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  1. Daria


    ^ Does it fit in your hand? lool.
  2. ^ I agree. The EPL has its pros but it'll have to be between the EPL and La Liga because they're both very fast paced.
  3. Daria


    Bought my Nexus 5
  4. Daria


    Sold the BB, gonna get an LG G2 or the Nexus 5, as soon as I had the money to buy the nexus it went up by 45
  5. Daria


    Sorry I had that sim in the phone for like a second lol. I didn't buy a Z10, my brother got it free as part of a contract and now he's taken my nexus and I'm lumbered with selling the BB and buying a phone with the money. Yeah the carphone deal is still available
  6. Daria


    ^ Gotta sell my BB Z10 first then I can buy my Nexus
  7. Daria


    What's it like with apps?
  8. Daria


    ^ Got your message about the Nexus 5 - I think I'll go for that thank you =)
  9. Daria


    Nexus 5 or Lumia 925?
  10. Daria


    Whenever a non Muslim speaks to me about Islam, s/he will ask 'so is it true men get 72 virgins and women get nothing in Heaven?' and I have to sit them down and explain to them that if it's heaven we'd obviously have something. And that Islam doesn't revolve around virgins.
  11. Daria

    Sihr - is it legit?

    For things used to treat Sihr, such as Ruqya water, Ruqya oil, etc, it actually works wonders. So I feel that a 'physical thing' with the Dhikr of Allah can have a profound effect.
  12. A really spicy curry. Or a kebab. It works.
  13. this. you can't be forced into a marriage, especially with a relative.
  14. Tell me about it. Right now I'm listening to a song called 'Gandi Baat'. which means dirty talk.
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