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  1. AHH iA one day I'll be able to afford a Chanel!!
  2. I love purses!! Currently obsessed with my Longchamp and hopefully will get another one in navy blue!
  3. Everyone is required to fundraise! My dad fundraised for him since I go to school 7 hours away from home :S but the uncles were really generous! Alot of the people actually come from strict backgrounds - but it really is a chance of a lifetime.. you'll be helping fellow Muslims abroad
  4. If you need any help of convincing your parents - message me
  5. Preferably between 18 and 28 I believe LeenyPoo where are you from?
  6. They extended the India application to February 1st.. don't worry you're still good
  7. Hey Salaam all! I had the opportunity to volunteer in India and Morocco through the Summer Volunteer program and I highly recommend it to anyone. The program is about 3-4 weeks long. The Morocco program focuses on health-related issues in both urban and rural areas and the India trip is more broad based and covers education and health issues as well as social injustice. It's very rewarding to help our fellow Muslims around the world Check it out if you're interested If you have any questions, email me since I'm not on MM anymore - at zuhamoin@gmail.com - thanks! Application for India: http://www.summervolunteer.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/TIP_Application_2011%20FINAL.pdf Application for Morocco: http://www.summervolunteer.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/TMP_Application_2011%20FINAL.pdf
  8. Your blog name sounds like the serotonin-enhancement/antidepressant Zoloft.

  9. Le forum est mort! Je suis devenue heureuse quand j'ai trouvé une matière française. Mais, triste parce qu'on est allé. Le sigh. hah.
  10. I go to school about 6 hours away from home. It's probably one of the best decisions I've made. There aren't too many great colleges in my area especially in what I'm majoring in. I've grown to become very independent, but at the same time understanding how much I love my family and how much I miss them. Yes, at first the partying and all that stuff, did become very annoying, but I've learned to be strong and keep my religion at the same time. BUT, now that I've had the opportunity, I'm definitely hoping to do grad work closer to home. It's so stupid to keep girls sheltered at homes and I'm glad I wasn't growing up. We have the same opportunities as men. Muslim females are often portrayed as being subordinate to Muslim males. I don't understand why males can go to school faraway, and I can't just because I'm a female. But I totally agree with the idea that the more sheltered of a child a person was, the more crazier they will be when they're in college.
  11. lol luving that photo, its so wacky! :P

  12. ugh bacon smells soo bad when people cook it! my roommates are white lol and they were making breakfast and they love meat lol and they made breakfast burritos and the bacon smell just didnt leave the room for centuries!!
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