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  1. aslamu alaikum bro... how u doin... n very clever of u to start that thread 'last post here wins' its 1 crazy thread lol

  2. y did u start the topic "LAST POST HERE WINS"??? it's going 2 go on and on and on forever. What happens if u win what does the winner gets???

  3. Adil27

    The Rotten Feotus

    didn't i drop a few bars already?
  4. Adil27


    cut the gun talk...
  5. Who you know fresher than Sal, riddle me that ? Me.... The Verse Had Multies And Flow...Weak Content Tho...It Didnt Really Have A Underlying Message... ...post up sumthing decent next time....
  6. Adil27

    Behind The Veil

    Behind The Veil I Have A Question, If A Rose Is Allowed To Protect Its Beauty With Thorns, Why Is It If A Muslim Protects Hers With Hijab, She Is Looked At With Scorn? And It’s A Sad Reflection On Our Society That We Mock And Laugh At Piety, Obsessed With Propriety, We Scoff At Sobriety, We All Clones With No Variety What I Don’t Seem To Get Is If A Piece of Fabric Is Worn As A Bandana - Its Cool, But If The Same Piece Is Worn For Religion – Everyone Points And Ridicules Why Is It If I Don’t Cut My Hair, I’m Not Considered A Queer, But Allowed To Coexist But If I Ever Forget To Shave, People Stare And I’m Considered A Terrorist, But Although Its True That Media Hates Me, Its Seems My Own People Hate Me To, I’m Muslim Before British So Why Do “Pious” Men Want To Suffocate Me Till I’m Blue? But My Own Problems Are Minor, Compared To Some Of Our Sister’s Daily Fights Women Are Oppressed In All Societies, Here’s Just An Example of A Typical Hijabi Plight This Is Just A Opener...Its A Collab With A Muslim Sister... ..Will Post It All Up When Finished...Comments?
  7. Adil27

    The Rotten Feotus

    listen Sal, ur wack...wow u can write multies...big deal...no1 cares... u talk alot of crap for someone who i havent seen drop 1 decent piece...
  8. long posts scare me... ...o and btw no i dont think u HAVE to have kids
  9. Was pissed Off...Jus A Free, He Feels Suppressed –A Prisoner In His Own Home – Like He’s Under House Arrest, Not Allowed To Leave Or Breathe Without Consent, No Wonder He’s Depressed He Used To Be Known As One Of The Best, Because He Would Ace Every Test, Always Outshone All The Rest, But Now He’s Something Even His Parents Detest, No ones Impressed, And Just Look At The Haters As They Smile, Laugh And Jest. He Was The First Born In A Poor Family, And At First They Lived Very Happily, Both Parents Worked Hard Day And Night – But Things Soon Changed Drastically, They Didn’t Know What Was Happening, Heated Emotions Flared Dramatically, And Like An Unseen Foe – Tragically None Could Avoid The Inevitable Catastrophe, So How Could The Have Predicted, Their Son Could Grow Up To Be So Vindictive, Their Emotions Were Conflicted & All That Was Left Now Was To Get Him Evicted Oh, I Did'nt Get Kicked Out...I'm Ok Wit My Parents Now...
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