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  1. Slightly off topic but relevant none the less, I work in data forensics and machine learning in legal review is pretty advanced. There is software out there which can learn the document tagging habits of a lawyer, build an algorithm and find "relevant" documents in a pool of millions of records in an instance without any manual review. With this, the need for manual review is diminishing and qualified lawyers who have not been able to land solicitor jobs will not have the fall back of document review to tide them over. Sadly, machine learning is real people and it is taking over manual labour, sector by sector.

    Getting on a bit

    Back in the early days, there were a lot of British members. Everyone seems to have disappeared now..

    Getting on a bit

    So, I just realised that I joined MM almost 10 years ago, though I have not been an active member for the full duration. Things have changed so much since 2006 and definitely not in a way that I had expected or planned. I spent many years in unemployment after my graduation and that certainly was not planned! No job meant financial instability and parents on my back about marriage. Things certainly weren't going to plan, but after a lot of patience and many years of trying, things eventually fell into place Alhamdulilah and I found an ideal job. I got married three years ago and now have a two year old daughter Alhamdulilah. But, even when things go to plan, they don't go to plan. Unfortunately, my wife passed away soon after the birth of my daughter and now I'm juggling a full time job and being a single parent. No complaints though, my daughter is hard work but truly amazing masha'Allah. I am currently teaching her how to hold a PS4 controller with a view to have her playing FIFA 17 by the age of 4 (new plan). I'm also considering sending her to Taekwando classes.
  4. No longer Jungle Boi Zimi, now a Jungley dad of a one year old girl Alhamdulilah (who is equally Jungley, it runs in the blood I guess!). How's things with you?
  5. Haha, that last line was priceless!! I somehow found myself here after three years...
  6. Aaaah, that makes sense, Brother Noor. I haven't made it out yet lol, still live here, just spend most of my time away.
  7. It's all good sis, the need for wonderful children will never diminish! You keep fighting for the cause lol. As for brick lane, you may know more then me, I am away from the wonderful lane for most of the time! Either working or jumping into a cage to be circled by great white sharks! Haven't tried the new Ramadan menus for any places yet, there's a couple of days to go yet. I'm stumped as to what or who BN is, but I'm sure all is swell for them!
  8. Ive been good alhamdulilah, how about you? Clocking up the voluntary?
  9. Every time I fly by, Zimarina is about to add to the population masha'Allah! May it all go smoothly insha'Allah. Bumped into Sister Who a few weeks back, not sure what username she is now though, name changes are like changes of attire for this sister! It took me a while to clock on when she said salaam!
  10. Aaah, wow masha'Allah your daughter looks very cute.
  11. It can be me, though I'm not sure who you can be unfortunately.
  12. I think it's the pits when a Muslim makes fun of how you practice Islam, then the girl you want to marry choses to marry him because she thinks he is a better Muslim then you, then he gloats. The best way to handle it, is to smile and move on (then mail them a stink bomb).
  13. Alhamdulilah! I am very happy for you sister. I only logged in tonight after such a while and was greeted with this, it's great, may Allah bless the lil' un' with all the health and a rock steady iman.
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