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  1. Salaam n Happy Birthday! :D

  2. You know what, now I feel sorry for you. Kikar, go ahead, emphasize what ure trying to present so we can discuss....
  3. salafster


    No such thing as Shiunni. Theres only Muslim in Islam. Only we're having trouble which sect is 100% Muslim. So right now you guys are trying to "cheat" by taking 50% Shia and 50% Sunni....
  4. We post in this thread to make you realize what your doing is just making ur reputation worse.
  5. ignore him, everybody He's EXACTLY like this in the bro's section.... Disgusting.
  6. salafster


    Tell her that smoking is Haram. If that doesnt work, try drinking coke and tell her to imagine the coke is like black motor oil. Tell her THAT's whats smoking is, it make the black oil stick to her lungs.
  7. salafster


    Did you tell her the only cure for her addiction is death?
  8. salafster


    Did anyone read this, seriously? I mean, I didnt even get a Waalaykumussalam warahmatullah. Dang. Liban, thats great that you find smoking to be Haram, and I hope you stop smoking asap, insha Allah. ........ Conclusion: Smoking is extremely bad for us, so we should just stay away from it. Asalamualaykum warahmatullah. May Allah guide us all.
  9. SubhanAllah... Is this referring to the family of Amr ra?
  10. Mecca Cola, Zam Zam Cola all the waaaayyyyy......
  11. salafster


    Did you think my conclusion was smoking is Haram? Check the previous pages, please. I made a conclusion that smoking is extremely bad for us and that we should stay away from it, regardless of the hukm. I realize that there are differences of opinion. Exactly, thats why I'm so annoyed. People who smoke are just letting go free good deeds that Allah has PROMISED if they dont do something thats Makrooh. *sigh*
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