studio and Avid Media Composer, but they are outrageously pricey. It all really depends on how much time and effort you want to spend on your projects. How big is your project?


  23. Asalaamualakum!

    Haha, sorry! I saw that you knew a lot of the same people I know. My apologies! And yup! I did graduate from SAIC. I was studying film, it was a blast. Chicago is soo much fun. Oh, I'm Murad by the way, nice to meet you!

  24. Asalaamualakum!

    Yup, yup. I was applyin' to New York University for Grad school. As you can see from my absence that I'm trying to control my MM addiction, haha! Anyway, how have you been buddy?


  25. Asalaamualakum! Jonas! Man, not reading my things before putting things down???? I hate you! Just joking, just joking. I lovez ya. -Murad
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