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  1. Please remember me in your duas. I'm going through some really difficult times and don't know what to do anymore.

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    2. Gole Golab

      Gole Golab

      thank you guys. I would say more on here but i don't like that non-members can read statuses.

    3. M-C


      np. and yeah... you can always talk in conversationals or anywhere else that's more private. :)

  2. Heard back from a few schools so far. Just got an email from one of them. Got into their Neuroscience program. Great way to start the Persian New Year. Alhamdulillah!!

    1. khirad


      hey how do you know its the first day of spring?

    2. Mufasa
    3. Ameena


      Alhamdulillah. Congrats!

  3. wanted a synopsis before that happened. knowing rz, I figure it's probably unpleasant. I teach kindergarten so I already get enough poopiness as is
  4. nah, just kidding. haven't had a daughter yet. what diaper thread?
  5. When my aunt first started fasting, she thought that besides not eating/drinking, you also couldn't go to the bathroom so by the time it was iftar, the hunger isn't what was bothering her but she was EXPLODING...
  6. Since Sephora and Isa are already hitched, someone have a son for my daughter!
  7. I want a baby.

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    2. Gole Golab

      Gole Golab

      but I want my own baby

    3. Hala


      ...Oh, oooh, then ur on your own, girlie :P

    4. FATTII


      I'd suggest praying for one, but I'm guessing you already do/have.


  8. Oh my God, Z, I'm soooo happy for you!!!! Congratulations. Subhanallah what a blessing. Enjoy your little bundle of joy. May Allah shower your family with his endless mercy because you truly deserve it.
  9. I'm not allowed to have a cat but I'm thinking of just getting a kitten and bringing it home one day. Thoughts? My parents can't make me get rid of it, right?

    1. Zimbabwe


      A friend of mine did that. She prepared her mum for some really SHOCKING news so her mum sat down thinking she was going to be told her daughter was pregnant or something- then she saw the kitten and was blown away by it's cuteness and the relief made her forget everything!

    2. Dee
  10. sometimes all the hype makes me want to gag. i really do wonder if it would be the same if he was african american. no, it wouldn't.
  11. Inshallah it all goes well. I will keep him in my duas
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