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  1. Sparkle

    Acc. 2101

    Who has taken this course? We learnt about amortization tables and journal entires for bonds( purchased on discount and on premium) but I am still having trouble understanding how to do the journal entries for them. Can someone please help? I can post questions from which you can work with or can you link me to a good easy to understand website which explains it clearly?
  2. Sparkle

    Law Help

    its ok for now. i got the answer. im taking first level law. introduction to business law.
  3. Sparkle

    Law Help

    I've put in the names.
  4. Sparkle

    Law Help

  5. Sparkle

    Law Help

    These two following questions cover the topic of Mutual Assent from my Law Class- If you guys can answer and explain it, it'll be mighty kind of you! Q#1- John, a wholesale fruit dealer, sent the following letter to Mary, a fruit merchant: "Feb 1, offer 1,000 boxes to Los Angeles, San Gabriel oranges, at $10.60 per box, F.O.B. Los Angeles: March delivery. Unless I receive your acceptance by 2p.m. on Feb.4, I will dispose of them elsewhere.(Signed John )". John's letter was received by Mary on Feb. 2, at 3p.m. At 1p.m. on Feb.2, John mailed Mary the following letter. "I regret to inform you that I am compelled to withdraw my offer dated Feb. 1." John's second letter was not received by Mary until Feb. 3. Meanwhile at 5p.m. on Feb.2,Mary mailed the following letter to John: "I accept your offer dated Feb.1. (Signed Mary ) ." Because of a severe snowstorm, which disrupted all means of communications, Mary's letter was not delivered to John until 4 P.M. on Feb. 4. a. Is there a contract between John and Mary? Explain. b. Assume the words "Unless I receive your acceptance by 2p.m. on Feb. 4 I will dispose of them elsewhere" were not included in John's Feb. 1 letter to Mary. Is there a contract between John and Mary? Explain. Q#2-Bob offered to sell to Jack a ten-acre tract of commerical property for $750,000. Bob's letter indicated the offer would expire on March 1 at 3:00 P.M. and that any acceptance must be received in her office by that time. On Februrary 28, Jack decided to accept the offer and mailed an acceptance at 4:00P.M. Jack indicated in his letter that in the event that acceptance did not arrive on time, he would assume there was a contract if he did not hear anything from Bob by March 10. The letter arrived on March 2. Bob never responded to Jack's letter. In an action by Jack agiasnt Bob for breach of contract, judgement for whom? Explain.
  6. Sparkle

    Get Hired!

    Assalamualikum: Get hired and become a Web Devolper. US Citizens, must relocate to Houston, TX Click here to Apply: http://www.islamicnetwork.com/index.php/about/contact Must know (or have the ability to learn in a day or two) php/mysql - c#/.net a plus.
  7. Bismilahir Rahmanir Raheem, Assalaamu alaikom wa rahamatullahi wa barakatoh, Covering Our Sisters: An Islamic Clothing Drive is in desperate need of donations both of clothing and in monetary form. Donations from 5$ to 20$ would greatly help along with donations of used, but in good condition hijabs, niqabs, shirts, skirts, pants, overgarments, etc. Prayer rugs are also needed as a welcome gift for new sisters. Please visit the VOLUNTEER page if you can help out by volunteering as well. InshaAllah khair The website is still underconstruction : http://www.geocities.com/covering_our_sisters/ You can email me or covering_our_sisters@yahoo.com for more information. Covering Our Sisters is a charity project by Salaam Centre Canada* dedicated to helping Muslim women acquire Islamic clothing so they may observe proper Islamic hijab. Numerous clothing banks exist, but few are able to meet the needs of Muslimahs. Muslimahs need loose, modest, clothes to conceal their bodies and protect their chastity; hence, the reason for the creation of Covering Our Sisters. Covering Our Sisters was founded by a revert sister who experinced first hand the need for modest clothing when she reverted. While she was graciously recieved with the helping arms of her beloved sisters, she quickly realised the need to help other sisters who were not as fortunate. Covering Our Sisters is currenly only sending items to sisters in Canada and the United States. Items can also be picked up in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) instead of mailed. http://www.geocities.com/salaam_centre_ca
  8. Sparkle


    yeah Im thinking of going to my shcool (ugh..) and asking them for help.
  9. Sparkle


    Today I got into an argument with my father again on what I want to do with my life. Most of the classes I have taken are toward getting an entry to the school of business, but I am unsure what major I want to pursue. I went to the library and picked out a book on Marketing Careers and Business Management Career. Hopefully, I will get some idea of why I should study these subjects, what is expected of me,etc. I also took out a book on Physical Therapy Careers. The schools that offer Physical Therapy.....one of them I got my STA 2000 credit from and the other college is where my brother is going this fall. If for whatever reason, I find that I don't want to pursue a business degree...how do I transfer to the colleges that offer this program and how can I transfer when I don't have a lot of science credits?
  10. Sparkle


    I need to register for my fall classes but I am confused about a few things. I am thinking of majoring in some field of business but in order to get into the school of business. They said students should have a minimum of 45 credits with an overall minimum GPA of 2.25 and an average GPA of 2.25 or higher in the eight pre-business courses. The eighter pre-business courses are: 1. ACC 2101 2. CIS 2200 3. ECO1001 4. ECO 1002 5. ENG 2100 6. LAW 1001 7. Math 2201/2206/2207/2610 8. STA 2000 I already have 45 credits and my GPA is: 2.724. I have taken CIS220, ECO 1001, ENG 2100, MTH 2610 and STA 2000. I am going to take ACC 2101, and LAW 1101 this fall. How do I declare my major??? I already have taken MTH 2610, but I can still get into MTH 2206. Does this mean I have to take another Math level? If don't need the extra level math, can I drop it and drop more harder subjetcs and just stick to what I am taking now..law, accounting and other easy subjects to be a full time student. ****(Important Question): But for some reason I do not have permission to take ECO 1002. Is this because I got a D in ECO 1001?? What do I do? This is the message that came up: This section requires a Program Code which does not appear on your record. Please check the Schedule of Classes for the required Program Code. Undergraduates should contact the Center for Advisement and Orientation and graduate students their Graduate Studies Office for a possible waiver of this restriction. If granted, the waiver will be entered into your registration record to allow you to register for this course. __________________
  11. Sparkle

    Post your funny wacked up crazy scary IM convos

    I was showing someone a picture I drew: http://talk.islamicnetwork.com/attachment....ttachmentid=429 lol and this is the weird convo: Shamz: You like my shoes? says: what the hell is that hanging a penis سباس- Umrao Jaan- says: huh? سباس- Umrao Jaan- says: what u talking about Shamz: You like my shoes? says: look under the word "fall" سباس- Umrao Jaan- says: oh my god Shamz: You like my shoes? says: you see it سباس- Umrao Jaan- says: u blind man سباس- Umrao Jaan- says: thats a cloud Shamz: You like my shoes? says: ehhhhhhh سباس- Umrao Jaan- says: and the rest are mountains Shamz: You like my shoes? says: no man it looks like its hanging form the mountain and looks like a penis Shamz: You like my shoes? says: look at it again Shamz: You like my shoes? says: look theres a line at the end of it that looks like the head of the penis سباس- Umrao Jaan- says: oh my god سباس- Umrao Jaan- says: okay سباس- Umrao Jaan- says: delete me سباس- Umrao Jaan- says: and go Shamz: You like my shoes? says: you don't see it سباس- Umrao Jaan- says: i dont want to see it سباس- Umrao Jaan- says: you nut Shamz: You like my shoes? says: lol did you draw this سباس- Umrao Jaan- says: yes Shamz: You like my shoes? says: lol Shamz: You like my shoes? says: lol Shamz: You like my shoes? says: what were you thinking about...lol سباس- Umrao Jaan- says: a mountain سباس- Umrao Jaan- says: and someone climbing it Shamz: You like my shoes? says: no you drew a mountain with a penis Shamz: You like my shoes? says: otherwise mashaAllah its good سباس- Umrao Jaan- says: thanks :/ Shamz: You like my shoes? says: lol tell me you see it سباس- Umrao Jaan- says: i see it سباس- Umrao Jaan- says: god
  12. Sparkle

    Post your funny wacked up crazy scary IM convos

    Gunner is a sweetheart lol Me: you Me: know Me: Hamza's article on the khateebs? Me: Someone posted it in a forum I visit and people were disucssing Hamza and one said he's an idiot and what not. Me: And for some odd reason, I had a odd dream that Hamzah joined that forum and made an intro Me: and I was trying to find animated cartoons/pictures saying welcome Me: That's very embarrasingly strange Gunner: i had a dream that i was getting married and i looked under hte dhoolan's veil and it was hamzah:-O Me: LOL Me: for real Me: ? Gunner: no lol i jsut wnated to make u feel better Gunner:did it work? Me: ohhh Me: lol Me:Yeah...i guess. weird dreaming about someone I dont really know Gunner: meh it happens haha
  13. Sparkle

    AL URDU!

    zindgai he ek shalaal, hum ek hain darya me aur ek baaz bad meyñ al zawaal How about that?
  14. Sparkle

    AL URDU!

    salaam can you guys translate the following into urdu? life is a waterfall, we're one at the river and one again after the fall
  15. Sparkle


    Some will say it is only an act of decoration and others will make piercing to be a matter of imitating immoral kafirahs and changing your body. Ignore those who are jumping up and down your throat to prove a point( the second group).