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  1. Salam all, so I went to this (Medical) anthropology class for the first day...I chose it as an elective...and thought it would be interesting. I had not taken an anthro class before so I expected it to be interesting and cover more of the social aspects to health and wellness, etc. Anyway, the professor turns out to be a hardcore evolutionist. She makes claims like the earth is EXACTLY 4 million years old...that humans were originally apes - with whom we 'share 95 % of DNA'. The prof also said that 500 000yrs ago humans were hunched back and that it has been only 100 000yrs since we've been walking upright lol. Oh also that humans were roaming the earth naked about a million years ago and clothes were a relatively recent invention (in anthropological terms). Honestly, I was just awe-struck while at the same time laughing hysterically at these 'scientific facts' ...I mean how can reasonable people believe such - pardon my french - BS? What makes anthropologists (and biologists for that matter) so certain of when our Earth began, who we 'descended' from and how we've 'evolved'. And, more importantly, with such beliefs can Science and Islam be reconciled in the West ?..because I don't see how concepts like the soul, the creation of Adam, etc would fit into the scientific discourse of our times. DISCUSS!
  2. We've got a course on witchcraft at my university. Very spooky indeed
  3. I thought the liberal economy was supposed to allow for greater wealth for all.....
  4. I swear to Allah i almost puked.
  5. The people. Really, I've travelled around the world, and there are very few people as friendly as Canadians. Also, hassle-free, and less complicated. The people are way more care free...having travelled to germany, just to find the airport exit, you have to go up and down stairs, through halls, down escalators, and even then you're bound to get lost (and people speak very little English!!) In Frankfurt, I was speaking to a german lady from Dusseldorf who had been living in Canada for a number of years and we were talking about this...she's so happy to have moved to Canada where the people are more laid back and friendly, and life in general is less complicated.
  6. Salam , comment vas-tu? toujours au college des enseignants...ca se passe bien? donne moi de tes nouvelles stp :).

  7. Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis...voici la bande d'annonce http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=Ypl0qgdAt2c Puis un extrait du film...... http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=LyQVpJ9rfIg Ceci s'agit d'un film d'humour.....tout depend bien sur de ton gout....
  8. Grosso modo


    I completely agree that we are not producing enough leaders, and, when we do, it's usually people who compromise their faith in the process. So, some people may conclude that it's not worthy to pursue positions of power because it can lead to corruption. That is understandable to an extent, but it is definitely not empowering. We need more Muslims who care about municipal, provincial, as well as national politics. Look at how big of an uproar international events cause, and yet we're not even involved or conscious on a local level. It all starts small...I think our first step should be strengthen our iman, and then ...judging from each of our talents try to contribute positively in the best way that can help our communities. For me, it would be teaching at the high school/uni level, or doing something related to politics, policy making. And whatever career path one chooses, s/he should always look to give back to their community and look beyond his/her own, personal pursuits...if we, as Muslims in the West, don't have this sense of common purpose, there is very little we can achieve as a community.
  9. Naw lol i was just stating the obvious...and joking of course .
  10. We'll obviously the sisters assuming that weebee'll have a new calendar by 2010. quit trying to act smart, hamzah
  11. Thanks ! I think i'll be in the north though. I'll definitely be going to Cologne and Bonn, and perhaps Berlin/Amsterdam. I also hope the weather is good, 'cause honestly i'm tired of the cold lol
  12. Hello all, i don't know a word of german, so I 'm not even going to try to speak it ... I'll be off to Cologne, germany on the 27th with mum inshaAllah , will be there for two weeks, God willing. My mom is going there to see a doctor for her knee and we'll also get a chance to visit family and do some tourism iA. This is my first time there so i'm excited, but i also want all ofyou to make du'aa for her, as her health isn't exactly fantastic. Anyone been to Germany before? (particularly West Germany?) What's worth seeing/ to avoid ? I heard Cologne is a beautiful city, and i'm hoping the weather is better than Canada .....
  13. salam alaykum, sounds like an excellent program and the cost is very reasonable. may Allah (swt) reward you all for your efforts
  14. How awesome? Did you take some good notes, to share
  15. Congrats on the win, you deserved it ;)

  16. What's with you and icecream. Good God, does every statement remind you of food Anyway, welcome to MM and to Islam brother. I pray that this website is a gateway for you to meet other Muslims and improve your imaan. Take part in the discussions, and post some threads of your own.
  17. OUF that's all i get from Timmies...french vanilla + Chocolate danish
  18. Bro, many of us have been through such periods- myself included. Last year, around this time I was going through a similar 'funk'....What really encouraged me to start praying regularly and getting back into the deen was how utterly empty my life was when i wasn't religious. No matter how much I did other things to enjoy myself, it would never make me happy or give me peace. The peace that Islam gives is genuine and like no other...and, i only truly realised that after i had compared my life THEN to now (not to say that I don't commit sins, as I continue to do so...but I will insha Allah NEVER abandon the prayer. it is my sole connection to my Creator). I really just hope that all of us can realise how much we are truly in need of Allah's grace...
  19. You can see the silhouette of, what looks like, a man with a turban I would say in his mid 30s. subhan ALLAH if you look closely, it's almost as if his head lifted up out of nowhere. it's unbelievable. Then again, it could be the reflection of another man with similar characteristics, as it seemed like a bright day...Allahu Alam. But indeed, Allah is capable of all things....
  20. Wallahu Alam, but judging from what I can see that definitely does not look like a woman.
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