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  1. Society. The system. Vigilant inhibition I'm at a distance from my mission. Sitting. Still in a vision Still wishing for a living Thinking of a sentence to finish Or a word to begin with, But what's a word in a lyric When the lyricist is fearing for the worst and it just stains him If it hurts let the pain in So I grab pen. Stab and draw like a craftsman Squinting my eyes till they're smashed in Not smashed like the drink, more like cracking from the ink Throw out the trash cuz it stinks Verbal influenza cuz I infect with a sting Strings play solo let me back in. What were we on? Back track it. Getting inked. Let it spill cuz its liquid simple physics call it flow slow motion though, the force factor's hitting a new Newtonian low.
  2. firing my neurons, all or nothing My nucleus feels all neutron, must be something different in my system when I'm thinking of missing body parts. The city starts to sleep, but i'm just waking up shake it off, My limb's are gone, this vision's wrong, so I sit on a wall This can't be life when I have all control wake up, my eyes won't open, my brain is stalled whats it called? Lucid dreaming? led myself to paralysis enough of the analyst, wake me up, need a catalyst cast a list of what i can do to fix it. run it through in my brain; something's twisted. a strain of an impulsive view is caught and lifted fullscreen, it's blaring like a misfit get awake, don't wanna lay and rot is this what a coma must feel like?...what a thought get it lost, still on spot try to stay calm, motor control is lost. hopelessness, then go back to bed. try to clear my mind, the phone goes off...
  3. Did for at least half of my midterms...and maybe one exam.
  4. Self-centered innateness. hidden and faceless. My deep-rooted feelings are something of wonder. I wonder, what is this? But let it go with some distance as the muscle's rip as your vision crumbles into false images- the wick is lit with my fingertips, creating a picture perfect memory so limitless one perceived so very different. Each sinner's kid has dreamed to be immersed in the same mistake now would you call this fate? I'm drained away in the same debate enslaved away to make choices in our lives that will chain us in It's dangerous to die when the faith is dim...
  5. brotherX

    Boycott Facebook

    You know what bothers me though, we'll get together and boycott facebook when the Prophet SAW is brought into, which I think is enough reason to do if you think it's going to help. BUT, how come no one cares when another religion or religious figure is attacked? There's countless hate-groups against Jesus, or Jews, or anything really. And don't tell me you didn't know about it. Being a bystander until you get attacked directly isn't going to solve anything. I'm not trying to imply in any way that it is wrong to take a stand against people who want nothing more than to offend us, but if you stand up for something, make sure that you'll stand up for it in any circumstance, rather than when it's relevant or most comfortable.
  6. brotherX

    Boycott Facebook

    Here's how I see it. Facebook is a social networking tool that allows people to stay in contact and share information of all kinds regardless of where you are in the world, with the use of the internet. Such a tool is similar to speech. I mean, with Facebook comes the possibility of hate messages, anti-Islam groups, and loads of disrespect from people that probably had a really crappy upbringing. On the other hand, it allows for pro-Islam groups, like the "Ayah a Day" one, where you get one Ayah from the Quran a day as a status update on your news feed. Now think of the same thing when it comes to talking. The tongue can be used for harsh, horrible, and sinful things. BUT at the same time, without the tongue Islam would not be as known as it is today. Not to mention, you wouldn't be able to recite out loud! So, if someone decides to use his/her tongue to say bad things about, I dunno, say, the Prophet SAW, should we all decide to stop speaking for certain period of time? I think I'm going to let you decide on this one then.
  7. I may just be a blatant idiot, but I don't get it. What does being a Feminist have to do with being a Muslim? We're all misguided in one way or another. The question is SHOULD a Muslim be a Feminist..no? Oh, and I'm not implying that being a Feminist is misguided. Though that may very be my belief...Well I didn't mean to imply at the least. (This isn't a reply to the last couple of posts. No Idea what you people are ranting about. This is to the thread itself)
  8. Shutter Island. Just now. One twisted movie.
  9. brotherX

    Sal vs. the world

    Salaams son. Been a while since either of us have been on. How about a fun battle? I'm a LITTLE bit better than before. Not saying much though. I won't be checking in everyday, but hopefully we can start something up.
  10. wow this place has changed...

  11. Thank you locust and spider. I appreciate it.
  12. Asalaam Alaikum. Haven't been here for a while, but I do have a question. I recently heard the belief that the Prophet SAW is made of light, that he is perfect and made no mistakes, and that angels are made of fire. I realize that there's probably opinions on it, But I heard this from a Shia family, and was wondering if this is a general Shia belief or are there some Sunnis that believe it too? And where does this information come from? because I was told it is in the Qur'an. I grew up learning that the Prophet SAW was like every other human being, that angels are made of light, and Jinns are made of fire. And that Iblees is a Jinn who lived among angels. Because this shia family also claimed that Iblees is an angel that was sent to hell, or something along those lines. This question is really just to quench my curiosity, I don't want people arguing or getting angry over anything. Just want the different views with proof. Thanks!
  13. Street fighter! wow you should watch that movie while highly intoxicated. I wasn't of course, I'm just saying, it was so horrible yet hilarious.
  14. dad just got me an 05 civic it's dark blue, standard, 2d, pretty basic, but it's gotta realll nice stereo system. oh, and it's a lot of fun to drive.
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