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    I'm from Calgary
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    I am intersted in interesting things.....Namely, Islam, Somalia, and hockey!!! Go Flames Go!!!
  1. m2ab

    Happy B'Day!


    Ramadan Mubarak !مبارك عليكم الشهر

  2. Liban

    Toronto Meetup

    You mean Ali baba's on Weston? I was there on sunday and they had 2 chicken shawarmas for $8, that was such an awesome deal that i ate them both
  3. Have You voted in this year's MM Awards 2010? If not please follow this link : http://maniacmuslim.com/forums/index.php?/topic/23725-mm-awards-2010/

  4. Jummah Mubarak! Got the jummah bug.

  5. Liban

    How old ARE you?

    LOL they're not that old, but they're 14 and 15(my stepkids) and I am 31
  6. Liban

    Toronto Meetup

    OK I've bought the ticket now, insha Allah I'll be in Toronto from July 2nd-15th.
  7. Liban

    How old ARE you?

    I've got kids that are older than some people in here.....
  8. Liban

    The Arcade Returns

    ^ I've been back for a couple of days now, but the arcade will help me to stick around
  9. Liban

    The Arcade Returns

    Woohoo!! I loves me some curveball. But the screen's not big enough when not playing fullscreen.
  10. bwahha thought so man. lol.

  11. Liban

    MM'ers you miss

    ^It's been so long now that I might as well wait for the PS4
  12. My van's got 110000 km on it now and still going strong. I learned something from this last winter, I am never going to buy a car again, only vans or SUVs for me. It's much easier getting through the snow(that the city of Calgary doesn't friggin' plow)