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  1. You know what, now I feel sorry for you. Kikar, go ahead, emphasize what ure trying to present so we can discuss....
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    No such thing as Shiunni. Theres only Muslim in Islam. Only we're having trouble which sect is 100% Muslim. So right now you guys are trying to "cheat" by taking 50% Shia and 50% Sunni....
  3. We post in this thread to make you realize what your doing is just making ur reputation worse.
  4. ignore him, everybody He's EXACTLY like this in the bro's section.... Disgusting.
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    Tell her that smoking is Haram. If that doesnt work, try drinking coke and tell her to imagine the coke is like black motor oil. Tell her THAT's whats smoking is, it make the black oil stick to her lungs.
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    Did you tell her the only cure for her addiction is death?
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    Did anyone read this, seriously? I mean, I didnt even get a Waalaykumussalam warahmatullah. Dang. Liban, thats great that you find smoking to be Haram, and I hope you stop smoking asap, insha Allah. ........ Conclusion: Smoking is extremely bad for us, so we should just stay away from it. Asalamualaykum warahmatullah. May Allah guide us all.
  8. SubhanAllah... Is this referring to the family of Amr ra?
  9. Mecca Cola, Zam Zam Cola all the waaaayyyyy......
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    Did you think my conclusion was smoking is Haram? Check the previous pages, please. I made a conclusion that smoking is extremely bad for us and that we should stay away from it, regardless of the hukm. I realize that there are differences of opinion. Exactly, thats why I'm so annoyed. People who smoke are just letting go free good deeds that Allah has PROMISED if they dont do something thats Makrooh. *sigh*
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    Well who the heck dug up this thread? I thought I already made a conclusion. Despite the obviousness, wether common sense or proof from the Qur'an and Sunnah, people still deny that its not Haram and its Makrooh. So what if it's Makrooh?! Its hated. Get it? HATED. Plus, if you don't preform Makrooh, you get a good deed for it too.
  12. @ her. May Allah guide her.
  13. Stop trying to spread racism.
  14. salafster

    All About Salafism

    I'm neither disagreeing nor agreeing on this statement, but that is the hilarious thing I've ever read. But I'm sort of confused right now. Back then, I thought what Salafis believed is: They can practice any of the four madhabs, but they are not extreme in their madhabs, instead if another madhab preforms something that was proven by hadith, then Salafis would preform that instead of the one thats proven. And plus, theres nothing wrong with following with the not proven one, because they ARE the four madhabs, right? Example: Moving the finger in tashahhud issue. But thats MY point of view of what Salafis believe.
  15. Hey, we're Muslims, we remain sane when we get addicted to the Internet/Computer. Thats why we have 5 prayers to keep us from continuing our actions.
  16. I love Him when He responds to my du'a. I love Him because He gives me perfect requirements (arms, legs, sight, etc.) I love Him because I'm a Muslim and saved from complications of becoming a non-Muslim (if ure an nm, you'll more likely to be misguided until Allah guides you.)
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    Fatwas to the rescue. Here they are: Donating Blood to Blood Bank Donating Blood to Non-Muslims Although there are some exceptions: Rewards for Donating Blood Summary: Donating blood is permissible except for these two reasons: 1) A Muslim fighter cannot give blood to a non-Muslim 2) A Muslim cannot donate blood for the sake of rewards or gifts, because selling blood is Haram.
  18. Apology accepted. Okay, you dont know me.
  19. Not that I believe in the story anyways.... *shrugs* (Unless they have reliable sources) @ getting excited about shirk *cough* . Anyway, a prophets's saw bones aren't giving any powers, and where did they get the bone, anyway? And the fact that the Imam was telling the Christian man this was a prophet's bone, its like he's saying "Oh without the bone you wont get your duas responded immediately" (Correct me if my interpretation is wrong. ) And yeah, like the other questioners, I want sources too.
  20. Looks like binteshabbir has alot of questions to answer.... I'm sorry, kafarsonparade, but there will be an argument soon. I don't think you can stop it with your hilarious comments.
  21. Wheres this thread going exactly. lmao....
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